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NYC subway car 3.31.2020

Nevada governor asks people entering the state to self-quarantine for 14 days

There are 41,771 positive cases of Covid-19 in New York City and 1,096 fatalities, according to a press release from the New York City mayor’s office Tuesday evening. There were at least 8,400 people hospitalized, and of those individuals, at least 1,888 were in the ICU as of 6 p.m. ET on March 31.

Louisiana pastor cited for 6 church services held while ignoring state restrictions on public gatherings. The pastor cited the same rhetoric Trump used early in the pandemic, dismissing it as a political hoax.

770 new virus deaths in the US today alone

Africa’s largest city goes into lockdown

HHS and FEMA are not telling DoD where to send medical equipment

Minnesota hospitals in Mpls and Duluth lay off or reduce hours of non essential staff as elective procedures stop.

Bay Area lockdown extended, new restrictions added

General Electric Workers Walk Off the Job, Demand to Make Ventilators GE workers who normally make jet engines say their facilities are sitting idle while the country faces a dire ventilator shortage.

28 spring break students from U Texas Austin infected, dozens being monitored. 4 are asymptomatic cases.

The median age of people with confirmed COVID-19 illnesses is 46 in Minnesota, but the median of hospitalized cases is 63 and of fatalities is 86.

FDA has approved a 2 minute test for the virus. It will be given to health care providers to quickly know the status of a patient.

Why rushing vaccines to market can be incredibly risky and harm people.

First known case of community spread in CA, provides case study for UC Davis doctors. Lack of timely testing was a key complication, antiviral drug may have saved the patient.

Inside the weird, nonsensical, unsubstantiated calls from the US government telling people to not wear masks.

China has been excluding asymptomatic cases from their virus testing results, they will not start counting them.

Johns Hopkins March 31 mid-day update”
Total Confirmed 826,222
Total Dead 40,708
Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty
174,467 US
105,792 Italy
94,417 Spain
82,278 China
68,180 Germany
45,232 France
44,605 Iran
25,474 United Kingdom
Germany will have more confirmed cases than China by the end of the week

Sioux Falls, SD has to close parks after people crowd public spaces as seen in other cities around the world.

Mayo Clinic and U of M have an antibody test. After more verification it would be used to screen health care workers first.

How to isolate a sick family member 

Biotech company creates manufactured antibody treatment against COVID from a similar antibody they created against SARS. A treatment could be available by September if everything goes right.

More have died in U.S. from virus than in 9/11 attacks

Holland America cruise ships with virus cases still stranded off FL

There are 8 known strains of the virus. These strains don’t differ much in type but they do allow researchers to trace how the virus has spread around the world. They don’t see it rapidly capable of mutating either.

Workers stage wildcat strikes in response to unsafe conditions for essential workers.

Outbreak on the US aircraft carrier Roosevelt appears to be getting worse

Pandemic causing challenges for trash and recycling services

The doctor behind the claims that a malaria drug can fight the virus

How to virus proof your home

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just said his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has tested positive for coronavirus.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today that after the state put out the word that it needed more health care workers, 78,000 retirees “said they would help.”

Twitter takes down posts from multiple world leaders claiming malaria drugs as a cure all

Indiana reports 14 more coronavirus deaths

Nearly 1,200 NYPD employees have coronavirus. About 15% of the department is out sick.

Fauci: If there’s a second wave of coronavirus, US “will be much, much better prepared

White House coronavirus task force will discuss mask guidelines today, Fauci says. The US’s top infectious disease expert said that a broad use of masks is being considered during the coronavirus pandemic, once the supply of masks is sufficient for health care workers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said social distancing measures appear to be working — but stressed that the coronavirus pandemic is still a very serious situation.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at least 75,795 people have tested positive for coronavirus across the state.

The simplified ventilator that begins production at Ford

Internet connected thermometer company says the instance of fevers in the US have gone down since social distancing started in most states.

CA appears to be flattening the curve and is projected to keep most measures within their capability to manage. Of course this is subject to lots of unknowns and is dependent on continuing restrictions that require people to stay at home.

Bay Area doctors see payoff in stay at home order

Defunct Seattle nursing home turned into non-virus hospital ward

McCormick Place in Chicago turned into field hospital

NYC Central Park turned into field hospital

France has 21,000 people in the hospital, 5000 in ICU care

Mexico declares health emergency, closes all non essential business til April 30th

India seeing a sharp rise in virus cases

11 veterans die of suspected covid, 11 more and 5 staff test positive, in Boston veterans home.

NYU doctors told they can withhold ventilators from “futile cases” but don’t tell the press.

Korean Americans saw the outbreak coming and were better prepared.


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