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Woman sends remote control car down the street to bun shop to buy breakfast.

China working 24/7 to make ventilators for global market, US and EU parts are a bottleneck.

US CDC considering telling people to wear face coverings in public 

Model predicts 82,000 people could die by August even with social distancing in the US

Virus spreading up to 8 times faster in ultra orthodox communities in Israel 

Over 1000 cases in the military, military to stop reporting data to the public.

Trump promises ventilators to Europe

TX and FL add more screening domestic travelers, 14 day quarantines

Miami doctor says they are flying blind, running out of PPE

Nurses quitting in various states after hospitals refuse to let them wear masks when interacting with patients.

Missouri has over 1000 cases and 13 deaths

These 6 states have no stay home or shelter in place order

6 Bay Area counties extend shelter in place into May

NYPD still working without protective gear

Virus cases growing faster in red states

Your coronavirus grocery questions answered

CA hospital cases doubled in 4 days, ICU cases tripled

MD man arrested for holding 60+ person bon fire party in violation of state emergency law banning 10+ person gatherings.

Sweden may find out what happens when you don’t enact enough precautions.

FL megachurch pastor who held 2 services in Tampa Sunday against state rules on distancing, arrested and jailed.

SD has over 100 cases.
SD predicted to have a peak in mid April with health care overwhelmed if new social distancing measures not put into effect.

MN 56 hospitalized, 24 in ICU

California asks for health care workers

Kohls furloughs most staff in US

63 Italian doctors have died

10 new deaths in Ohio

New Jersey had at least 3,347 new Covid-19 cases and 37 new deaths in the last 24 hours, Gov. Phil Murphy said at a news conference today. New Jersey’s statewide total now stands at 16,636 cases and 198 deaths, Murphy said.

Virginia and Maryland go stay at home

400 people died in France in the last day

Pentagon signs deal to obtain 8000 ventilators

NY state says commercial ventilators went up in price from $20k to $50k, manufacturers claiming demand.

Telehealth still not widely available in the US

Cigna and Humana waive out of pocket costs for virus treatment

Justice dept to investigate US senators stock trades based on inside information about pandemic

Social distancing resulting in assaults.

The Covid-19 case total continues to rise in Louisiana as the state health department reports 485 new cases with 34 new deaths today, bringing the total cases in the state to 4,025 with 185 total deaths reported. There are 1,158 patients hospitalized and 385 of those are on ventilators, the department said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the rate of hospitalizations for coronavirus cases in the state has slowed, citing the rate of “doubling” of people admitted to the hospital for Covid-19. Cuomo said the rate of new hospitalizations is now doubling every six days, as compared to every two and three days like last week.

FEMA sends refrigerated trucks to NYC to hold bodies

Hungary’s president does a power grab amid virus outbreak

Macy’s furloughs 130k US workers

US FDA is preventing importation of N95 equivalent masks to the US

Austria makes masks mandatory to enter a grocery store.

Germany currently has 7000 people in the hospital with the virus right now

NY asks for out of state health care workers to come help

Ohio’s early effort to implement social distancing may have paid off. New research shows they may be spared the worst.

FDA gives approval for Battelle mass sterilization system to disinfect face masks and face shields for reuse. Can do 80,000 pieces per day

Germany to do mass antibody testing then give people a certificate so they can go back out in public.

These are just from today’s news. Multiple grocery store workers contract the virus.
Multiple workers in LA cause restrictions to grocery stores, A Trader Joe’s employee in Denver and a Publix worker in Miami. PLEASE limit your grocery store trips to 1 a week if possible, go alone, go during non busy times and wear a mask. Many stores have their own delivery services or curb pick up that cut down on how many people store workers are exposed to.

CA data has not been updated today, from yesterday March 29
5708 22% Positive
20549 78% Negative
64400 245% Pending (2.45 pending for each (pos+neg)
1034 4% Hospitalized
123 0% Death
26257 100% Total (pos + neg)

so if we scale all the numbers by 245% *
19708 Positive
70949 Negative
0 Pending
3570 Hospitalized???
425 Death???
90657 Total
*not sure it makes sense to scale hospital and deaths

White nationalists are encouraging their members to go spread the virus.

Carnival and Cunard extend cruise line closures into May

Predictions for CA’s surge 

US death toll 2500 

Some deeper details about risk levels

Seattle pilot given incorrect negative test results, goes out in public only to be told days later he is infected.

A dozen Liberty University students test positive after Jerry Falwell Jr. encouraged students to return to campus.

FL puts Miami area under “stay at home” orders. FL governor opposes docking of cruise ship full of infected passengers and crew.

Brooklyn hospital hallways overflowing with patients, bodies stored in refrigerated trucks.

Omaha mayor tells big box stores to crack down on crowds.

Japan may have “overshot” their virus response, causing a massive potential outbreak while they downplayed the issue in an attempt to keep the Olympics on schedule.

French mega-church international gathering caused 2500 virus infections, 17 deaths and spread the virus to multiple countries

Trump’s use of virus briefings to spread political propaganda causing public backlash.

Moderate social distancing yields $8 trillion in economic benefits, study finds

MIT has an open source ventilator, with the potential for hospitals and states to create emergency ventilators if they end up without enough traditional units.

30 health care workers left GA for NYC to help with the outbreak surge there.

Johnson and Johnson secures 1 billion in federal money to expand vaccine production capability. They have selected their own vaccine candidate that they won’t start trials on until September. They wouldn’t have a vaccine ready until early 2021.

UK researchers found that a CPAP machine used for sleep apnea combined with an oxygen feed helped virus patients that needed help breathing, to free up ventilators for more severe cases.

Fox News concerned it may be sued for misleading viewers that the pandemic was a non issue while scrambling to protect themselves behind the scenes.

Researchers in multiple countries think the virus may have been circulating in humans for years or decades before mutating into the deadly version. They are now investigating older pneumonia outbreaks that didn’t have a clear cause.

A WA state choir decided to practice, ignoring warnings. Dozens have the virus and two have died.

Restrictions in Seattle appear to be working

Santa Clara county CA cases have doubled in a week

NYC Amazon warehouse to go on strike over unsafe working conditions

Trump spends a Sunday afternoon bragging about himself while outbreak hits crisis levels. 

China has 31 new cases, only one is local 

German politician so distraught by the virus crisis, he took his own life.

Another South Korean church has a virus outbreak


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