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Germany puts Bavaria into a California style lockdown
Death toll in Italy surpasses China. Chinese experts trying to help in Italy point out major flaws in public restrictions that still allow people to be out in restaurants etc. 
France calls up military to build field hospitals, hospitals running out of protective gear. 
2700 passengers from the Ruby Princess were allowed to disembark in Australia while virus tests were pending for sick passengers. Some tested positive. Now the government is frantically trying to find them all. 
Hospitals are making their own protective gear in desperation. Non medical staff are sewing cloth masks in offices. 
WA state bans funerals 
CA restricts non urgent health services, many nationwide close due to risks
Oregon hospitals will be out of protective gear in days, begs non hospital businesses to donate their supply.
Medtronic doubled ventilator production
Trump told governors to buy their own supplies, then went and outbid them
People in Japan with allergies or asthma being harasses by people fearing the virus
NY state sends everyone home except essential workers, this is similar to CA’s statewide lockdown.
French ignored warnings to not go out, now they need a permission slip to leave the house. 
Saudi Arabia ends domestic travel except essential functions
Iran has 20,000 cases
Hong Kong sees 48 new cases, requires anyone from abroad to quarantine 14 days
NYC closes hair salons, tattoo parlors, orders 75% reduction on people out in public. 
WI records two deaths, doctor at state prison tests positive
Amazon not using virus safety protocols in warehouses. 
A second senator dumped their stocks after receiving a Congressional briefing on the pandemic before the public knew. 
Entire state of California put on shelter in place
Gamestop tells employees to ignore law enforcement and keep stores open
Ferrari and Fiat may help make ventilators 
New Orleans a larger outbreak per capita than NYC or SeattleMidwest grocery store bans reusable bags as part of virus responseOak Ridge uses supercomputer to identify chemicals that could prevent virus from binding to human cells.Senate Republican plan includes corporate tax cuts, limits on paid leave and $1,200 checks for taxpayers.

Johns Hopkins, March 19 covid-19 confirmed case update
81.2k 33.5% China
161.0k 66.5% not-China
242.2k total

VA stops all non urgent treatments and appointments to free up space for expected outbreak. 
SD to limit and prioritize who gets a virus test through the state lab
Texas goes into lockdown. No gatherings of over 10, schools closed. These rules essentially shut any business that is not essential and limits restaurants to take out and drive thru only. 
US feds tell lenders to pause mortgage payments for up to a year for people who lose income.
Amazon stops accepting prime pantry orders to restock warehouses
WA state 66 deaths, 1187 positive cases, 15918 negative testsNE imposes 10 person limit type restrictions on Omaha regionNYC finds 5200 total cases after testing blitz. Half are under 50, concentrated in Brooklyn. 750 people are in the hospital with the virus in the NYC area.CT postpones presidential primary 11,000 positive tests in the USIran closes all malls and markets for 15 days Virus sickens 7 members of one family killing 3London shuts parts of the subway system to curb virus spread

The exponential effect of every precaution that stops a virus transmission

Members of Congress knew of the coming risk for a month, didn’t tell the public

Kohls closes all US stores

US DOJ and Amazon investigating price gouging by 3rd party sellers of virus related items

Cruise ships may be used as stand in hospitals to take some of the non virus patients in the US.

2 cruise ships denied port in Hawaii

Sacramento county orders everyone to stay at home

Boeing forcing manufacturing employees to continue working in Seattle area as more workers test positive

FDA waives approvals for drug use against the virus

The coronavirus measures in place in the hard hit Lombardy region of northern Italy are “not strict enough,” according to Chinese medical experts helping the country deal with the crisis. The situation in Lombardy right now “is similar to what we experienced two months ago in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of COVID-19,” the Chinese Red Cross vice president, Sun Shuopeng, said Thursday in a press conference in Milan, Italy. “In the city of Wuhan after one month since the adoption of the lockdown policy, we see a decreasing trend from the peak of the disease,” Sun Shuopeng said. “Here in Milan, the hardest hit area by COVID-19, there isn’t a very strict lockdown: public transportation is still working and people are still moving around, you’re still having dinners and parties in the hotels and you’re not wearing masks. We need every citizen to be involved in the fight of COVID-19 and follow this policy.” He advised Italians to stop all “economic activities and cut the mobility of people.” Everyone should just stay at home, he added.

Indiana closes all schools

TJX closes all Marshals, Home Goods and TJ Maxx stores globally including online operations

Miami-Dade County mayor closes businesses, parks, beaches and recreational facilities

US cases soared by more than 40% in just 24 hours.

Bayer donates 3 million tablets of investigational coronavirus drug Resochin to the US

Italy death toll surpasses China

Chicago; A patient and two emergency room physicians at Rush Oak Park Hospital tested positive for COVID-19 prompting a shelter in place order for the village starting early Friday morning. All three individuals have been quarantined at home.

46 staff and patients at a Chicago nursing home test positive

WA state psychiatric hospital patient tests positive for virus after outpatient surgery
Dominos wants to hire 10,000 to deliver pizza
NY state gives 90 day mortgage relief
US State Dept. to issue a blanket “do not travel”
700 deaths in Spain
CNN reports Iranian deaths are roughly 1 every 10 minutes
CDC issues guidance that infected health care workers could continue working as long as they wore a mask. They also noted they could wear a bandanna if they ran out of masks. 
Germany calls up military to help with virus response
NY governor mandates 75% of workforce must work from home
US has 10259 known cases, 152 deaths
Hospital ship Mercy heads to Seattle will provide non virus related care
US labs ask for $5 billion to cover operating costs of running all these tests
An antibody test can help understand how widespread this really is by finding who had the virus but didn’t show symptoms 
19 elder care facilities in Florida have virus cases or suspected cases.
Study found some asymptomatic virus cases had signs of pneumonia on CT scan.Palm Springs issues shelter in place after 3rd deathChina reports no new domestic/local cases of the virus!!Omaha virus patient in biocontainment unit improving

New C.D.C. data showed that nearly 40 percent of patients sick enough to be hospitalized were aged 20 to 54. But the risk of dying was significantly higher in older people.

US stats:  total number of coronavirus cases 8,525. In total, 145 people have died.

9 coronavirus tests are now authorized by the FDA

Seattle sets up field hospital in soccer field

Undetected infections may have driven “rapid dissemination” of coronavirus, modeling shows

Mild, asymptomatic or otherwise unrecognized infections may have driven the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in the outbreak’s earliest days, according to modeling published Monday in the journal Science.

The research, based on reported cases in China and travel data, estimated that 86% of coronavirus infections in the country were “undocumented” in the weeks before officials instituted stringent quarantines.

Undocumented infections, according to the researchers, can go unrecognized because they come with mild or no symptoms, and that “can expose a far greater portion of the population to virus than would otherwise occur.”

These undetected cases, which are often less severe, were estimated to be about half as contagious as confirmed cases. But because undetected cases were more common, they could have played an outsize role in spreading the virus, the study said.

About 4 in 5 people confirmed to have coronavirus, for example, were likely infected by people who didn’t know they had it, according to the modeling.

“These findings explain the rapid geographic spread of [coronavirus] and indicate containment of this virus will be particularly challenging,” the researchers wrote.

The study, they later added, suggests that “a radical increase in the identification and isolation of currently undocumented infections would be needed to fully control [the virus].”

Australia institutes restrictions, more testing

2nd member of Congress tests positive

MN company may have instant home virus test kit available next week.

Researchers tested an entire Italian town and stopped the outbreak there. Asymptomatic cases were key to transmission.

Member of Congress tests positive

GM may use factories to make ventilators under emergency order

US National Guard brings 500,000 nasal swabs from Italy to US Fed Ex hub. Fed Ex moves to areas in need.

Virus case at Rikers Island

Missouri has 1st death. Person was sick at home. Paramedics in quarantine

NYSE floor staff test positive for virus. The trading floor will close on Monday

99% of virus deaths in Italy had one or more serious health problem of 3 cited. Heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. A study estimated 100,000 infected in Italy, putting their death rate in line with China’s.

Huge concert held in UK last weekend shocks world fighting pandemic

FL hired 100 disease detectives in a weekend

Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia add entry restrictions

Hokkaido eases state of emergency 

2 new deaths, 197 registered cases in GA

Simon Properties closes all US malls.

2nd case of community spread in Omaha, triggering more restrictions

46 new cases in LA for a total of 190 recorded cases

Yolo county CA orders shelter in place.

3 more test positive at Elk Grove, CA nursing home, first case died.

Sick health care workers, working at multiple nursing homes in Seattle caused the cluster of outbreaks at those facilities.

598 Positive #COVID19 Cases in CA:

24 Federal Repatriation Flight Cases
574 Cases not related to those flights
• 91 Travel Associated
• 88 Person-to-person
• 142 Community Acquired
• 253 Under Investigation
13 deaths: 12 CA residents, 1 non-CA

North Sacramento region told to stay home

Seattle deaths; 50 year old woman, and a UW pathologist both died today.

UK closes schools except for children of key workers

Greece locks down migrant camps, fears outbreak

US census suspends field operations til April

Senate passes first emergency response bill

Michigan records first death, has 80 known cases

US cases 7038 amid testing stall

Jordan cuts off travel between regions in country.

Study finds nearly half of virus patients had GI issues as their chief complaint. A small subset never had respiratory issues.

Homeless person in Bay Area dies of virus. The number of homeless people in places like San Francisco has authorities alarmed about the crisis of the virus spreading.

Feds tell hospitals to stop elective procedures

Younger age groups are showing up with serious cases of the virus in the US.

South Dakota can no longer run tests after running out of supplies. Local hospitals develop own capability.

Omaha bans gatherings of more than 10 people.

Big 3 auto makers closing 

CA obtains hotels, defunct hospitals to make space for patients

CA governor activates national guard, says school won’t resume this school year.

USPS issues statement about package risk, international delays, assures mail delivery

How to stay safe-er at the grocery store

Mortgage lenders in US consider pausing all loans

More than 24 health workers in WA state test positive

US officials expect pandemic to last 18 months, come in waves

Dow crashes again

A 1,000-bed naval hospital ship is being dispatched to New York Harbor.

Governor Cuomo emphasizes the seriousness of the spread.

Mayor de Blasio calls for military intervention.

One of New York City’s biggest hotels is closing.

New York’s website to file unemployment claims is still swamped.

Lining up and anxious at a drive-in test center.

Hundreds gathered for a Hasidic Jewish wedding in Brooklyn, defying new rules.



Omaha doctor contracts virus, may have exposed patients and staff

Virus case in North Platte, NE. Person was on a cruise then in California before returning home.

SCMP closes offices, works from home after freelancer tests positive

China starts trial on 9 different virus vaccines in April

Australia declares emergency, imposes restrictions

What it would take to ramp up ventilator production 5 fold

Crew on Diamond Princess caused virus spread among crew members through work in the crew kitchen.

US state by state quarantine laws, laws against knowingly infecting others and related penalties

Italian man hid virus symptoms to get nose job, exposing surgery team. Now facing 15 years in prison

Santa Clara county CA announces 5th death, a 50 year old man who was hospitalized on March 9.

NYC Mayor says shelter in place decision in next 48 hours.

China reported just one new domestic infection on Tuesday – but 20 more from people arriving from abroad

The death toll in Britain rose to 71 and we were told the actual number of cases could be as high as 55,000

After weeks of Elon Musk mocking the severity of the outbreak and refusing to close CA Tesla factory, the Alameda sheriffs department declares it a non essential business and orders the factory shut down.

Kansas closes all schools for rest of school year

Chicago Midway airport stops traffic after air controller tests positive

Senegal researchers working on 10 minute self administered virus test that would cost $1 each to produce.

Military giving HHS 2000 ventilators

Disease plays out differently in children and may make them more contagious.

Target joins other stores in limiting hours, offering more delivery services and special at risk shopping hours.

Monterey and San Benito counties in CA go into shelter in place

Pentagon prepares to ready Navy hospital ships to support coronavirus response

Danbury CT hospital down 200 nurses. Can’t get tested after virus exposure.

Church of England suspends services

US Military may deploy MASH units to deal with virus surge.

Type A blood type may be more susceptible to virus

EU 30 day ban on non essential travel

SC restricts bars, restaurants

NJ has 89 new cases, NM has 20 cases

FL closes bars and night clubs. Restricts restaurants and beaches

NC limits bars and restaurants

Europe hopes to have vaccine available to world by fall

National Guard deployed in 22 states

US military gives HHS 5 million N95 masks to distribute to health care workers

100 people have died in the US.

Spain distributes 1 million masks to public 

4 more NBA players test positive

Largest mall in CA closes after store clerk tests positive

NJ orders all shopping malls to close.

MN restricts who can be tested amid supply shortages.

SD closes schools another week 

Omaha announces 3 new cases in younger subjects. List of businesses they went to

Iowa bans most public gathering businesses, limits gatherings to 10 people.

Feds send field hospital to Seattle

Seattle Children’s Hospital takes in young adult patients, pediatric patients from other hospitals to prepare for influx of virus patients hitting area hospitals

Japan Olympics official has virus, likely caught it in the US

Los Angeles has 50 new cases today. County bans any sort of evictions.

Your local mall might be open, but most of the stores are closed.

Courts in Sacramento close

Can you catch the virus from a package?

Sacramento church may be cause of outbreak cluster

Japanese anti flu drug effective at fighting virus

Italy has 30,000 cases

Social distancing may need to happen for over a year

32 cases in Maine

Cities worry about homeless populations amid outbreak

Indiana has 2nd death, 30 cases

Chicago hospital doctor tests positive

MN has 60 known cases, most are in Mpls.

T Mobile closes 80% of retail stores

Medicare expands telehealth coverage to keep seniors at home.

Man tests positive, refuses to quarantine. Now sheriffs deputies are making sure he doesn’t leave his house.

New York City considers curfews as public life is curtailed.

The outgoing White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, is in self-quarantine.

Dr. Deborah Birx, who is coordinating the administration’s response to the coronavirus, emphasized that Americans without pressing medical issues should not be seeking care right now.

US considering distributing checks to most of the population to cover losses and costs of the outbreak.

NYC mayor considering shelter in place order

Brooklyn will stop prosecuting low level offenses

Uber suspends group rides in US and Canada

Maryland turns car inspection drive thru sites in to virus testing sites.

US has 5010 known cases, 97 deaths

US states can now authorize their own virus tests, don’t have to go through FDA

Miami closes all non essential businesses


Second Sacramento nursing home patient contracts virus after first case there dies.

Sacramento substitute teacher dies of virus

CA virus bill has sweeping response and public support funding

US gym chains Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness close all locations

Ohio closes all polling locations

Infected person confirmed in Japan 814
dead 28 people
As of 3/16 22:00
Excluding cruise ships. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

2 more deaths Santa Clara county CA.

Asia tries to keep hard fought for gains against the outbreak.

There may be 5-10 undetected cases for every 1 known case. Those undetected cases are less virulent but account for 80% of the virus transmission to other people.

Malaysia imposes national restrictions

Oregon hospitals join forces to try to ride out pandemic

Johns Hopkins March 16

81.0k 44.7% China

100.3k 55.3% not-China

VA hospitals removes mention of treating civilians in time of crisis from website.

18 new deaths in the US for a total of 85

Kentucky closes bars, restricts restaurants, closes day care centers, ends elective surgeries.

McDonalds restaurants in the US will go to drive thru and take out only.

Georgia, NYC close all schools

Seattle mayor releases $5 million in food aid

Social Security offices will close in-person services starting Tuesday

Details about the Bay Area shelter in place order and how it works

12 things to know today about the virus from The Hill

Some new release movies move to streaming

Detroit area list of public places people may have been exposed at highlights public risk factors

FAA oversight office in Chicago closed after worker tests positive

Amazon hiring 100,000 warehouse workers to deal with delivery crunch

Minneapolis and St. Paul bar restaurants and bars to delivery, take out and drive thru only.

Guidance for people who think they have this is to be well for 7 days and fever free for 3 days before coming in contact with others again. This was mentioned as MN has a testing crunch.

MN has more proof of community transmission including in rural areas.

UK fails to enact restrictions raising concerns this will cause a severe outbreak.

Alibaba owner Jack Ma’s foundation gives US 1 million protective masks, virus test kits. Does same for other countries in outbreak crisis.

IL has over 100 cases

Germany closes all non essential businesses

Italy death toll over 2000 Lombardy region sees a decrease in cases.

Washington state, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico go into full shutdown. Only essential needs or businesses are exempt.

Trump tells governors they are on their own in finding enough respirators

France bans all family and social gatherings

France closes borders also, Russia

Fauci: “this isn’t an overreaction
White House officials are asking Americans should avoid gathering in groups of more than 10, urging them to stay away from bars restaurants and food courts and asking them to not travel if possible.
Yesterday the CDC urged all gatherings over 50 people be canceled.

Turkey closes cafes and gyms

Kroger gives $3 million to food banks

Spain closes land borders

US Veterans Administration has 60 virus cases throughout the US. 1 death in Portland at their VA hospital

Hungary closes borders

3000 new cases in Italy in last 24 hours

Some Olympic qualification events suspended

Pentagon puts top 2 leaders in a “bubble” of no contact to assure continuity of government

Ohio delays primary to June 

San Francisco bay area orders shelter in place starting midnight Monday. Only going out for essential needs will be allowed.

Canada closes border to foreigners

Ohio closes most non essential businesses

Worldwide deaths over 6500, 70 in the US


Numbers from Johns Hopkins tonight:

81.0k China
86.4k not-China

Canada planning direct assistance to citizens

Mexico expects to see community spread in 15 days. Cases all over the country

Vaccine trial starts in Seattle Monday

Starbucks goes to-go only for 2 weeks in US and Canada

NYC mayor orders all hospitals in city to cancel elective surgeries

Lebanon 2 week lockdown

Oklahoma declares state of emergency as 8 cases emerge.

CDC says no gatherings of more than 50 people for 8 weeks

Czech Republic closes all businesses except essential services

Pence says curfews and restaurant closures/rules coming Monday

MN has 3 cases of community transmission, Seward Co-op closed after employee tests positive

US factories change production to try to keep up with demand for essential items.

New Zealand holds cruise ship off shore with virus patient on board

NYC closes schools, may be closed for rest of school year.

Mass orders no gatherings over 25 people, reduced capacity at bars, restaurant, all schools close

CA orders all people over 65 to stay home, bars must close, restaurants should reduce capacity by half or offer delivery/pick up only

US Fed cuts interest rate to zero

More US retail closes or scales back

29 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Illinois, state total up to 93

All bars, restaurants to close to dine-in customers in Illinois through March 30 due to COVID-19 concerns

Virginia has 45 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Sunday morning

The D.C. Housing Authority said it is suspending eviction proceedings until further notice.

Baltimore reports first case of community transmission

George Washington University Hospital suspends elective surgery

New restrictions on clubs, bars and restaurants in DC area.

Another cruise ship with virus infected passenger (who left ship March 8) allowed to dock in Miami. Everyone allowed off without any testing.

15 new cases of coronavirus reported in Sacramento County

Canada suspends cruise-ship tourism, which could shut down Seattle-to-Alaska cruise season until July

Fauci open to a 14-day ‘national shutdown’ to stem virus

TSA officer based in Orlando tests positive for coronavirus 

61 people in the US have died.

Colombia will block entry for all non-residents to stop coronavirus spread

Italy records deadliest day with 368 new coronavirus fatalities

The world’s largest luxury company, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, said it would redirect some of its factories that produce fragrances to make hand sanitizer instead.

Interim numbers today from Johns Hopkins show outside China now surpasses total infections in China. These are not the complete numbers for today.
March 15, confirmed covid-19 cases:
81.0k China
81.7k not-China

Rural hospitals have limited staff, many have no ventilators or ICU equipment.

Japan has 63 new cases, highest 1 day increase

Kazakhstan declares emergency due to coronavirus

French doctors warn against using anti inflammatory drugs including over the counter medications like ibuprofen if you have the virus.

Ohio may close all bars and restaurants

Iowa has first case of community spread 

MN has 35 virus cases

MN closes all schools for 8 days. Will provide child care via schools for health care workers, first responders. State warns closures could go longer.

Oregon first virus death at Portland VA hospital

53 cases in LA, evidence of community spread

Two UCSF health care workers get virus

40 deaths, 642 cases in WA state

Seattle: Boeing Field, two Eastside properties to be used for housing homeless people during coronavirus pandemic

Fake home virus testing kits seized by US customs

Health experts are expecting the peak of the outbreak in the US to be late April into May. This may make precautions a long term issue.

Ohio warns schools may be closed for rest of the year.

Workers most at risk of contracting virus

NY governor urges feds to use Army Corps of Engineers to build field hospitals from college dorms

Two emergency room doctors, one in WA, one in NJ have contracted the virus

In the Omaha, Neb., area, officials reported the first known instance of community spread. In Illinois, a nursing facility where a woman tested positive for the virus was placed on lockdown. And in Pittsburgh, where the first local cases were announced on Saturday, city leaders urged bars to promote social distancing by limiting the number of people they allowed inside.

Under pressure to add stricter restrictions, Britain will ask older residents to self-isolate.

Nike will close its stores in the U.S. and beyond.

Hong Kong said arrivals from the U.S. would face home quarantine.

Taiwan has 6 new cases, all imported from other countries. A 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving to Taiwan has been enacted.

New screening at international airports causes massive bottlenecks and people to be crammed shoulder to shoulder for up to 3 hours.

MedPageToday explains why the US is under estimating the outbreak


76 new cases South Korea

2nd case in Milwaukee works at a public school.

China reports jump in ‘imported’ infections
China on Sunday reported 16 new imported cases, the highest in over a week, as domestic cases dwindle in the country. The National Health Commission said infections involving people arriving from overseas were reported in five provinces and cities including Beijing and Shanghai. Four new domestic cases were reported, all in Hubei province’s capital Wuhan, where the virus first emerged in December.

US trying to poach German scientists in a bid to gain “exclusive use” for the US, of the vaccine they are developing.
Ski resorts in the US closing
Multiple new cases in Bay Area including 2 of community spread
Hospital tells woman she would have to pay $3300 for a virus testThe Met will be live streaming an opera per night out of their production collection.Community spread confirmed in Omaha

Confirmed cases, March 14 from Johns Hopkins webpage

81.0k 51.9% China
75.1k 48.1% not-China
156.1k total

Wife of Spain’s prime minister diagnosed with coronavirus

23 African nations have virus cases 
Georgia postpones election primary 
Ohio estimates they have 100,000 current virus cases due to community spread. Estimates the peak may happen in later April to Mid-May 
Latvia closes borders

Yolo County CA Food Bank to begin home-delivery service amid coronavirus emergency

Student at Stanford tests positive

How to do social distancing right

Italy announces 175 deaths and 2,795 cases in one day from coronavirus

France to close all non essential public businesses

Seattle mayor to halt residential evictions due to coronavirus

2 cruise ships are quarantined off Chile’s coast Two cruise ships with about 1,300 people on board are now quarantined off the coast of Chile as one passenger tested positive for coronavirus, Chile’s Health Minister Jaime Manalich said during a press conference in Santiago on Saturday. Manalich said an 83-year-old English man tested positive and is being treated at the Coyhaique hospital “in good condition.” He was on board the Silver Explorer, a luxury expedition cruise ship. The Silver Explorer is now docked in the city of Castro, the minister said. The vessel is carrying 111 passengers and 120 crew members, according to Chilean officials. And a second ship, the Azamara Pursuit, has not reported any cases but remains under quarantine; there are two suspected cases on that ship. “We have a cruise ship with the name of Azamara which originated in the Argentinean city of Ushuaia that began its journey on March 8 carrying 675 passengers and 389 crewmembers,” the minister said.

Bahamas won’t permit cruise ship to dock due to coronavirus
The Bahamas is not allowing the MS Braemar cruise ship, which has five coronavirus cases on board, to dock.

“The Ministry of Transport and local government reiterates that the MS Braemar cruise ship will not be permitted to dock at any port in the Bahamas and no persons will be permitted to disembark the vessel … the government of the Bahamas will provide the Braemar with humanitarian assistance,” a statement from the Bahamas Ministry of Transport said.

There are at least 2,548 cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States, according to the state and local health agencies, governments and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A total of 50 people have died as of Saturday afternoon. According to the CDC, there are 70 cases from repatriated citizens. According to CNN Health’s tally of US cases that are detected and tested in the United States through public health systems, there are 2,548 cases in 49 states, the District of Columbia and US territories.

North Carolina closing schools for at least 2 weeks

8 weeks of school closures may be needed per CDC
Use of an experimental drug in one of the first California virus patients may have helped them survive. Doctors don’t know for sure due to lack of available virus testing capability
Amid rumors that NYC would be locked down on Friday, the wealthy fled to their second homes.
Where did all the hand sanitizer go? This guy has 17,700 bottles hoarded in a garage.
Russia closes border with Poland and Norway
Dog that tested positive for virus now tests negative and was returned to the owner. Authorities don’t think dogs can be a transmission risk to humans and won’t get seriously ill from the virus but can harbor it.
10 households evacuated from Hong Kong high rise after virus transmission across units is assumed to have taken place. First case in the building was travel related.
US travel ban extended to UK and Ireland
Grand Princess evacuees describe disorganized evacuation to Travis AFB
How a Nile cruise spawned an international outbreak
WA state has 37 deaths
Seattle area quarantine hotel occupant left hotel, shoplifted at a nearby store then boarded a metro bus. City says they will have to provide oversight for people housed there with the need for social services support.
US Pentagon closes to visitors
Apple closes all stores outside of China
Outbreak hits 49 US states
UK virus response is to let people contract the virus under the assumption it eventually creates “immunity”. Public health experts disagree
India has 84 cases
Associated Press closes DC office after journalists catch virus
New Zealand & Australia require all people entering the country to self isolate for 14 days
Wiped out fresh food at a grocery store in Portland ME.
How South Korea succeeded where China failed
China  on Saturday reported 11 new coronavirus  cases and 13 deaths, taking its total number of infections to 80,824 and deaths to 3,189. Of the new infections, four were from Wuhan, and seven were brought into the country. Ten of the 13 deaths were in Wuhan.

South Korea sees more recoveries than infections for first time

Patagonia closed all of their stores and website in response to virus.

Germany thinks they have a vaccine they could mass produce

Canadian company says they made major breakthrough towards vaccine

Travelers to US from outbreak regions say they are not being screened at entry 

Worst case models show horrible outcome if interventions not used.

Outbreak could challenge food distribution systems.

National Guard activated in 6 states

14 cases in Omaha, NE. Child of family with California travel history joins 5 already infected family members.

250 die in one day in Italy due to the virus. More cases are now being reported daily in Europe than they were at the height of the outbreak in China.

Canadian Parliament Suspended til April

U of Wi- Madison closes veterinary facility due to positive case 

Google is developing a website to diagnose people who need virus testing and direct them to a drive through testing facility.

Dems have agreement with Trump on emergency response funding bill

NY schools still open but few attend

NJ has 50 cases

All WI schools closed

Sacramento region schools close

Johns Hopkins, March 13, Number Confirmed Covid-19

80.9k 59.9% China
56.5k 41.1% not-China
137.3k total

not-China growth
56.5k March 13
29.1k March 8
56.5/29.1 = 1.94 times increase in 5 days, a bit below double in 5 days

Illinois closes all schools

NE could close schools for 6-8 weeks if they confirm community spread.

MN enacts restrictions to control virus spread

Washington state makes school closures, crowd bans state wide

How to lower infection risks while sleeping

2033 confirmed  cases in US

Manila put into lockdown

Olympic torch relay suspended

IOC to let WHO decide on Olympics decision

How to make DIY sanitizing wipes: Use a bleach solution of 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Follow the instructions for DIY cleaning wipes only use the bleach solution instead of the soap and water solution used for cleaning wipes.

6 children in Wuhan had virus in early January

Georgia has 42 cases

Federal government to partner with private sector to open drive through testing sites that do not require a doctor referral.

Chicago catholic schools close, no mass At least one student has tested positive

Los Angeles has more cases of community spread

Los Angeles closes all schools

Smoking or vaping increase the risk of developing the life threatening complications of the virus

San Francisco closing some schools as 7 students test positive

Seattle seems to be closing everything

Seattle hospitals already feeling the strain

This chart from the Seattle Times shows why limiting contact is so important

House party in Seattle caused a virus cluster, they couldn’t get tested.

Trump to hold 3pm press conference, expected to declare national emergency

6 lane drive through testing opened in Westchester county, location of NY cluster.

Miami mayor tests positive after contact with Brazilian contingent.

Mar A Lago cancels big events but remains open, even after two guests tested positive including the president of Brazil

MN and SD have increasing cases but so far all appear to be travel related.

Mutual of Omaha closes headquarters after employee tests positive

6 US states close all schools

Belgium closed schools and the UK has required no restrictions at all currently.

70,000 people in 4 towns in Spain under government lockdown

Italy death toll over 1000

Boston Marathon, Masters golf tourney canceled. Mount Everest closed to climbers.

Justin Trudeau in isolation, wife tests positive

Australian official that met with Barr and Ivanka tests positive

US HHS is supplying funding and a hotline to try to facilitate more and faster testing


Omaha area schools cancel classes 

Kansas has first death, US death toll 41

Virus cases in a refugee camp in Iraq

Mormon church suspends all gatherings

A small town is at the center of Kentucky’s virus outbreak

80,932 China
12,462 Italy
10,075 Iran
7,869 Korea South
2,284 France
2,277 Spain
2,078 Germany
1,323 US
Source – Johns Hopkins

41 deaths US.

Biotech company using cows to make an antibody treatment against virus

NYC closes all cultural institutions 

Senate cancels recess to deal with crisis

Disneyland Closes, Broadway closes. LiveNation tells bands to cancel arena tours.

Sacramento, 6 new cases

San Jose, 4 firefighters test positive. 10% of fire department on leave.

Sioux Falls, SD declares emergency. Schools & medical centers restrict access, state and private universities extend spring break. State of SD only has 850 tests available.

California advises against small gatherings

Some Starbucks stores go drive-thru only, or limit in store customers. Some locations may close if local outbreaks become severe.

A Seattle lab discovered the outbreak by defying the federal government

A review of the available data shows the virus can live on many surfaces for 9 days at average temperatures

Most cases spread before people realize they are sick, prompting more need to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Brazilian official who met with Trump Saturday at Mar A Lago tests positive

Iran mass burial pits seen from space.

South Africa reports first case of local transmission

Princess Cruises announced today it will voluntarily pause global operations for its 18 cruise ships for two months. The company said it will offer guests the opportunity “to transfer 100% of the money paid for their cancelled cruise” to a future cruise. Earlier today, Viking Cruises announced it is temporarily suspending cruise operations until May.

Stock trading paused for 15 minutes

White House suspends public tours

Public access to the Capitol Complex has been suspended

Trump may sign a disaster declaration today

Czech government declares state of emergency over coronavirus

Florida’s Miami-Dade County suspends all mass gatherings

Italian woman stuck in apartment with husband’s corpse due to quarantine, overloaded public services. 

Attendee at a 23,000 person mining conference in Toronto tests positive. Authorities are trying to track down all of the people who attended from countries all over the world.

Hubei records only 8 new cases. The epicenter of the outbreak begins to loosen restrictions. The first case identified by doctors was in December. The outbreak is assumed to have started in November. A full blown outbreak began in January with a peak in February. China took massive interventions to stop the spread that so far, other countries have not considered.


Study finds virus detected in the air for 3 hours, surfaces for 3 days

Georgia has 31 cases

Homeless person tests positive, moved to quarantine hotel in Seattle

5 more cases in Omaha, family of woman with travel history

Sioux Falls begins canceling public events amid outbreak in SD

US bans air travel from Europe for 30 days

How Taiwan has contained the virus

WH wants more US federal workers to telework

NBA cancels season after player in Utah has virus

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for virus, currently in Australia.

Italy is pressing criminal charges against people out in public without a valid need.

How Taiwan is beating the virus outbreak

Nebraska high school student in serious condition in Omaha biocontainment unit had no known contact with another virus case, attended numerous HS basketball tournaments. Now all of the related schools are closed and people are being contact traced.

Hotels in Monterey and San Mateo will be used as quarantine sites in CA.

Arizona declares emergency

Late night shows will go without audiences because of coronavirus

There are at least 1,162 cases of novel coronavirus in the US The US death toll is 37

DC declares emergency

NBC will suspend live audiences for morning shows.

Trump may propose national emergency tonight to free up coronavirus aid

White House has classified critical virus meetings since January, leaving many government health experts out of the loop.

10,000 cases in Italy

Labs running short of reagent needed to run tests.

3 new cases in SD for a total of 8

Outbreak in a call center in Seoul

More top members of Iran’s government contract virus

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus pandemic as cases soar worldwide

  • Infections outside China have risen 13-fold, according to the WHO
  • Officials caution countries to step up containment efforts to prevent Covid-19 from overburdening health care workers

National Institute of Health says US should cancel large gatherings. In a press briefing Tuesday night, Fauci suggested Americans should consider reconfiguring their lives more broadly in an effort to prevent new exposures to the coronavirus and the respiratory disease it causes, known as Covid-19.

“As a nation, we can’t be doing the kinds of things we were doing a few months ago,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in a state that has no cases or one case — you have to start taking seriously what you can do now, if and when the infections will come. And they will come. Sorry to say, sad to say, they will.”

Many cruise ships out of Seattle canceled. Cruise lines will ban anyone over age 70 from boarding. 

WA state bans gatherings of more than 250 people in Seattle metro

Seattle public schools close

SF bans large events

45 TSA agents on leave in CA after 3 test positive

U of MN and U of WI-Madison close campuses 

2 more cases in MN for a total of 5 

4th and 5th cases in Nebraska 1 travel, 1 unknown


5 total cases in South Dakota. 1 death in Rapid City. Cases now across the state in Rapid City, Mitchell and Sioux Falls. All appeared to be travel related.

CT declares emergency

Illinois has 8 new cases total of 19

First death in NJ, 69 year old with health issues

WI urges against any non essential travel as new cases appear to be tied to domestic travel.

Local TV reports 2 South Dakota cases are in Mitchell and appear to not be hospitalized.

2 positive cases in South Dakota. Travel related, state is contact tracing.

At a temperature of 68 degrees, SARS lasted:

—Less than 8 hours on latex
—2 to 8 hours on aluminum
—2 days on steel
—4 days on wood
—4 days on glass
—5 days on metal
—5 days on ceramics
—5 days on plastics (but one strain survived up to 9 days on plastic)

Those findings likely also apply to SARS-CoV-2, Rachel Graham, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina, told Business Insider.

In general, nonporous surfaces like doorknobs, desktops and airplane seat trays tend to transmit viruses better than porous surfaces such as paper money, human hair, rug pile and fabrics. The microscopic holes or spaces in porous surfaces can trap the microbes, preventing  them from being transferred.

Seattle area public-health officials are “at the ready” to start ordering involuntary isolation and quarantines and are considering cancellation of major public events, with information coming soon, a top official said Monday.

Iceland to pay those in quarantine who can’t work from home

Also on Tuesday, Massachusetts reported 51 new cases of covid-19, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 92.

Colorado and North Carolina each declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus outbreak Tuesday, joining a growing number of states.

29 dead, 950 confirmed cases in US

Sanders cancels rally over virus outbreak. Biden also cancels rally.

Bloomberg foundation rolls out mayors network to provide information and resources to cities dealing with outbreaks to fill the gap left by the floundering federal response.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) on Tuesday announced schools and places of worship within a one-mile zone of the city of New Rochelle will close their doors for 14 days, and National Guard troops will help deliver food and disinfect common areas inside the zone.

2 new cases Indiana

Coronavirus exposure no longer means automatic 14-day isolation, Sacramento County says.

Santa Clara County bans large gatherings. Contra Costa County and San Mateo County have also discouraged large public gatherings because of COVID-19.

US pharmacy chain, CVS and CVS Target will fill refill prescriptions online, including the ability to pay through their phone app and have the medication mailed to your house. Walgreens also has a mail order option. Honeybee Health will transfer your prescription from any pharmacy, fill it and mail it to your house. Costco pharmacies also have a mail order option.

The US’s two largest medical testing labs, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics both now have testing capability for the virus. Both urge people to not show up at their facility to be tested. Instead contact your medical provider to arrange for a safe sample collection that would then be sent directly to their labs. This should drastically expand testing capability for many people. Some US health insurance plans cover testing at one of these commercial labs at 100% with no copay.

The ship scheduled to launch Seattle’s cruising season is the site of a major outbreak, and the season itself is looking awfully cloudy.

Seattle-area health officials are “at the ready” to start ordering involuntary quarantines and are considering cancellation of major events, a top official said as she outlined the potential actions ahead.

United Nations closes New York headquarters to the general public

Ohio State University has suspended face-to-face instructions until at least March 30, the university said Monday, following reports of at least three cases of coronavirus in the state.

Morocco reported its first coronavirus-linked death Tuesday, as the virus continues to spread across the region. The patient was an 89-year-old woman who recently returned from Italy, Reuters reported. She died in Casablanca. All large gatherings were canceled.

Harvard College became the latest major university to move to remote classes on Tuesday, in an announcement that urged students not to return to campus after spring break.

Hospitals across the United States have already reported shortages of a crucial type of respirator mask.

New York State announced its first cases only a week ago. Now, with more than 140 confirmed cases, thousands find themselves under “self-isolation orders” — often with little guidance as to what that means.

Officials confirmed that the virus had reached every country in the European Union.

Japan’s death toll rose to 16 and total cases climbed above 1,200.

Canada recorded its first death, a resident at a British Columbia’s long-term care facility.

Serbia closed its borders for people from coronavirus-affected countries, Moldova banned foreigners from entering by plane from any country affected, and Denmark suspended all air traffic from virus hotspots.

Russia recommended on Tuesday that people avoid public transport, shopping malls and other public places at rush hour.

L.A. County has first coronavirus case from community spread.

Doctors in Wuhan say high blood pressure a major risk factor for serious illness and death. Starting ventilation and major medical intervention early in pneumonia cases key to survival.

Lebanon, Panama, Mongolia, Burkina Faso and northern Cyprus have all confirmed the first coronavirus cases in their territories.

Spanish authorities have said all schools in the capital, Madrid, will close for two weeks.

The US has so far reported at least 26 deaths and 605 confirmed infections.

Progress in South Korea, with authorities on Tuesday declaring 131 new infections, the lowest figure for a fortnight, taking the total to 7,513. Three more deaths took the country’s death toll to 54.

Chinese authorities said 19 new cases had been recorded in the previous 24 hours. Restrictions beyond Hubei province are now gradually easing, with people returning to work, and factories and some schools reopening.

The World Health Organization has said there is a “very real” threat of a pandemic, but its leader said the world was “not at the mercy” of the epidemic, which has infected more than 110,000 people and killed more than 4,000 so far. “The great advantage we have is the decisions we all make as governments, businesses, communities, families and individuals can influence the trajectory of this epidemic,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Hong Kong is to quarantine all visitors from Italy and affected parts of France, Germany and Japan

Austria closes border to Italy, bans most large events. Czech Republic & Poland ban large events, CZ closes all schools.

Wuhan closed the last pop-up hospital

Iran: 881 new cases and 54 deaths in the past 24 hours. Confirmed cases are now at 8,042, with 291 dead. Iranian hospitals, using different criteria, report higher numbers.

Hospitals in Milan, short on respirators and beds are having to decide who gets medical help and who does not based on their odds of surviving

5 more cases in NJ, state institutes an emergency


In Wuhan, 12 of the 14 temporary hospitals dedicated to treating coronavirus patients have closed, with the remaining two due to shut on Tuesday.

In Adelaide, Australia, 10 News First is reporting that authorities have set up a coronavirus diagnosis drive-through.

Italy locks down entire country 

Panama first case. Mongolia first case

Virus death in Santa Clara, CA

A man in his 80s has died from coronavirus at Bellevue’s Overlake Medical Center. He had been a resident at Kirkland’s Life Care Center.

Two residents at Columbia Lutheran Home care facility in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood have tested positive for coronavirus.

Seattle: All Snohomish School District schools will be closed Tuesday after a district employee in the transportation department tested positive for coronavirus.

Incoming WH chief of staff in isolation after virus exposure

Northern Italy health care on brink of collapse

31 more residents of Seattle nursing home test positive.

People evacuating from the Grand Princess in Oakland, photo NY Times

200 North Korean soldiers die from virus while government claims country has no cases.

China records only 19 new cases, all in Wuhan.

US couple sues cruise line over Grand Princess outbreak failures the day they hit land.

Researchers found virus spread 4.5 meters on a bus full of people, raising questions about distancing measures. Said wearing a mask was reasonable as the virus could linger in the air.

First case in Louisiana

French culture minister infected

Wisconsin: New virus case, assumed to have caught it during domestic travel.

Disaster proclamation announced after 4 new COVID-19 confirmed in Chicago

Bay Area school closures: 5 San Francisco schools close due to coronavirus concerns

UC San Francisco sets up outdoor tents to prep for possible influx of coronavirus patients.

Photo SF Gate

Sacramento: Grammar school student in Elk Grove district tests positive for coronavirus. It appears two other members of the household have tested positive as well. That appears to be the most people yet in one household in the Sacramento area.

Trump campaign postpones bus tour as he plays down risks of coronavirus

NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS closing locker rooms amid virus scare

Near Seattle: Aegis Living at Marymoor confirms COVID-19 cases in resident, staff member. Resident from Josephine Caring Community in Stanwood tests presumptive positive for COVID-19

US military faces challenge to keep Pentagon functioning as coronavirus pandemic spreads

U.S. Army’s top commander in Europe and staff members may have been exposed to virus

Trump to headline gathering of Jewish Republicans this weekend despite virus spread President Trump is headlining a gathering of Jewish Republicans this weekend in Las Vegas, an event that organizers said is going ahead despite the spread of the coronavirus.

Rhode Island became the first state to promise workers unemployment insurance and temporary disability benefits if they need to stay home from jobs because of the new coronavirus, Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) announced Monday.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said one of the state’s two new coronavirus cases is linked to travel to Turkey, believed to be the first case that originated in that country, he said. The state’s other new case is linked to travel to Egypt and Thailand. Additionally, six more residents are under self-quarantine Monday after officials learned they had traveled on the same Egyptian cruise ship where three other residents had contracted the virus. Two of the six have symptoms of coronavirus, and all will be tested for it. These passengers traveled during a different time period than the three Maryland covid-19 patients diagnosed last week.

In a news conference Monday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recommended that New Yorkers that could work from home should. “For a business that can allow more employees to telecommute, we want you to do that,” he told reporters. “If you can do that, it’s a good thing to do.” De Blasio said that it was advice and not mandatory, but that the city government “has the option to move to mandates if we get to that point.”

Ohio announces first three cases of coronavirus. One couple was on a cruise on the Nile. The third patient attended the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C.

In Kentucky, a patient who tested positive had worked at a Walmart in Cynthiana, near Lexington

Triage tents outside University of Utah hospital via NY Times

Grand Princess docked in Oakland via NY Times

Boston calls off its St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Italy says it’s halting most travel and public gatherings to try to restrain the outbreak.

How Hong Kong has managed the virus outbreak better than anywhere else.

Multiple members of Congress self isolating after contact with virus cases, multiple members had extended close contact with Trump.

Bay Area virus death, local woman with no travel history.

Atlanta closes all schools after infected teacher collapses in class. Teacher is now in the hospital.

Minnesota: A contact investigation has identified fewer than 20 people who had been close enough to a person in Carver County with COVID-19 to be at risk for infection.

Minneapolis based Fairview Health is rolling out drive through virus testing.

32.7k March 9
14.9k March 4
32.7/14.9 = 2.2 increase in 5 days

March 9 Confirmed covid-19 cases
80.7k    71.2% China
32.7k    28.8% not-China
113.4 total

Pine Ridge reservation (SD) bans official travel, tells public to stay away

More health insurers cover virus test 100%

Nebraska governor says virus could be a problem for 9-12 months

2 schools in Chicago close after staff or students contract virus

Sierra Colleges in Sacramento restrict campus access and transition to online learning

Seattle closes one homeless shelter for disinfection, another moves about half of clients to a city athletic facility to provide more space between people. Neither have a confirmed case to date.

Israel may require quarantine for all international arrivals.

Trump shakes hands with supporters in Orlando, flouting health experts’ advice

Germany reported its first two coronavirus deaths

Head of NY Port Authority tests positive

How Mass General is preparing for an outbreak

UW Seattle opens drive through virus testing 

In Japan, the opening day for the professional baseball season has been postponed from March 20 as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Reuters reports.

More than 111,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed worldwide with nearly 3,900 deaths as of March 9, according to Johns Hopkins University. The United States has more than 560 confirmed cases with 22 deaths.

Hundreds in DC told to quarantine after visiting local church

Iran announces 43 new deaths from coronavirus

4000 quarantined, 5 in hospital 33 confirmed cases in NY

3.9.2020^Portugal president self isolates

China reports zero locally transmitted coronavirus cases outside Hubei

9 cases Costa Rica
5 new cases Contra Costa countyCA governor tells elderly to stop going on cruises.

‘Still in triage mode’: More residents, employees of Kirkland nursing home are hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms

France and Germany ban gatherings of over 1000 people. Brussels closes some schools.

Columbia University and Barnard College in New York canceled classes Monday and Tuesday and will shift to remote classes the rest of the week after a member of its community was quarantined as a result of exposure to the coronavirus.

1st case Shasta County CA (north of Sacramento) has travel history

The first three presumptive positive cases coronavirus reported in Iowa

Vietnam confirms nine new coronavirus cases. All new cases were on the same flight of Viet Nam Airlines with a previously confirmed patient who flew from the United Kingdom to Vietnam on March 2. They are all foreign nationals – seven from England, one from Mexico and one from Iceland aged between 58 and 74.

Qatar temporarily suspends entry from 14 additional countries over coronavirus

Two family members of previous coronavirus case in Nebraska have tested presumptive positive, raising state’s total to 3

Father of woman diagnosed with coronavirus attended school function against orders of health officials to isolate, official says

2nd case in Minneapolis suburbs, has travel history to Europe. Public health is contact tracing.

Sen. Ted Cruz self-quarantines after contact with CPAC attendee who has coronavirus

Case of community transmission, Long Island, NY

Canada will evacuate their passengers on Grand Princess.

German national on infected Nile cruise ship dies

The State Department advises that U.S. citizens, particularly those with medical conditions, should not take cruises.

Riverside County officials confirm 1st locally acquired case of coronavirus, urge people not to panic

Gov. Inslee says ‘mandatory measures’ under consideration to combat coronavirus in Washington

12 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Washington state

Saudi Arabia to suspend schools starting Monday due to coronavirus

3 new cases of novel coronavirus in Ontario and Alberta, all travel related

Coronavirus deaths in Italy spike to 366. There has been a rise in coronavirus deaths in Italy, with 133 new fatalities announced Sunday.

Israel’s prime minister is considering mandatory self-quarantine for all entrants

Finland cancels military exercises with Norway

1st case in Memphis

Crew members on Florida cruise ship tested for coronavirus

Former CDC head says time to restrict visitors from nursing homes.

Grand Princess: According to a statement from the department, about 1,000 passengers who are California residents are to go to the Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., or the Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego. Residents of other states will be taken to the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas or Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, Ga.

US Army suspends any travel in or out of Italy or South Korea

Oregon doubles to 14 cases, declares emergency

US govt doctor, lockdowns are possible in the US.

Japan’s spring sumo tournament began today in an empty arena in Osaka. The sumo association decided to go forward without an audience, making for a surreal set of televised bouts.

How everything went wrong on the Diamond Princess 

Kids in Wuhan discovered they could 1 start vote app used to assign them homework while schools were closed and have it kicked off the app store.

Virus has a tipping point where it goes from trivial to life threatening.
Transferred cruise ship crew member tests negative
Seattle area businesses where people gather for entertainment or services seeing a major drop in customers.
First responders to Seattle nursing home described 3 staff for 90 patients and insufficient personal protection gear.
Gates foundation to release home coronavirus testing program in Seattle
US surgeon general says 75,000 coronavirus tests are available right now for the public
A 100 year old man with underlying health issues has recovered from the virus in Wuhan
Royal Princess cruise out of LA canceled after crewmember from Grand Princess was transferred to the ship. 
Staff member at another Seattle area nursing home tests positive
A second DC area case in Virginia, had previously been on a Nile river cruise
Experts in Hong Kong warned about long term spread of the virus across countries that could cause it to be in circulation still by next winter. This could cause countries to impose 14 day quarantines on incoming travelers as a long term tactic. 
Iran reported 49 new deaths 
A second governor in northern Italy comes down with virus.
Saudi Arabia closes all land borders except for commercial traffic
DC area church may have been exposed to virus case. 
1st case in Missouri, person in their 20’s with Italy travel history
Grand Princess will dock in Oakland. California passengers will be taken to a quarantine site in California. Some non-California passengers will go to the federal facility in San Antonio. No word how international passengers will be managed. Those with medical issues will be sent to hospitals in California. The crew will be quarantined on the ship. 
Nursing homes around Japan suspend adult day care services to prevent virus infections from coming into facilities. 
Health authorities in mainland China on Sunday reported 44 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus by the end of March 7, a decrease from 99 the day prior.
Expanded quarantine in Italy will include 16 million people. 
Late Saturday, passengers aboard the Carnival Panorama docked in Long Beach were being delayed from disembarking the ship as officials await the results of a coronavirus test, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Pence said federal health authorities are monitoring a third Princess Cruises ship, the Royal Princess, currently docked in Los Angeles, because a crew member from the Grand Princess was transferred there around two weeks ago. Princess Cruises said the crew member is feeling well and not showing symptoms.
Crew of Grand Princess will be forced to quarantine on the ship. Passengers will be transferred to federal quarantine sites.
Carnival cruise ship held at Long Beach while passenger is tested for virus.
Infected crew members from virus stricken Princess cruise ships may have transferred to other ships in the fleet. What ships this may involve was not disclosed.
Virus outbreak at Seattle nursing home may have been going on since at least Feb 19th. Numerous earlier deaths at the home are now suspect.Omaha virus case has multiple underlying medical conditions. Extensive travel around the Omaha and Fremont NE area has caused authorities to scramble to find anyone in contact. This person also visited 5 health care providers while they were likely contagious.3 cases in Washington DC, all three hospitalized

Roughly 5,861 coronavirus tests completed by CDC and public health labs. 400 have tested positive so far.

There are 72 state and local public health labs doing coronavirus testing around US

6 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in British Columbia Two of the new cases were passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship from Feb 11 – 21, Adrian Dix, minister of health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer said in a press statement Saturday. Two other cases are residents of a long-term care facility in Vancouver.

70 Life Care Center employees show symptoms of coronavirus, spokesperson says. CDC provides additional medical staff to Life Care Center in Washington

Quarantined Egyptian cruise ship has 45 coronavirus cases 

Greece reports 21 new cases of coronavirus

Elk Grove school district (Sacramento) cancels all classes, student tests positive. 
Hospitals in CA report not knowing how to test people, lack of test kits or denial by the state to provide someone a test.

Critically ill person evacuated off the Grand Princess. The ship told passengers this was not related to the virus outbreak.

Washington State raised its count of cases to more than 100 on Saturday and added two more deaths, bringing the state’s toll to 16 and the nation’s to 19. Cases in Washington state have begun showing up outside of Seattle.

Oregon health officials said four more people had tested positive

Italy’s government is considering locking down much of the country’s north

Iran; 1000 new cases, 21 new deaths

Map via
Patient in Omaha moved to biocontainment unit at U of N in a “pod”
Utah officials reported the state’s first case Friday, a patient over 60 who’d just returned from a cruise ship that’s now facing an outbreak off California’s coast.
NYC cases jump to 76. A taxi or ride share driver in NYC has tested positive. He took two trips to the ER in Queens without calling first before he was tested and found positive. 40 health care workers at one hospital are now on leave due to their exposure to this person. 
60 cases in Spain tied to a funeral
Cruise ship Costa Fortuna repeatedly denied port in Asia as the ship has people from Italy on board.San Jose puts moratorium on evictions over virusCalifornia trying to find a non commercial port to bring Grand Princess and test everyone on board.MN virus patient from Grand Princess, seldom went out, called ahead before seeing a doctor allowing for precautions to be taken. State officials think this helped lower the potential he spread it to others.

Seattle health care providers scramble to ration medical supplies as coronavirus cases climb

Maryland governor orders state insurers to waive covid-19 testing costs

Resident dies in Rep. Matt Gaetz’s district, days after congressman made light of epidemic with massive gas mask

Iceland calls for “emergency” response as cases rise in Europe. Iceland’s government has called for the country’s response to coronavirus to move into what it is calling an “emergency phase,” after two people were found to have contracted the virus in the country. The total number of confirmed cases in Iceland has now risen to 45.

Netherlands confirms new coronavirus cases, bringing national total to 188

2 new coronavirus-related deaths reported in Spain

3 new cases in Atlanta, Georgia. 2 have travel history, 1 has unknown infection route

Hong Kong man dies in Japan, was on the Diamond Princess

Stanford moves all classes online

Cases in the United States grew to 312 as Amtrak canceled nonstop service between New York and Washington.

A U.S. Navy sailor tests positive for the virus in Italy.

An employee of the F.B.I.’s San Francisco division tested positive, the first confirmed case at the bureau.


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