Coronavirus Ongoing Updates

This is an ongoing update of headlines and information related to the coronavirus outbreak. Newest information at the top. If you have a question or want to discuss this issue in depth, we have been discussing this issue in our chat system. Information is updated throughout the day with a large update every morning US time.

Health care worker in Connecticut tests positive. Person lives in Westchester county NY and was a contact of the person at the center of the outbreak there. Other healthcare workers that had contact with her are now unable to work and are in quarantine at home.
Croatian ambassador infected, EU council meeting canceled
70 people trapped after quarantine hotel collapses in China.
Hawaii case, was on Grand Princess. Government representative erroneously claims the virus can’t be transmitted if someone doesn’t have symptoms, this is incorrect.
Worldwide registered cases: 102471 (80651 mainland China)
Worldwide deaths: 3491 deaths: (2959 Hubei)
Worldwide registered recovered: 57462 (43500 Hubei)

March 7 am
80.7k 79% China
21.8k 21% Other
102.7k total
for “other” (outside China)
21.8k March 7
10.3k March 2
“other” cases doubled in 5 days


Hong Kong urges no non-essential travel outside the territory

London, Singapore Facebook offices closed after worker has virus

US CDC tells older people, those with chronic medical conditions to stay home, avoid crowds.

China new cases only 99 in one day. First time below 100 since outbreak.

2 dead in FL, presumptive virus cases. 3 new cases announced Friday night. One of the deaths had a travel history.

NJ 4 cases including a health care worker who saw 10 patients

Chicago school closed due to virus case.

King County Library System cancels events for rest of March

Seattle City Council cancels all meetings, will hold future meetings remotely.

Tacoma WA has first virus case.

Two residents of other Seattle-area complexes that largely serve elderly people have now also been hospitalized and tested positive, officials said, identifying them as Issaquah Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Ida Culver House Ravenna.

Federal employee union says workers not trained for outbreak, lack protective gear.

Nebraska has 1st case. 36 year old woman, recent travel to the UK. In serious condition in Omaha with respiratory failure and an infection. Will be transferred to the biocontainment unit at U of N hospital in Omaha. Her contacts are being traced by federal and state health authorities.

NIH will start vaccine trial in WA state next week. 40 people will receive the vaccine. This primarily checks for safety rather than the effectiveness of the vaccine.

UAE 15 new cases, 2 existing have recovered

44 cases in NY state, most tied to the Westchester outbreak.

First case Costa Rica

First case Oklahoma, tied to Italy travel

CDC urges older people to stay home as much as possible.

Ventura county CA, 1 person, 1 in quarantine. Tied to the Grand Princess. A total of 6 county residents were recently on the ship.

Health officials in Yolo County, Calif., near Sacramento, announced their first case on Friday. The county said that the patient was believed to have contracted the illness in the community and was hospitalized.

Twenty-one people have tested positive on a cruise ship off the California coast, and everyone aboard will now be tested, Vice President Mike Pence said.

US corporations establish their own virus task force after White House unable to deal with growing crisis.

Heathrow baggage handlers test positive.

Minnesota 1st case, cruise ship passenger in Ramsey county (Mpls-St. Paul). Authorities are contact tracing.

SXSW canceled 

What is quarantine or isolation like? Vox interviews people around the world.

More Bay Area companies institute work from home

Stanford University has their own virus test

Seattle area humane society is closing locations to the public and moving most animals into family foster care to free up space. There appears to be an assumption the outbreak will cause an influx of animals?

Bellevue College, Seattle goes to online learning only for rest of quarter.

2 evacuee recovered virus patients and one evacuee in quarantine leave federal custody in Texas.

Columbia has 1st case, a woman with travel history from Italy

Brazil 5 new cases, total of 15

Nile river cruise may have sent infected passengers to their homes all over the world. Some former passengers are hospitalized or tested positive upon returning home. 12 of the crew are now infected.

Family fear Briton who died of coronavirus was kept on ward too long.  Staff and patients at Milton Keynes university hospital in isolation after man’s death. The man recently returned from a Caribbean cruise raising concerns there could be another case of transmission on a cruise ship. Staff at this hospital were told to quarantine themselves at home as was staff at Guy’s hospital in London after a research student tested positive.

1st coronavirus case in Indiana confirmed by health officials, state declares emergency. Indiana State Health Commissioner Kristina Box said the case involved an individual who traveled to Boston and interacted with people who had been exposed to coronavirus. The individual tested positive for the virus.

2 new test positive after cruise on Grand Princess. 1 additional new case in Contra Costa county had contact with an infected friend with a travel history.

San Francisco establishes virus alert text system

South Korea confirmed an additional 518 cases Friday

Egyptian officials said Friday that 12 people aboard a Nile River cruise ship tested positive for the virus.

124 dead in Iran, NYC has 33 positive cases

This Japanese company thinks they will have a 1 hour virus test kit available in a month.

US has 250 known cases NYC says lack of testing kits is impeding ability to fight oubreak.

Additional death in Seattle. 29 virus patients at the Evergreen Health Hospital. 15 patients at the nursing home in Seattle were taken to the hospital in the last 24 hours. The nursing home said families can take their family members home if they want.

UW cancels all in person classes, online classes still going. There is a presumptive positive case among the faculty.

Seattle comic con postponed at the last minute.

Mapping of virus cases in Japan

Two return from Italy, go to Tool concert in New Zealand, yes they were contagious.

Starbucks stops accepting reusable cups over virus concerns

Russia on Friday also announced it detected six new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, doubling its total since the outbreak started. All of them had visited Italy in the past two weeks.

60 staff at an Irish hospital sent home to quarantine after a patient who had been there for a week tested positive. The case is considered local transmission.

14 members of a US church quarantined in Bethlehem after outbreak at hotel

PA has 2 presumptive cases, in good condition at home, both have a travel history.

Hubei province reports no new cases outside of the city of Wuhan.

45 people on the Grand Princess have symptoms, tests are pending.

Trump calls off PR visit to the CDC after a suspected case is under investigation at the agency.

LA county has 4 more cases, all have travel history to Italy, total of 11 cases in LA

Lockheed Martin employee in Sunnyvale, CA tests positive. Senior center in San Bruno closed after 3 people who took a recent cruise on the Grand Princess visited the center.

Sacramento county declares emergency

Two Microsoft employees in the Puget Sound region – one at Microsoft and another at its subsidiary, LinkedIn – have tested positive for coronavirus, according to NBC News.

Washington state has 72 confirmed cases

14 people in Washington state are known to have died. One paper says all new deaths are at Evergreen Health (Hospital) in Kirkland. Local TV says they were at multiple local hospitals. Feds are sending a response team to Seattle.

NHK TV in Japan documents that indoor crowded gatherings have been a significant cause of community outbreaks there. These included trade shows, group religious services, entertainment venues etc.

Confusion as small Chinese city in coronavirus zone eases lockdown
Chibi in Hubei says it is removing internal checkpoints but residents say it is still a struggle to get around
No new infections reported in the province, with the exception of in Wuhan, where the epidemic began
*It is worth noting that the outbreak began in December, peaked in early February and most of the cities in Hubei are still on restrictions.

Worldwide registered cases: 100,347 (80556 mainland China)

Worldwide deaths: 3408 (2931 Hubei)

Worldwide recovered: 55694 (41988 Hubei)

China may have a vaccine ready for clinical research by April. It would still take a long period of time to assure the vaccine concept works and put it into production.

Children under 10 are just as at risk to get the virus as adults according to a scientific analysis of outbreak data in China.

Reselling face masks in Japan now comes with a 5 year prison sentence as the government seizes supply chain to supply health care workers and responders. Last night eBay in the US sent out an email to sellers informing them that hand sanitizer, all kinds of face masks and sanitizing wipes have all been banned from sale. Conversations with some small distributors in China’s port cities showed that most are able to process orders and export them out of the country.


China’s Xi cancels state visit to Japan amid outbreak


AT&T Store employee in San Diego has virus, recent travel to Italy.

A vice premier minister visited Wuhan, he didn’t get a warm reception. As the central government has crowed about a reduction in new cases, the people at the center of the outbreak who have most borne the brunt of the government’s initial cover-up, literally shouted from their windows: “Fake! Everything is fake!”

This is not a drill,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization. “This is not a time for excuses. This is a time for pulling out all the stops.”

Coronavirus: Canada’s first case of community infection announced in British Columbia The BC woman had no recent travel history and no known contact with another patient The first known case of infection in Canada involving a US visitor, a woman who travelled to BC from Seattle, was also announced

More than 2,700 New Yorkers are in home isolation

South Korea confirms 518 new cases, bringing total to 6,284

3rd case in Boston

3 virus cases in Maryland near DC. All have travel history and are quarantined at home.

WA state will cover the cost of virus test for uninsured people.

Interview with a Diamond Princess evacuee recovering from the virus in the biocontainment unit in Omaha

Silicon Valley’s top investment firm told clients to “prepare for the worst”

Sunnyvale CA 72 year old man dies, had contact with 2 probably virus cases from the Grand Princess. Sonoma county has a second former ship passenger in the hospital with the virus. Sonoma county health department notes that the 14 day window of risk for the former Grand Princess cruise attendees ends Friday. After that they expect that group of people to no longer be at risk of contracting the virus. The current group on the ship are not included in this time frame. Numerous schools and public facilities around the bay area have closed either as a caution or due to a known case being tied to the facility. This includes a pre-school with a teacher that tested positive. Santa Clara county announced 6 new cases today. Santa Clara county told the public to cancel all large events.

A worker at CenturyLink Field who tested positive for coronavirus worked at the Seattle Dragons game on Feb. 22. Health officials said “risk to the public is low.”

Most recent death announced this morning in Seattle was resident of the nursing home at the center of the outbreak. Yesterday press reports cited a resident being rushed out of the facility to an ambulance in the early hours of the morning.

Colorado reports first case  – recent travel from Italy involved

DHS denies 241 people entry at US ports, airports

Helicopter delivers virus test kits to Grand Princess off San Francisco. (photo CNN)

US increases border screenings for potential virus positive cases

Palestinian leader declares state of emergency after several cases of coronavirus are detected in Bethlehem. Schools will be closed for a month.

Lyft tells corporate office staff to work from home for a week after staff member has contact with infected person.
Washington state requests medical grade masks and respirators from national emergency stockpile as hospitals run out.
UK has 115 cases, 1 fatality. US has 210 confirmed cases.
Washington state orders no deductibles, co-pays for coronavirus visits and testing on some health plans
Washington state 70 confirmed cases, 11 deaths
2nd case New Jersey. Man in his 30’s in stable condition.
First case in Las Vegas. A man in his 50’s was found to have the virus. He had a travel history of recently being in Washington state and Texas.
First cases in San Francisco (others were in Bay Area suburbs). One patient is a man in his 90s with preexisting health conditions; he is hospitalized in serious condition. The other is a woman in her 40s; she is also hospitalized, but in fair condition. Both are considered local transmission.
Various public events around Chicago have been canceled
People currently on the Grand Princess and those who were on the previous cruise describe a lack of information and lax procedures. Many who returned home that were interviewed are now experiencing symptoms.
Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix withdraw from SXSW over coronavirus concerns
Placer county, including the Sacramento suburbs of Roseville and Rocklin are under a local state of emergency. 10 health care workers at Kaiser Permanente in Roseville and 5 members of the Rocklin fire department are under quarantine after exposure to the 2nd Placer county resident, who died earlier this week.
The Grand Princess offshore of San Francisco only has 100 people on the ship isolated to their rooms. Everyone else on board has no restrictions.
How to put on, use, reuse and when to throw away a disposable face mask
Spring cherry blossom viewing events canceled in Tokyo
Seattle authorities suggest anyone with close contact to a high risk group person take the same extra precautions suggested for that high risk person.
Stocks and other trading markets around the world fell again on Thursday
There appears to be domestic regional spread in Germany

The number of confirmed cases in New York jumped to 13

Seattle nursing home at the center of the outbreak will be the subject of a federal investigation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
With the first confirmed case in Tennessee, the virus is now in 18 U.S. states.
Officials are recommending that residents of Seattle and surrounding communities who are 60 or older or have underlying health conditions remain in their homes and that community groups cancel events that would bring together more than 10 people and could possibly further spread the coronavirus.”
Facebook contractor in Seattle has the virus. Facebook and Amazon are telling all Seattle employees to work from home.
The Northshore School District in Seattle has closed all schools for 2 weeks after multiple exposures and virus cases.

Microsoft asks all Seattle and Silicon Valley staff to work from homeAustralia appears to have a virus outbreak at a nursing home. One elderly patient died of the virus, another is confirmed to have it as is a health care worker.Day care children in Sydney Australia being tested for virus after class visited a nursing home. A patient at the home later died and was found to have had the virus.

139 new cases in China, with 31 deaths – all in Hubei province
Second death reported in Australia – a 95-year-old woman

Worldwide registered cases: 95,131
Worldwide deaths: 3,284
Worldwide recovered: 53,276



A total of 9 people now infected as part of NYC cluster. This includes the friend of case #2 in NYC, friend’s wife and 3 of their children.

Some released patients in China relapse after returning home. Patients will now be given an antibody test in addition to needing a negative virus test to be released.

Coronavirus: pet dog belonging to Covid-19 patient infected, Hong Kong health authorities confirm

  • Pomeranian has low-level infection and experts unanimously conclude human-to-animal transmission
  • But experts also cite previous experience with Sars suggesting cats and dogs will not fall ill or transmit virus to people

New case in Texas and New Jersey. The NJ case is pending test confirmation.

Nursing home in WA state at center of outbreak doesn’t have testing kits and some residents have not been tested yet.

33 new cases in Japan

Malaysia confirms 14 additional cases of novel coronavirus

44 new cases in Germany, these appear to be across many regions

South Korea confirms 3 new deaths and 438 additional cases of novel coronavirus

158 recorded US virus cases

Glencoe IL public works employee in quarantine after being in contact with infected person.

Seattle has purchased an Econolodge motel to house quarantine patients. The neighbors are not happy. The article explains why this hotel design is preferred to house people under quarantine.

The Stanford theater in Palo Alto, CA has closed due to the outbreak. They are not currently subject to any restriction due to an infected person but appear to not want to become one.

3 more people in Santa Clara Cnty in CA test positive for the virus. One is hospitalized, the other two quarantined at home.

Twenty-one people on the cruise ship Grand Princess, bound for San Francisco from Hawaii, have reported possible coronavirus symptoms. The ship is being held offshore of San Francisco. “Governor Newsom said that about 2,500 people, more than half of them Californians, had been aboard that ship during a recent voyage from San Francisco to Mexico.” The current cruise stopped off in Hawaii before heading back to California. Virus test kits have been sent to the ship to test anyone with symptoms.

AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, said Wednesday that a group from New York that attended its 18,000-person policy conference in Washington, D.C., this week were potentially in contact with an individual who contacted coronavirus before the conference. Dozens of Congress members attended the conference, as well as Vice President Mike Pence.”

Another Princess cruise appears to have been the cause of another virus outbreak. The Grand Princess that cruises out of San Francisco, Mexico and Hawaii appears to have been where a number of infected people originated. Two cases in northern California are tied to time on the ship. Authorities are trying to locate anyone who was on the February cruise. The ship was currently between Mexico and Hawaii. Those on the ship have been quarantined to their cabins and told to order room service. The ship is being brought back to San Francisco but what happens once they arrive has not be described.

The New Hampshire quarantine patient who fled quarantine attended an event at Dartmouth Business School in Vermont. This patient is employed by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and a number of people are under monitoring after coming into contact with him as a patient at the center. This patient has already infected another person. It is not clear if it was through the event at the school. Everyone who attended the Dartmouth event is now under 14 day “self quarantine”

Trump Admin says they may not pay for some virus treatments and care for medicare and medicaid patients. Pence announced that medicare, medicaid and private insurance would cover the test but it would still be subject to any cost sharing such as copays, deductibles and coinsurance. For many people that means the test isn’t covered (or not fully covered) if they haven’t satisfied their deductible for the year. It could also be subject to whatever other cost sharing scheme their insurance currently uses.

A medical professional who had been screening people for the virus at Los Angeles International Airport has come down with the virus. They are being supervised at home with mild symptoms.

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in California, which has at least 54 coronavirus cases, the most of any state.

1000 people in NYC told to self quarantine at home. This is tied to the community outbreak that included a lawyer and his family. People who attended the same synagogue as the family including a funeral and bat mitzvah in February are among those the health department is trying to contact.

Wuhan seafood market to be demolished.

SD has the ability to run virus tests in state.

Feb 13th death in Spain now tied to virus. Virus was circulating in Spain far earlier than authorities assumed as has been the case in other places. Spain now has 193 recorded cases.

Santa Clara County tells anyone over 50 or with medical conditions to avoid large gatherings.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced five more positive tests in New York State, raising the number of cases in the state to 11.

Hazen High School near Seattle closed after student tests positive

The outbreak in Italy surpassed 3,000 infections and 100 deaths

How to stop touching your face.

Seattle prepares to declare emergency over outbreak

There are now at least 149 known coronavirus cases across 13 states, including 39 in Washington state and at least 33 in California.

1 death in CA, Placer County. Person was an elderly member of a cruise to Mexico.
1 new death in WA in Seattle. No details were available.
A total of 6 new cases in Los Angeles, the city has declared an emergency

Veterans Administration confirms 1 case being treated at Palo Alto, CA facility. The VA has 1000 kits that can run hundreds of tests.

WA election officials urge voters to not lick the envelope seal on their mail in ballots for the upcoming primary.

These schools in WA announced today that they had a positive case or someone exposed who had been on campus causing shut downs, South Puget Sound Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, the latter has 22 nursing students in quarantine after exposure at the nursing home at the center of the outbreak.

CDC urges communities to do more to stop virus spread including “social distancing” measures. Those include reducing or avoiding anywhere people are crowded or congregate such as concerts, religious services and close access at work.

Diamond Princess cruise ship 43
Unknown 23
Travel in China 15
Nursing facility in Kirkland, Wash. 15
Personal contact in U.S. 14
Travel in Italy 8
Hospital in Vacaville, Calif. 3
Travel in Egypt 2
Cruise from San Francisco to Mexico 2
Travel overseas 2
Travel in South Korea 1
Travel in Iran 1


Hazen High School in a suburb of Seattle is closed after a student tests positive. Public health is trying to determine what to do about the student body.

Washington state has 27 cases. An 85 year old resident of the nursing home was moved to another smaller residential home before they knew she had the virus. Senior living centers and nursing homes in the region are restricting entry, screening health care workers, ending classes and outing and telling residents to not leave their facility. A resident at the nursing home at the center of the outbreak was rushed to the hospital this morning. It isn’t currently known if this was tied to the virus outbreak.

Santa Clara County advises seniors to avoid large gatherings as 2 new coronavirus cases confirmed

2 virus cases in California, one from Sonoma County and a new case from Placer County were both on a Princess cruise from San Francisco to Mexico in February. The new case in Placer County is in critical condition. Placer County is the northern suburbs of Sacramento and some of the more rural areas going north and east from the city.

UAE closes schools

Researchers find there are 2 strains of the virus, 70% are a more virulent one, 30% a less virulent one.
Virulence is a pathogen’s or microbe’s ability to infect or damage a host. In the context of gene for gene systems, often in plants, virulence refers to a pathogen’s ability to infect a resistant host. Wikipedia

Virus spreads to “almost all” Iranian provinces

U.S. Strategic National Stockpile set to purchase up to 500 million respirators and face masks

Saudi Arabia suspends all pilgrimage trips to holy sites including citizens.

Russia denies they are under reporting cases in the country

UK may expand sick leave pay system to encourage people to stay home if they may have been exposed or feel sick.

Iran and Italy have recorded 92 and 79 deaths respectively. India reported a sharp rise in cases Wednesday after Italian tourists tested positive.

WHO estimates the death rate from the virus is about 3.4%, making it much higher than previously estimated and higher than many other viral outbreaks.

Cases in China continue to drop, most restrictions on work or going places are still in place.

Iraq reports probable virus death

3 people infected at an Osaka night club. One traveled to Sapporo before falling ill. 2 more cases are contact cases with someone that attended the night club. The crowded conditions and limited ventilation is blamed for encouraging the spread.

UK has 85 positive cases but has tested and declared 16, 659 people negative.

Worker at EU government offices in Brussels tests positive, may have exposed other workers. EU parliament closes to the public.

Italy closes all schools and universities.

New York City now has 6 cases. Case #2 took the train to their law firm near Grand Central Station. Other new cases today include family members of case #2 and their neighbor. Case #2 is in critical condition. The son of case #2 attended Yeshiva University and is symptomatic. The school has canceled classes.

3 cases in Los Angeles. 2 are travel related, 1 not described.

City of Berkeley may declare emergency to tap more resources to fight possible outbreak.


NH virus patient broke home isolation to attend a party. Person is a health care worker.

Veterans hospitals in the US step up screening for potential virus among patients and visitors.

Companies test work or study from home. Asia may make this more of a common thing after the pandemic.

Malaysia has 36 cases

23 lawmakers from Iran’s parliament have tested positive for coronavirus. That means around 8% are infected. Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani announced last Friday that parliament sessions would be suspended until further notice.

First death in Spain detected from post-mortem test. Person died Feb 13th

There are now more than 120 coronavirus cases in the US and nine deaths, with infections reported in 13 states.

South Korea hits 5328 new cases and 1 new death, most are in or near Daegu

New Zealand has 2nd case, a traveler from Italy in her 30’s

Two 20 year olds in Seattle hospitalized with the virus. Amazon has an infected employee at one of their Seattle offices. The nursing home appears more and more to be central to the outbreak in some way. The second death reported today as an 80 year old woman who died at home had been staying at the nursing home.

Iran to free 54,000 prisoners to combat virus spread

Berkeley, CA sees first case. Person had an international travel history and isolated themselves at home upon their return to the US

Democrats try to get vaccine affordability and govt funding to cover vaccine costs in emergency funding bill. Republicans object.

An evangelical church in Brazil claimed they could immunize people against the virus with “god”. They are now under investigation by the police.

NYC increases cleaning and disinfection of subways and trains

Two of the deaths reported today are now identified as deaths last week that were only realized now as being from the virus.

Jockey club in Hong Kong closed down, staff being tested for virus after 2nd customer tests positive for virus. This person is the brother of the patient who went shopping all over Hong Kong potentially infecting people along the way

Japanese government cancels 2011 disaster memorial service.

India curbs exports of key drugs as raw ingredients from China dry up

3rd case in Tampa, family member of existing case

Quarantined Diamond Princess evacuee in Omaha moved to the biocontainment unit after health deteriorates.

Suspected case being treated in Chicago hospital and 4 more cases discovered in the city.

Gucci cancels San Francisco fashion show

Argentina has first case

UAE to close universities and schools for 1 month

Elderly bearing the brunt of the outbreak in Italy. Italy has the oldest population behind Japan.

Dow closes down 800 even after fed rate cut

a disinfectant robot sprays sidewalks in Wuhan

North Carolina has first case. Person visited the nursing home in Washington state before traveling home. The person is in quarantine at their home and so far doing well.

Google cancels May developers conference in Mountain View

3 new deaths in WA for a total of 9, 31 total infected. Death #7 took place last week, was a resident of the nursing home and likely infected a number of residents and staff at the facility. His case was diagnosed post-mortem.

12 people are being monitored in Iowa for potential exposure. So far no one in Iowa has tested positive.

Death toll in Italy jumps from 27 to 79 in one day  Among the dead are younger, healthy people, assumed to be less susceptible. Italy is considering new quarantine zones.

VP Pence visits private school to shake hands. School has a student put into quarantine. It appears the student wasn’t at the assembly. No mention if the other students are being monitored.

An overview of WHO’s investigation into the outbreak in China and what worked.

The DHS worker who visited the nursing home has virus symptoms

Seattle nursing home at center of outbreak, allowed a family member to walk into the center and visit a patient without anyone stopping them Sunday night.

Schools around Europe close in areas near outbreaks. 100 health care workers in Spain sent home after being exposed.

127 released from quarantine in San Antonio. 15 remain in quarantine or medical isolation. All from the Diamond Princess evacuation.

France takes control of mask supply chain. Japan did the same

2nd case in NYC. Man in Westchester county with no travel or known exposure raises concerns about community spread.

Dozens of staff at a Kaiser medical facility in Oregon sent home to quarantine for 14 days after being exposed to a virus patient.

Seattle Homeland Security office closed, staff told to quarantine at home for 14 days. Staff member had been exposed during a visit to the Seattle nursing home that is part of the outbreak.

Store shelves in NYC empty

Concerns that people will not get tested or see a doctor out of fear of a huge medical bill. NY state has issued an order requiring health insurance providers waive all patient cost sharing related to testing, doctor or ER visits and hospitalization. It appears to be the only state doing this.

Contra Costa County sent out this rather sober warning to people in the county and how they should prepare.

Labs say FDA’s million test claim is over estimate

Twitter tells all employees to work from home in San Francisco, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong

States add extra precautions to primary voting today

UK explains their pandemic plan

US CDC removes testing stats from website, Congress wants to know why

North Korea is holding 7000 people in quarantine

Outbreak in China causes other patients to be unable to obtain medical care.

Ukraine has first case

China to evacuate citizens from Iran amid growing outbreak there

South Korea reports 3 more deaths

Gibraltar has first case, Thailand imposes quarantine on arrivals from 11 countries

Seattle prepares to deal with potential outbreak among city’s homeless population

Japan discovers steroid asthma inhaler helps some virus patients with symptoms.

South Korea is testing people using a drive – thru model. People are identified, tested for temperature then a throat swab taken without them getting out of their car. This model appears to lower the potential of people who are not already infected becoming infected if they had to sit in a waiting room or enter a clinic.

Australia 4 new cases, India 6 new cases, UK 5 new cases – source

Cases in China could have tripled without lockdowns

Worldwide cases: 92,153
Worldwide deaths: 3,127
Worldwide recovered: 48,002

Iran and Italy have over 2000 cases, South Korea over 5000

Singapore bans entry from Italy, South Korea, Iran

Hokkaido Japan may have 10 times the official number of virus cases. Official confirmed cases are 77.

China sees another day of decreasing infections. Down from 205 to 125 since the day before. China implements reverse quarantines after 7 people traveling from Italy arrive infected. There are concerns for a second wave of infections as China tries to return to work.

3rd Wuhan doctor dies after contracting the virus


Pope tests negative for the virus after canceling public events

New case in Massachusetts, has travel history from Europe

2 cases in Atlanta Georgia. Family members, 1 recently returned from Italy. They are isolated at home with other family members and have not needed hospitalization.

Who was patient #1 in Seattle? His case may give some hints about the outbreak. The man traveled from Wuhan China after visiting relatives. He likely traveled through San Francisco if he didn’t take a connecting flight out of China, ie: Wuhan to Beijing or similar. He arrived in the US January 15th. US screening of incoming travelers from China didn’t start until January 17th and even later at San Francisco’s airport. He had low level symptoms from the time he arrived back in the US until 4 days later when he sought care. He heard about the outbreak on the US news, realized he was sick and was concerned he may have contracted this on his trip. He was put into isolation, tested then treated with remdesivir after he developed a more serious pneumonia. According to the JAMA paper on his treatment, he appeared to have made a full recovery. His ultimate condition or when he was cleared to go home was not mentioned. The genetic markers of his virus sample was genetically similar to case #2 detected on February 23rd. There is just over 5 weeks between his onset of symptoms and the detection of case #2. Any connection between the two is currently not documented. All of these bits of data help understand how things may have spread or what gaps may hold the key to what happened.
JAMA paper on patient #1
Seattle Times article on transmission progression
Seattle Times update on the outbreak
NY Times article documenting the start of screening

FDA claims they will be able to test a million people this week.

Virus cases in western Washington are likely doubling every 6 days

Quarantined Seattle firefighters, some begin experiencing flu like symptoms.

Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton OR identified as the casino closed after employee tests positive. Is being treated at a hospital in Walla Walla, WA

Detailed data of the outbreak in Japan. Copy and paste the link into Google Translate to convert the page to English or other languages.–UpaP-1UsCPxAp40wBm1kyvD5h0n5n0x8

Minneapolis stores see run on supplies. Target stores cancel investor meeting in NYC to hold it online.

San Francisco has their own virus testing ready to do with a 1 hour turn around time. They said to expect more cases, not as the virus is gains speed but as what had been invisible now becomes visible with testing.

US govt. wrestles with airlines over international passenger contact information in case they need to track down incoming people due to virus exposure.

Morocco has first case that traveled from Italy

Amazon’s 2 hour fresh grocery delivery service is experiencing delays and outages as the system is overwhelmed in some major US cities.

WHO declares official pandemic designation, says there is still time to contain/mitigate

Oregon 3rd case. Casino worker who fell ill at a youth basketball game before being rushed to the hospital. Both the casino and the gym are being decontaminated. State officials didn’t appear to put anyone from either contact into isolation or quarantine. This is being treated as a case of local transmission since the patient had no contact or travel history.

Placer County CA has first case
Placer County reported its first case of coronavirus on Monday, saying that one of the health care workers who treated a patient at a Solano County hospital has been diagnosed with the respiratory illness.

The patient had recently returned from a cruise that traveled from San Francisco to Mexico, and was tested positive by the California Department of Public Health.

The patient marks the second in Sonoma County with the virus. The first had been confirmed by the county as being transferred from Travis Air Force Base to an unidentified hospital within the county after being evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

San Mateo County public health officials on Monday morning said a presumptive coronavirus-positive patient, awaiting official CDC testing, is in isolation. The patient has had no known contact with recent travelers, so the source of exposure is unknown, according to a statement from San Mateo County Health.

48 schools in Washington state close over virus concerns. Most were noted as closed for cleaning.
Warner brothers cancels move premier in NYC over virus concerns
Trump plans photo op tour of agencies trying to deal with the outbreak.
Brussels mayor, quarantine orders will be enforced by the police
The 91 cases nationwide include:

Pence wipes runny nose on hand before shaking hands at virus outbreak press conference.

2 more coronavirus cases in Santa Clara, county total now 9 . One case was in an adult male who had household contact with an infected patient in another county. He is at home in isolation. The other is also an adult male who had household contact with another person who tested positive for the pneumonia-like virus in Santa Clara County. He’s also in isolation at home.

Healdsburg School in North Bay closes amid coronavirus concern.  An independent K-8 school in the North Bay closed Monday due to a person associated with the school coming into contact with an infected coronavirus patient.

Seattle Times now says 6 deaths  Two of the new deaths were from the group of 4 new confirmed cases announced today.

Death toll in Washington state jumps to 5 Also 4 new cases for a total of 14 cases, 5 deaths

What could happen in the workplace as outbreaks cause disruptions

Reuters has a long list of canceled international sports events due to the outbreak

Chinese retailers get creative to sell people needed food and supplies without person to person contact.

Public health experts remind people to clean their phones as part of virus prevention.

Theme parks in Florida step up precautions.

More information on the two cases in Florida. The woman infected recently returned from Italy. The man is in the hospital with pneumonia, authorities are unsure how he contracted it. More cases are expected in the area. The state is currently monitoring 184 people.

Some staff and students at a Chicago school staying home after possibly secondary exposure. A 4th case was also documented but is a family member of a known patient.

University of Illinois and Loyola tell students in Italy to return to US.

A skyscraper office building owned by F5 in Seattle is closed for business today for decontamination. A worker for the company was exposed to the virus but is currently testing negative.

Experts explain how the pandemic may play out.

First case in Senegal is French man with recent travel in France

Israelis under quarantine participate in national election via a polling station brought to the quarantine facility.


Map from NY Times

The virus has now hit 67 countries. CDC issues travel warnings for more countries.

Japan urges younger people to be vigilant about not spreading the virus even though they may not get seriously ill themselves. The health ministry urged people to avoid concerts, gyms and buffet restaurants. *younger people seem to over all have fewer serious cases of the virus but they are not immune to the more serious version of the illness.

One of the new cases in India is an Italian national. Health care workers that came in contact with the patient are being monitored. A second new patient had been in Dubai.

Council member close to Iran’s Supreme Leader has died of the virus.

Zhejiang province in China lowers emergency level as no new cases have been detected in 9 days. This province is a key manufacturing and export region. Guangdong, along with at least eight other provinces, had already lowered their public health emergency responses from the highest level of Grade I to Grade II and Grade III.

South Korean cult leader issues apology for spreading virus through the country

Worldwide reported cases: 89,788
Worldwide reported deaths: 3,062
Worldwide reported recovered: 44,903

Case breakdown from (more news below)

A woman who had been released from quarantine on the Diamond Princess tested positive after returning to her home in Hong Kong. A 2nd new case in Hong Kong was a family member of an already positive patient.

Coronavirus: Xi Jinping focuses on long-term battle as more countries report cases

  • Number of new infections in mainland China falls to lowest level since it locked down cities at centre of epidemic in January
  • EU raises risk level to ‘moderate to high’ as death toll in Europe from Covid-19 reaches 38
  • EU states are not instituting any sort of border checks among the borders within the EU
  • New cases in China dropped to the lowest level since an emergency was declared. Most of those cases were still in Wuhan


Wuhan evacuee who came down with the virus, released to go home only to test positive again after being released. People in a hotel in San Antonio may have been exposed to this person before they were put back into isolation at a hospital.

Oregon has a second presumptive case, a household contact for the prior case.

The Rhode Island cases are connected by a school trip to Italy. 38 students from a private academy are isolating and home and being monitored. The school will be closed the rest of the week.

A pandemic expert explains what works and what doesn’t, in public health systems facing a pandemic.

Hong Kong has managed to avoid a massive outbreak by taking some serious precautions while residents take virus control into their own hands. These actions may have staved off an out of control outbreak like the one across the bay in China.

A total of 7 cases in Santa Clara county after 3 new cases announced.
According to the county’s public health department, the fifth instance is a woman with chronic health conditions who has been hospitalized. The sixth and seventh confirmed cases are a husband and wife who had recently traveled to Egypt. The husband also had a history of chronic health conditions and both are now hospitalized.”

US confirmed virus count as of Sunday night is 83

A 2nd person in Rhode Island tested positive after returning from Europe. This case was a travel companion to the first case.

2 health care workers in California that treated the Solano County woman thought to be the first discovered case of local transmission, have both tested positive for the virus. They are quarantined at home.

2nd virus death in Seattle, man in his 70’s with underlying health issues. NY Times identifies him as a patient from the nursing home.

2 new cases in Florida near Tampa area. State declares public health emergency.

First case in NYC. A woman who recently traveled from Iran is doing well and quarantined at home.

The cases in Seattle have been so hard to track as the story moved quickly through the weekend. King 5 in Seattle has this rundown:

King County cases:

  • A man in his 60s is hospitalized at Valley Medical Center in Renton. This man has underlying health conditions. He is in critical but stable condition, according to King County Public Health officials.
  • A man in his 60s is hospitalized at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. This man has underlying health conditions and is in critical condition.
  • A woman in her 50s who was infected after visiting South Korea between Feb. 7-23. She works at a Federal Way United States Postal Office but did not come in contact with the public, according to Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer of Public Health Seattle & King County. The woman’s husband, who did not travel to South Korea but has been in the same house as her, is under quarantine.
  • A woman in her 70s who was a resident of Life Care Center in Kirkland. She is in serious condition at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.
  • A woman in her 40s who is employed by Life Care Center in Kirkland. The CDC is responding to a possible outbreak at the nursing facility. There are over 50 individuals associated with Life Care Center who are showing respiratory symptoms or who have been hospitalized with pneumonia and are being tested for COVID-19, according to Duchin.
  • A woman in her 80s is hospitalized at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland. She had underlying health conditions and is in critical condition.
  • A woman in her 90s is hospitalized at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland. She had underlying health conditions and is in critical condition.
  • A man in his 70s was hospitalized at Evergreen Health in Kirkland. He had underlying health conditions and is in critical condition.

King County deaths

  • A man in his 50s was a patient at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland and was the first in the country to die of coronavirus. He had underlying health conditions, Dunchin said. The man had no history of travel outside of the U.S. or known contact with anyone who had COVID-19. He is also not connected to the possible outbreak at a nursing facility in Kirkland.
  • A man in his 70s was hospitalized at EvergreenHealth. He had underlying health conditions and died on Feb. 29.

There is a total of 13 cases in Washington state

1 new case in Scotland, recently traveled to Italy

1 new case in Chicago, person is in isolation in a Chicago hospital. No word of how they contracted it.

140 people in intensive care in Italy. Most other cases have minimal symptoms. The Italian government has approved $3.8 billion in aid. Turkey bans all flights to-from Italy. Most public venues in the northern region will remain shut. The St. Louis of the French in Piazza Navona church in Rome has closed after a priest tested positive for the virus. The Pope continues to skip group and public duties.

Italy cases rise to 1694, 34 deaths and 83 recovered

2 new cases in Seattle. Both men in their 60’s and both in critical condition. Authorities did not state if this was tied to the nursing home or any other known cases. There is 1 new case in the Dominican Republic from an Italian traveler.

SacBee has a run down of the timeline between Travis AFB receiving evacuees and the community outbreak in northern California.

American Airlines suspends flights to Milan

59 year old man in China has lung transplant after surviving virus but with irreversible lung damage

Cases in Germany double overnight, France has 100, Spain 70

Virus has likely been spreading for 6 weeks in Washington state, estimated 1500 people may be infected.

Louvre in Paris closes with no date to reopen

Nike closes Oregon corporate campus for deep cleaning. No documented case but out of abundance of caution

Rhode Island reports first presumptive case, person traveled from Italy

Thailand reports first virus death

Seattle tech school will be disinfected after nursing students visited nursing home.

Virus outbreak causing shortage of cell phone parts, frustrating repair shops.

Worldwide cases: 87,544
Worldwide deaths: 2,995
Worldwide recovered: 41,960
South Korea: 3736 cases, 20 deaths
Italy: 1128 cases, 29 deaths
Iran: 978 cases, 54 deaths
*includes only registered cases, Source:

China targets travelers at its borders in strategy change to stop coronavirus spread. People leaving or entering China will be checked for symptoms, contact with infected persons or travel from areas with a high number of infections. China prepared to evacuate its citizens from overseas areas with serious outbreaks, foreign ministry says. New South Korean cases exceeded those in China for a third straight day and included a 45-day-old boy.

3M can’t confirm they have a 35 million masks per month contract that VP Pence mentioned in a press conference but they said they have drastically ramped up US production.

Patient from Seattle nursing home taken to hospital Saturday.

A number of police and fire employees in Seattle are under quarantine tied to the nursing home outbreak.

Seattle explains what they are doing to prepare

12 new cases in the UK

The March sumo tournament will take place in japan with no audience.

Virus tracker timeline tool lets you visualize the global spread over time.

UK health minister wants every tool available including locking down cities .

Swiss health minister; no cheek kissing greetings

Most US public schools don’t have a plan to teach online in the case of prolonged closures.

NYC may struggle with an outbreak due to over focus on anti terrorism

2 Abu Dabi hotels on lockdown after virus scare. Some guests allowed to leave after testing negative. 2 Italian cyclists are suspected cases at the hotels


South Korea expects a surge in cases among the people exposed through a cult church.

WHO states that until the intermediate animal host is determined, outbreaks could re-emerge. In the same report they noted that most of the virus cases in China were transmitted in extended close quarters situations like homes and hospitals.

Diamond Princess evacuee dies in hospital in Australia.

If you want to know what has been going on in the White House, related to the crisis response, read this article.

Two Palo Alto, CA students were sent home Friday after it was discovered their parent may have been exposed to the virus. This involved two schools, Palo Alto High School and  JLS Middle School.

Household contact of Santa Clara virus patient from Friday contracts virus and is in the hospital. This makes 2 local cases.

CDC will be in Seattle by Sunday to help.

Washington state health officials: All local cases were contracted in Seattle. Also, trying to find somewhere to allow homeless who become ill to rest and recover safely.

Washington state is rushing a funding bill to help deal with the unfolding crisis.

Evergreen Health in Seattle is asking people to not visit the Kirkland hospital. The hospital has one virus patient in isolation. This appears to be out of concern visitors could infect patients or staff.

US sports leagues discussing with the CDC but for now still plan to run games.

Washington State has declared a state of emergency. A 50 year old man, the single death due to the virus was not tied to the nursing home. The other two confirmed cases ARE tied to the nursing home outbreak. The state of California will have the capability to test 1200 people per day as soon as they receive the expected batch of test kits from the CDC.

A nursing home in Seattle has 50+ patients they think have the virus. Seattle Times has some clarity of the situation that had been confused among all the new cases:

What you need to know:

  • One person in King County has died due to a novel coronavirus infection, Public Health – Seattle & King County officials announced Saturday morning. It is the first death attributed to the virus in the United States.
  • Two people connected to a Kirkland long-term care facility have tested positive, officials said Saturday afternoon. A resident in her 70s is in serious condition, and a health employee in her 40s is stable. The long-term facility in Kirkland has 108 residents and 180 employees, according to the CDC.
  • At the Kirkland facility, 27 residents and 25 employees have symptoms.
  • The virus that began in China has infected more than 85,000 people globally.

Two evacuees from the Diamond Princess who were among those positive for the virus and held at the biocontainment unit in Omaha, NE have been moved from biocontainment to the secure quarantine facility at the same hospital. Their condition improved to the point they no longer required the highest level of precautions.

Russia’s effort to contain the outbreak has turned into xenophobia, harassment and at least one stabbing.

Rural hospitals in the US already suffering shortages of masks, gowns and supplies as larger hospitals gear up for outbreak.

Patient who died in Seattle was “medically high risk“, female, in their 50’s. The woman was a case of local transmission.

US announces new travel restrictions from Iran. South Korea and Italy travelers to US will face more screening.

US FDA to allow labs that create their own virus test to use it after they validate it but before the FDA runs a review process. This is an attempt to rapidly increase testing ability.

5th case in Canary Islands, an Italian citizen on vacation.

Iraq has 5 new cases across two cities.

A virus patient in Washington state has died. State officials did not say which patient this was. NY Times says victim was from Seattle.

WHO releases mortality data by risk factors including mortality rates for these groups:
Over age 80: 21.9%
Death rate in China: 3.8%
Heart disease: 13.2%
Diabetes: 9.2%
Wuhan residents: 5.8%
Other parts of China: 0.7%
Only 2.4% of those infected were under the age of 19
The higher death rate in Wuhan may be due to the overwhelmed medical system. These percentages are based on numbers of known infected.

School closures in Japan may begin to cause a nursing shortage.

China finds recovery to death rate improving with more people in recovery at a ratio of 13.8 to 1.

2 new cases in Pakistan

Airlines cancel or reduce flights between the US and Asia and US and Italy. Certain regions have extended change fee waivers. This article has route details.

South Korea has 800 new cases.

France declares virus clusters in two areas and restricts public gatherings. Clusters in Oise and Haute-Savoie. Total registered cases in France, 73.

US Pentagon says virus outbreak threat to troops around the world. The 1918 flu pandemic hit the military hard.

China sends virus testing kits and aide to Iran.

More than half of patients had no fever during hospital stay. A study of 1099 virus patients found a 1.4% mortality rate, median age 47, 58.1 were male. Incubation period was 2 – 7 days.

Hui, who sits on a Covid-19 government advisory panel reporting directly to the city leader, said even though the patients’ mortality rate was lower than the two to three per cent mortality rate of patients with flu infections, the figure was still significant. “The virus is highly contagious, so a 1.4 per cent mortality rate still means a substantial number of deaths.”

Hong Kong is still trying to determine if a virus patient’s dog actually became infected or not. They are urging people to be mindful of where they walk their dogs and to use some basic hygiene around their pets. The concern is that the dog could pick up the virus from the environment, carry it on their face or paws and transfer it to their owner through physical contact. Taking off your shoes at the door and storing them somewhere dogs can not come in contact with said shoes would be a wise step to prevent anything you may track home with you from being transferred to your dog.

Japan PM urges people to help fight the virus outbreak, insists Olympics will still go on.

Worldwide cases: 85,607
Worldwide deaths: 2,932
Worldwide recovered: 39,335
US cases: 62, no deaths

*these numbers only include people who sought treatment or were otherwise recorded by public health authorities.

Virus’ effect on world economy grows after Trump lashes out

US Department of Homeland Security employee on mandatory 14 day quarantine after returning from China forced by boss to come into work.

Canada reports 2 new positive cases. 1 traveled from Egypt, the other from Iran.


2020 game developers conference canceled due to outbreak.

Japan to pay subsidies to make up for parents lost wages after government closes schools.

South Korea tells everyone to stay home

3 suspected cases in Mexico all confirmed positive. All 3 have a common connection through a recent trip to Italy..

Experts think the new un-sourced virus cases on the west coast may be a sign “that the virus might now be spreading in this country“.

Two new confirmed cases in Washington state. A student at Jackson High School in Everett, Washington. The student’s infection cause is unknown. The second is a woman from King County who recently returned from South Korea.

If you are in the market for a wedding dress, virus outbreaks may make that impossible.

People in the US already being sent huge medical bills for CDC mandated hospital quarantine and virus tests required at border entry.

Japan announces coronavirus testing will cost about $166 per patient, $50 with national health insurance. The government is considering offering a subsidy program to cover the $50 cost for lower income people.

Two students at Sacramento City College were exposed to the first Solano county virus patient. One student returned to campus after their exposure.

Travis AFB quarantined evacuee now transferred to hospital in Folsom CA.

Sacramento County says expect more virus cases in the next few days.

Oregon reports local transmission virus case in Portland. A school employee had been sick for more than a week. They may have exposed staff and students at an undisclosed school. * Update: The school is identified as the Forest Hills Elementary School in Portland. It will be closed until next Wednesday for disinfecting. State health officials are trying to contact everyone the woman has been in contact with.

Minnesota health officials will have the ability to test for the virus in state by next week.

Italian hospitals face overcrowding crisis.

US issues travel advisory for Italy.

Nurses union says 124 health care workers from UC Davis hospital in Sacramento are home on quarantine and that the federal guidelines for virus control at hospitals are inadequate and will cause a health care crisis.

South Korea reports 594 new virus cases on Saturday. This raises the total in South Korea to 2931. 476 of the new cases are in Daegu where the outbreak started.

Experts worry virus could hit bay area homeless camps and spread rapidly.

CDC says their virus testing kit is ready to use at 40 labs in the US.

US cancels ASEAN summit to be held in Vegas in March.

North Korea still claims they have no cases of the virus.

Stores in US experience “stocking up” and panic buying.

Google employee in Zurich Switzerland positive for virus. Major companies restrict employee travel and cancel group/public events.

The WHO says washing your hands is one of the best prevention strategies. This explains how to do it properly. If you are a real overachiever, here is how medical professionals scrub up for a surgery.

Israeli researchers think they have a working COVID-19 Vaccine. They claim it is “weeks away” from being figured out. An existing vaccine they have for use in poultry exhibited great similarity to what should work to inoculate people against COVID-19. Once they have a working prototype they assume they could fast track needed trials and have a confirmed vaccine in 90 days. Then it would need to be put into mass production.

Amazon has banned millions of products for making false coronavirus claims and others for price gouging. Amazon has sold out of many items including some staple foods, over the counter medications and health related items.

2nd case of community spread virus in California. Santa Clara county. Also, 2 Solano county residents who had been evacuated from the Diamond Princess to Travis AFB and have been repeatedly testing positive but not seriously ill, were allowed to leave the AFB to quarantine in their home.

While other countries hit with the virus outbreak have instituted broad policies to help people ride out the distruptions such as putting a hold on utility bills and loans, the Trump administration is focusing solely on helping the stock market.

US Navy orders ships that have made Pacific port calls (30-40 total) to quarantine at sea.

Singapore & China have an antibody test for the virus that tells if someone was infected and didn’t become extremely ill. The US does not have such a test. NPR explains why that is a big deal.

Washington DC area coronavirus cases:
DC: 5 tests, all negative
Virginia: 2 potential cases, 8 negative
Maryland: 3 people with tests pending, 2 negative

The DC Metro has instituted phase 1 of their pandemic plan. This includes enhanced cleaning, supply stockpiling and looking for absenteeism as a sign of sick workers.

The Hill has a breakdown of who is most at risk

Workers in Seoul clean subway gates (AP photo)

Virus cluster at Chinese cybersecurity agency office. 11 test positive, 178 workers quarantined. Office cleaner assumed to be contact cause of spread. The workers that tested positive were all cleaners or catering workers at the site.

200 people at 2 Beijing hospitals are part of an outbreak.

International travel trade show in Berlin canceled.

Italy warns of hospital chaos if outbreak becomes worse. Authorities said 10% of those identified with the virus so far have required ICU care in a hospital. The governor of Lodi is in self imposed quarantine after an aide tested positive. Overnight the region of Lodi had 57 new hospitalizations that are now in serious condition or in the ICU. Italy also moved to approve measures aimed at providing liquidity to small and medium-sized companies in the red zone, freezing utility charges, insurance premiums and loan repayments including mortgages.

Mick Mulvaney, a member of the White House virus response task force tells people to ignore media reports, turn off their TV about the virus outbreak.

CBS cancels Amazing Race TV show production amid outbreak.

Japan govt. asks auction sites to de-list face masks and hand sanitizers after people began selling them at inflated prices.

Infected persons likely entered the US before travel restrictions were put in place. Researchers now assume the virus outbreak began in early November

15% of COVID-19 cases require hospitalization

More than 60% of Chinese office workers are still on telecommuting orders. Schools in China are still closed with no reopen date set. 24 of China’s 31 provinces had told businesses to shut with reopen dates now long since expired.

Hong Kong will quarantine any arrivals from Iran or certain parts of Italy.

Earlier today we reported that the SD state government had declared the state would be practically immune to the current outbreak. Data from the 2009 H1N1 outbreak shows how unsubstantiated that notion is. SD had 2081 infections confirmed by a lab test, 422 hospitalizations, and 23 deaths. These numbers exceeded those of many more populated and geographically connected states.

Shanghai public health lab that raised warning of the coming outbreak and made the virus’s gene sequence public has been shut down by Chinese authorities in what appears to be an act of political retaliation.

Warm weather can help reduce the spread of viruses like influenza. Scientists don’t expect warm weather to kill off COVID-19 transmission.

A vaccine for this strain of coronavirus is at least 2 years away. There will not be a vaccine available any time soon.

CVS warns of hand sanitizer shortages

Dow falls over 1000 points Friday morning

WHO raises virus outbreak level from high to very high.

Death Toll on Diamond Princess reaches 5

State officials in South Dakota declared the state to be “low risk” for a virus outbreak. They cited no rationale or evidence to back up their claim. While more rural parts of the state may be at a lesser risk due to less contact with others, larger cities like Sioux Falls bear the same risk as other cities.

Coronavirus case identified in San Mateo county in CA. Patient taken to “undisclosed location”.

1 person is estimated to spread the virus to 22 other people on average. Death rate is 2%, 8% for elderly.

Public health experts worry virus may be spreading in US undetected. The CDC updated testing criteria to include anyone with unexplained respiratory distress or people with symptoms that had traveled from an outbreak country recently.

United Airlines said on Friday it was cancelling flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Seoul due to health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak.

After being put in charge of the outbreak in the US, Mike Pence leaves the White House to go campaign in Florida.

Swiss ban public gatherings, Geneva car show canceled.

Hundai closes a South Korean factory after a worker tests positive.

Virus wipes out $5 trillion in worldwide stock values to date.

Microsoft cancels gaming conference scheduled for March

Hokkaido Japan put under a state of emergency. People told to stay home. This mention from may indicate why Japan has fumbled their response.
“The country does not have a centre for disease control, putting virus prevention and outbreak control in the hands of bureaucrats from the health ministry, aided by a group of experts.”
The Japanese government closed schools on Thursday but left day care and after school programs open.

Dog tests “weak positive” for the virus in Hong Kong. The owner has the virus. Authorities changed quarantine rules to require domestic pet dogs and cats to be quarantined at a government facility if the owner is required to go into quarantine outside their home or to the hospital. Authorities will further test the dog to determine if the positive test was due to environmental factors or if the dog actually has the virus.

Researchers found that COVID-19 caused lung damage similar to what was found in outbreaks of SARS and MERS.

Azerbaijan and Lithuania have first virus cases.

Italy has 650 cases, 17 deaths.

Mexico reports first 2 cases. Case 1 in Mexico City. That patient had contact with someone who had traveled from Italy. Their family is in quarantine. Case 2 was in Sinaloa state in northern Mexico. They are being tested a second time but considered positive.

2 more from the Diamond Princess die in Japan – per NHK TV (no print confirmation yet)

US stock markets continue to drop on Friday due to virus concerns.

Kenya bans flights from China, puts recent arrivals from China into quarantine at a military base.

Total infections worldwide: 83,734
Total deaths worldwide: 2,868
Total worldwide recovered: 36,439

South Korea updates Friday new infection total to 571, total infections 2,337. China has 313 new infections. The number of new cases outside Hubei dropped to nine, from 24 reported a day earlier. China had 44 deaths on Friday, a drastic drop from daily reports in previous weeks.

Nigerian 1st case is Italian citizen who recently returned from Milan.

Asian stock markets open down.

12 countries see first virus cases in last 48 hours. WHO considers virus outbreak to have pandemic potential.

New Zealand has first virus case, person who traveled from Iran.

2.28.2020 ^

Tokyo Disney to close until March 15 due to virus concerns.

Mask shortage in Sacramento after hospital staff exposed.

NYC says they have their first suspected virus case. A patient with respiratory symptoms who recently traveled to Italy.

Kuwait reports 43 new virus cases, all tied to travel to Iran.

South Korea reports 256 new cases as of their Friday morning report.

Sick patients in Japan are struggling to be tested for COVID-19 even when their doctor orders the test.

Stores in Hawaii are emptied out as panic buying hits. State officials urged people to stock up on necessities in case there is an outbreak. People took this warning seriously and emptied out store shelves of certain basic items like was seen already in various countries in Asia. Hawaii does not currently have any documented infections. They do have a number of people monitoring themselves at home due to travel from China.

Solano County has declared a virus emergency. They have moved from “containment to mitigation”. 100 heath care workers are being monitored after being in contact with the patient. County officials insist the risk in the community is low and the declaration allows them additional resources and authority.

7 members of Iran’s senior government are now infected with the virus.

Nigeria confirms 1st case of virus.

The first known local transmission case in the US is a woman from the Vacaville, CA area. She was symptomatic in her home area then for a week at a local hospital before being transferred to the UC Davis hospital in Sacramento. State officials are contact tracing anyone who may have had contact with the woman. Medical staff who worked with the patient are being tested and monitored for the virus at home. The woman’s family is in isolation under a 14 day quarantine. Her coworkers are being monitored and the state is trying to contact trace anyone who used the business she works at. Reports this evening are that she is in serious condition and on a ventilator.

The UC Davis student’s room mates attend American River College and Cosumnes River College. Neither school is currently on any sort of shutdown. “The students were exposed by working as medical professionals, but it is unknown where exactly the students were exposed.” So the students are not under quarantine solely due to their roommate.

Student at UC Davis tests positive for virus. The student and two room mates who are currently asymptomatic are in isolation. The room mates are currently pending testing.

The Netherlands has 1st virus case. Person traveled from Italy.

US Federal Reserve to take action to avoid economic fallout of virus outbreak.

Japan has developed a working COVID-19 quick test that can be done in 10-30 minutes. It is not currently in production and will need more work before it is available for use.

A federal whistleblower exposed that the federal response to evacuated US citizens that arrived in California for quarantine was utterly botched. The Health & Human Services agency sent federal workers who had no experience in dealing with public health emergencies, no quarantine training, did not wear protective gear when interacting with the quarantined evacuees, then allowed them to take commercial flights back to their homes around the US without any testing. Workers cited in the complaint said they raised concerns about the botched quarantine conditions and again when some federal workers began feeling ill only to be bullied and shut down by senior agency officials. This botched quarantine is considered the likely cause of the new “community origin” coronavirus case in California. The person who fell ill lived near Travis AFB, one of the quarantine locations. This long NY Times article has all of the quite disturbing details.

Venice loses 70% of tourism visitors amid outbreak.

California announces 8400 possible cases of the virus are being monitored.

The outbreak in China and beyond will have a significant impact on the clothing and fashion industry, and product availability for months beyond the outbreak. Drug shortages are also anticipated as raw materials sourced from China dry up.

Cruise ship with 6000 people on board held at a port in Mexico after crew member develops flu symptoms. Entire ship will be tested for coronavirus before anyone will be allowed to disembark. Ship was denied port in Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

South Korea closes schools for extension of the holiday due to outbreak.

A primary school and a medical surgery have been closed after a student’s parent tests positive for coronavirus after returning from Italy.

A high school in Washington state has closed due to a coronavirus concern. A staff member’s relative is being tested for the virus.

All federal health officials and scientists will now have to make any statements or appearances in coordination though VP Pence, effectively gagging the public health apparatus.

WHO warns that any country not taking the virus seriously risks a fatal outbreak.

Vacaville CA hospital staff that treated the first case of local virus transmission are now under quarantine as a precaution.

UK warns schools could close for 2 months if virus hits.

Germany has 19 new cases of the virus

The South Korean city of Daegu at the center of the outbreak there is suffering a shortage of doctors and nurses.

IBM tells employees in virus hit regions to work from home.

Italy now has 650 known virus cases.

Northern Italian city under lockdown looks like a ghost town.

The pope has canceled a meeting with outside priests after falling ill, raising concerns the virus may be spreading in the Vatican. Italy refuses to close borders. The Vatican has closed the catacombs to the public due to the outbreak.

Oman now has a coronavirus case in someone who traveled from Iran.

Trump appoints coronavirus coordinator, day after putting Pence in charge of response.
The White House also added these people to their task force for the virus:

  • Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury
  • Dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General of the United States
  • Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council

The US may kick in a defense production special power to ramp up the production of masks and protective gear.

People are being urged to stock up on food and certain medications. This cites for a few weeks. People in Wuhan have already been on lock down for over a month with no signs that will change soon. If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get “prime pantry” boxes of staple foods with free shipping, larger cities may have their fresh delivery service. People with a Costco membership can have most grocery items delivered same day as part of their membership.

Global supply chains were already disrupted by China’s lockdowns and quarantines. Now a second wave is expected as South Korea and Japan face expanding outbreaks. A combination of lack of supplies from China’s manufacturers over the last 2 months and expected closures due to outbreaks in South Korea and Japan may cause a second wave of product and manufacturing disruptions that could hit just about every sector of commerce. The uncertainty of the outbreaks around the world is causing instability in the world stock markets.

Businesses are scaling back business travel and Facebook has canceled their large annual conference.

Total worldwide infections: 82,456
Total worldwide deaths: 2811
Total worldwide recovered: 32,765
As of 2.27.20 (morning US time) Source

Adding to the confusion and complicating the response, people have been found to be able to recover then get reinfected. If they test positive again they are contagious and could infect other people. People can be asymptomatic where they don’t have a fever or other symptoms but are infectious and can spread the virus to others.

The CDC says they have solved the problem with the quick test kits sent to states to detect the virus. They plan to have them distributed within a week.

The first case of local transmission was found late last night in California. It took days to get the person tested as they didn’t meet certain CDC criteria and CDC has been the only place capable of running a test. The person is being treated at UC David medical center.

There is a world wide shortage of masks. Efforts to rapidly increase production may not be able to meet demand.

A WHO official called Trump’s press conference on the virus outbreak in the US incoherent.

Italy is experiencing one of the larger outbreaks outside China. There are concerns this will hit their economy. The Italian outbreak has spread to the UK, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Denmark. A total of 11 European countries have active cases tied back to Italy.

South Korea currently has over 1700 cases.

Japan has over 907 cases and has closed all public schools starting in March, and urged public gatherings to be canceled. Sports and religious events are being canceled in Japan at government urging. People released from the Diamond Princess cruise ship “quarantine” are finding airlines unwilling to book them flights home from Japan. 15 new cases were found in Hokkaido and one elderly man died. Japan found a patient that tested positive, recovered, tested negative then fell ill later and was found to be reinfected.

Saudi Arabia currently has no active cases but has banned foreigners from traveling to holy sites popular with tourists.

Iran has an ongoing outbreak with a high number of deaths. A second member of the Iranian government has contracted the virus as of early this morning. That has now increased. The Iranian ambassador to the Vatican has died of coronavirus in Tehran. There are concerns that the high number of deaths in Iran indicates a wider spread of infection as the country lacks the health care infrastructure to test people and has run out of masks.

The outbreak started in Wuhan City, Hubei Provence, China possibly as early as November 2019. A seafood market in the city appears to have been the epicenter of the second wave of the outbreak in the city. The current assumption by researchers is that this virus originated in bats, jumped through an unknown intermediate animal host before jumping to humans. The outbreak spread to other cities in China where they are still trying to manage the outbreak through city lockdowns, limiting people’s ability to leave their home etc. It quickly spread to other locations. A cruise ship with various ports of call in Asia landed in Yokohama and become a petri dish of human transmission while they were held in “quarantine” by the Japanese government. Another ship was denied landing by various countries and eventually was allowed to dock in Cambodia where the dictatorship government allowed people on the ship to leave without any real testing. At least one guest on the ship tested positive upon landing at the airport in Malaysia. The rest were let go without restrictions or comprehensive testing. The second largest outbreak is in South Korea. A secretive Christian cult is suspected as being the main cause for the transmission to South Korea. Members from this church left Wuhan after the outbreak began and a member fell ill. After arriving at their church facility in South Korea, the group experienced and outbreak and caused local transmission of the virus. Outbreaks then began in Italy and Iran and have been rapidly spreading to other countries around the world.

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2 thoughts on “ Coronavirus Ongoing Updates

  • February 28, 2020 at 3:26 am

    I believe that as the intensity of UV radiation increases in the Northern Hemisphere due to summer season, we should see a significant reduction in the number of cases of CoVir-19 just like we saw with SARS and MERS and for that matter the Common Cold. These Coronaviri are suseptible to deactivation by UV radiation.

  • March 2, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    The SARS-COV1 pandemic started in late 2002, peaked in April 2003 and by July 2003, the transmission abruptly stopped or slowed down significantly. The SARS-COV1 had a fatality rate of 10%. I expect this new SARS-COV2 pandemic to follow a similar pattern. Coronavirus is extremely weak in the environment when exposed to over 2 mJ/cm2 of Sun’s UV light which occurs in late May through early September. I have my doubts of a vaccine for any Coronavirus since this virus mutates rapidly like the Cold ssRNA Coronaviruses. To date there is no vaccine that I know of for SARS-COV1. Time will tell.


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