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FL pastor who refused to stop holding large services, finally stops after insurance company cancels church policy

NYC has done little to help the 70,000 people in homeless shelters

Trump admin didn’t order masks or ventilators until mid March

7 big cats at the Bronx Zoo have the virus and are showing symptoms, all are expected to recover.

70% of Chicago virus deaths are African American

Native American tribes have some of the health risk factors cited as high risks with the virus.

US still has no idea how many people are really infected.

Trump suggests denying people ventilators, try unproven malaria drug instead.

Captain of Roosevelt tests positive for virus

US CDC has begun testing people for antibodies in a survey to better understand the pandemic. First in hot spots, then in random selection around the US by summer, thirdly in health care workers.

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital

The Walking Dumb

Cuomo wants widespread testing to help “get back to normal”

US wasted months before preparing for pandemic

Ohio will random test population to understand how widespread the virus is.

Coral Princess ship doctor tells family there are no available ICU beds or ambulances in Miami, refuses to evacuate critically ill virus patient off ship. Both were available. Family had to call 911 to have family member evacuated. He died a few hours later.

Sioux Falls, SD is averaging about 20+ new cases per day in a city of 225,000 people. The Sioux Falls metro has 133 cases currently.

St. Louis pandemic task force says city hospitals will be strained but not overwhelmed, expects peak in next 2 weeks.

Louisiana coronavirus tracking map: 13,010 cases | 477 dead | 1,803 in hospital

Millions of masks arranged by a union for CA hospitals, never showed up

OSHA isn’t establishing workplace protection guidelines, leaving businesses and retailers to guess what works.

The Queen Mary may be used as a virus recovery hospital in Los Angeles

States sent national stockpile supplies that were expired, had dry rot, were otherwise unusable and hundreds of ventilators that don’t work.

How WA failed to detect and stop an outbreak in the early weeks

At home swab tests are out, at home blood tests are likely

WA confirmed an additional 625 cases and 26 deaths from COVID-19 , totaling 7,591 cases and 310 fatalities in Washington on Saturday.

US mortality from virus notably higher in men

Google searches reveal outbreaks before public health discovers them.

US, Italy, Spain now urge mask use

The worldwide death toll is artificially low, this explains why

Stanford’s antibody test is close to federal approval for wider use

People in San Francisco are taping sourdough starter to light poles

Italy looks at phase 2 of living with the virus

Goverments and other states are pirating shipments of protective gear from each other.

Outbreak in migrant worker dorms in Singapore causes highest daily case increase in the city-state.

Economists run the numbers and find social distancing policies actually benefit the economy in the long run. They also explain some ways to safely get some industries back to work later on.

A home antibody test is about 2 months away, barring any complications.

Stanford university starts antibody testing of community to estimate past infection rate

CA is reducing their testing backlog

College, pro football probably not happening in CA this year

NY governor thinks peak is a week away

NYC to pay Rikers inmates $6 an hour and give them PPE to dig mass graves

Hong Kong sees rest of world come around on mask wearing.

Out of work CERN scientists invent a recovery ventilator that can be easily replicated

total cases 1,195,067
total deaths 64,468
total recovered 245,341
885,258 active cases world wide
Source: Johns Hopkins

China says they have 30 new cases, mostly from travel

Louisiana coronavirus tracking map: 12,496 cases | 409 dead | 1,726 in hospital

WA state national guard delivers food to food banks

NJ urgently needs Cobol programmers to fix their unemployment systems to handle new compensation payouts

Alibaba co-founder donates huge shipment of medical supplies to NYC hospitals

including 2000 ventilators

A Brooklyn medical center is down to plastic rain coats and trash bags as PPE runs out

Dubai goes into 2 week lockdown

California Gov. Gavin Newsom provided the following data on coronavirus cases in the state in a press conference Saturday:
12,026 individuals have tested positive for Covid-19 (a 12.4% increase over the previous day)
2,300 people have been hospitalized due to coronavirus in the state
1,008 people with coronavirus are currently in ICUs across the state (that’s a 10.9% increase in ICU beds compared to Friday)

Ohio governor tells people to wear masks in public



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