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Trump goes 200 miles through lockdowns, violating travel restrictions, for photo op

Verily expands northern CA baseline testing

Texas company wants to dock worker paychecks equal to stimulus money

Texas declares gun stores essential

Lockdown in Wuhan gradually lifted

China orders movie theaters to close again

Why Singapore health care workers are not being infected at a high rate

9 Colorado nursing homes have outbreaks

SD has 69 total cases

NE has 96 total cases

MN has 49 new cases, 5th death

IA has 64 new cases

CA may be succeeding in flattening the curve.

Italy death toll over 10,000

NY primary elections postponed to late June

How the US failed to test in that critical month

Experts say people should be wearing masks, even more so if they are essential workers

The morgue and funeral system in NYC is already straining

KS and RI go stay at home

The US’s secret stockpile of chickens to make flu vaccines won’t help for a coronavirus vaccine.

Not wearing masks to prevent an virus transmission is a big mistake says scientist.

White House considering quarantine for NY and NJ to prevent people from leaving

57 virus cases as a residential home for the disabled in Chiba, Japan

This explains why death rates may be so varied from country to country

In Exchange for Aid, Trump Wants Praise From Governors He Can Use in Campaign Ads

Pandemic could cause US health insurance premiums to go up by 40% next year

Virus may be peaking in parts of Spain, 832 deaths in one day

3rd UK cabinet minister is symptomatic

1590 people have died in the US

Peak cases in NY is weeks away, hospitals are already overwhelmed

NYPD has 500 cases, a total of 4000 are out sick

UK has over 1000 deaths

The White House is blocking medical supplies to Michigan in some sort of political vendetta against their governor.

There are 18 cruise ships still out at sea. Passengers from some of the ships that have been allowed to dock describe being allowed to travel normally on public transit to go home. People from the Grand Princess described being held for 3 days before being released and never tested for the virus.

Tokyo looks deserted as people told to stay home to fight the virus

Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has virus cases on board. This has caused the Yokosuka naval base in Japan to be put on lockdown. Aircraft carrier Roosevelt now has 30 cases on board and is headed to Guam

Trump issues edict that he wants governors to be “appreciative” of federal pandemic supplies.

Cities found the ability to swiftly house the homeless and free low level offenders from jails. This editorial asks if we will ever go back.

16 things to know for today about coronavirus

US Army Corps of Engineers considers 114 sites around the US to build field hospitals

30% of California restaurants could permanently close without financial aid.

36 cases on FL Treasure Coast 

The 50,000 resident retirement complex known as The Villages in FL, has multiple virus cases and community spread.

Interview with UPS warehouse worker describes dire conditions, infected workers handling packages.

Instacart workers to strike on Monday for better safety measures, hazard pay

Tenant groups call for April 1st rent strikes 

Some hospitals are running low on basic medical supplies

Trade war with China exacerbated medical supply shortages

Coronavirus cases growing in Midwest

Ukraine is closing their border 

WA state has 175 deaths

TV reporters struggle to broadcast from home

Most home virus test kids have been blocked by the FDA over accuracy concerns

Vet clinics around the US restrict human access to protect staff while treating pets.

FDA has approved 15 minute virus test, similar to quick flu tests already in use.

Federal experts have been warning since 2003 that the US has a ventilator shortage.

NHS worries fewer numbers showing up at ER means people are avoiding help for serious medical issues.

Congress was being briefed on the pandemic as they were voting to not impeach Trump

Lockdown rules in Europe have confounded people and dinosaurs are roaming the streets.

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