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Fauci receives security detail after threats

Some senators pushing mask use

Hobby Lobby quietly ignoring shut down orders in WI and OH. Some of these stores have been shut down by police or health departments soon after reopening

Experimental treatments for covid, incredibly hard to get

Wall Street wants a cut of loans going to small businesses as pandemic support

Pence says US is like Italy now

Pandemic may cause highest unemployment since the great depression

Will the pandemic hike your health insurance premium for next year? This explains what can and what can’t cause premium increases.

Minnesota tells city population that social distancing around lakes and trails will have to be in place through the summer.

Sioux Falls considers stay at home order after cases jump

6 feet may still be too close

1/3 of virus cases in Sacramento connected to churches

Pence urges churches to not hold in person services

US aircraft carrier Roosevelt evacuating crew in Guam

Second infant death from virus in US

National stockpile almost depleted

GA entire state goes shelter in place Friday

Nevada governor issues stay-at-home order

Nearly 300 US Department of Homeland Security employees have tested positive for coronavirus and more than 8,500 are self-quarantining, CBP and TSA also have hundreds of employees self-quarantining and self-monitoring: 640 in CBP and 4,084 in TSA.

Indiana had 14 deaths in 24 hours

MI hospital says it has run out of ICU beds, has 680 virus patients

US death toll 4,669 deaths

PA to issue stay at home order for entire state

Texas pastors want to keep churches open, claim “religious liberty”

NY deaths double in 3 days

If you have symptoms, assume you have the virus, even if you test negative

Pentagon warned the WH about potential for pandemic and shortage of ventilators in 2017

Everything you need to know about making your own face mask, even if you are not crafty.

US manufacturers have been exporting PPE and ventilators in recent weeks

Specific antibodies have been isolated that are particularly capable of preventing the virus. This could lead to a more effective treatment or prevention tactic than plasma antibody treatments.

Researchers think the virus may be transmissible across a wider variety of animals.

China locks down Jia county in Henan province after virus cases discovered

The complicated N95 shortage and why some companies had huge stockpiles.

Another cruise ship headed to FL with sick passengers

Johns Hopkins Covid19 Update April 1:
Total Confirmed 911,308
Total Deaths 45,497
Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Sovereignty
203,608 US
110,574 Italy
102,136 Spain
82,361 China
76,544 Germany
52,870 France
47,593 Iran
29,854 United Kingdom
Germany will have more cases than China today or tomorrow

Care homes in WA state still struggling to get enough testing.

UK may have had over 1 million cases in March based on screening tools

UK not testing exposed medical staff, leaving many at home on quarantine who may be able to work.

UK hospital sent letter to known local people with disabilities or chronic illnesses telling them to sign a do not resuscitate form, that they wouldn’t try to save them if they showed up.

UK has 563 deaths in one day

US Surgeon General thinks the 100,000 projected death toll could be lower if more restrictions were used, or existing ones kept in place.

Japan bans entry from 73 countries

Today’s main headline on CNN: Asia may have been right about coronavirus and face masks, and the rest of the world is coming around

False negatives and the refusal to test many people could be leaving lots of infected people not counted, still spreading the virus.

WH was warned in September that a pandemic was possible, could kill half a million people and trash the economy.

US CDC thinks 25% of virus cases may be asymptomatic, prompting rethink about people wearing masks.

Schwartzenegger frustrated CA defunded pandemic stockpile he built while governor.

State of SD refuses to act, while state’s largest city is unsure they have legal cover to shut down the city.

Doctors in Wuhan explain the learning curve they had in treating patients of the emerging pandemic.

Researchers try to find genetic susceptibility to the virus.

A case in China of a patient that had a long term but minimal infection for 48 days. The patient was finally cured by giving him an antibody treatment.

Why hospitals in Europe are struggling to deal with a pandemic 

US ethanol fuel plants will make ethanol for hand sanitizer

Fidelity closes mutual funds to new investors in response to unstable markets.

Giant Eagle grocery stores in Ohio converting some stores to pick up and delivery only.

An entire Los Angeles care home is assumed to be infected

Riverside county Los Angeles tells residents to wear a cloth face mask in public. 


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