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Winter is coming: Why America’s window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing

Coronavirus prompts closing of Georgia high school in district with over 1K in quarantine – “We know all parents do not believe the scientific research that indicates masks are beneficial,” said the district chief where over 1,100 students and staff are in quarantine.

Just 6 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe – Most states still need to reduce coronavirus cases and build up their testing capacity.

Coronavirus updates: UCSF researchers unveil nasal spray that protects against COVID

GA school district case count up to 925

COVID-19 cases among children see 90 percent increase over 4 weeks, report says

Boston refused to close schools during the 1918 flu. Then children began to die.

Three people affiliated with one Florida school die from coronavirus

Big 12 Conference vows to continue with fall football season despite other Power 5 cancellations – President Donald Trump has pushed for the college football season to be played this year.

It’s game on in Florida as FSU and DeSantis vow to play football 

College towns fear super-spreader semester as students descend – Local officials are bracing for a virus explosion triggered by young people living in tight quarters who disregard social distancing rules.

Students at Penn State forced to sign COVID-19 liability waiver to participate in fall semester

As 1918 showed, pathogens do not respect school calendars

‘This is no longer a debate’: Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks

Racial Disparity in COVID-19 Deaths: Seeking Economic Roots in Census Data

Study: Vaping Puts Young People at Greater Risk of Covid-19 Infection

U Of M Performs Clinical Trial On Treatment For COVID-19 Patients Experiencing ‘Cytokine Storm’

Virginia cases on the rise

U.S. reports highest number of covid-19 deaths in one day since mid-May

L.A. County health officials ‘cautiously optimistic’ as COVID-19 hospitalizations decline and deaths stabilize

“Governor: New data show California is ‘turning the corner’

California paid a price for mask shortage in dollars and lives, COVID-19 study finds

The Virus Is Killing Young Floridians. Work, Not Partying, Is Often to Blame.

California to end eviction protections as lawmakers mull fix 

Symptom Duration and Risk Factors for Delayed Return to Usual Health Among Outpatients with COVID-19 in a Multistate Health Care Systems Network — United States, March–June 2020

“Management of post-acute covid-19 in primary care

Aerosol and surface contamination of SARS-CoV-2 observed in quarantine and isolation care

Face masks with valves or vents do not prevent spread of coronavirus, CDC says

“Your Ancestors Knew Death in Ways You Never Will

Viable SARS-CoV-2 in the air of a hospital room with COVID-19 patients

Ivermectin is probably not a viable covid treatment, that isn’t stopping some from attempting to use it 

6 percent of English had coronavirus antibodies:

Coronavirus in Europe: Infections surge in France, Germany and Spain

New Zealand restricts Aukland after 4 local transmission cases of covid found

New Zealand investigating if new covid cases were brought in by food freight. A family member of the 4 new cases works at a frozen food warehouse.

Auckland Covid cluster caused by quarantine breach, says deputy PM

New Zealand probing for outbreak source, may extend lockdown

Concerns grow over rising COVID-19 infections in Germany 

German agency does not expect COVID vaccine in autumn, withdraws report

“The giant meatpacking company at the heart of Germany’s new coronavirus hotspot

Britain’s coronavirus death rate is down, but the unanswered question is why

Italy’s pandemic plan ‘old and inadequate’, Covid report finds Outdated guidelines and lack of protocols may have led to thousands of extra deaths

“U.S. farmers leave fields fallow as COVID-19 wrecks crop prospects

Russian coronavirus vaccine may be dangerous, German health minister warns – Jens Spahn says Moscow has not been transparent enough.

Paris declared ‘circulating zone’ for coronavirus as cases mount 

Don’t dance, don’t smoke, don’t drink: Not fiesta time in Spain’s COVID-19 fight 

Milwaukee WI is overflowing with dead bodies, covid is only part of it.

Meet the white, middle-class Pinterest moms who believe Plandemic

Woman sued for spreading conspiracy theory about pandemic, accusing nursing home of stealing DNA though covid testing.

Why Are Some Groceries Still So Hard to Find During Covid?

‘Not getting a flu vaccine is like not wearing a mask:’ What the upcoming flu season could look like

Spandex neck gaiters, bandannas and knit face masks are probably worse than wearing nothing

San Francisco’s hospitality industry: Devastated – $10.7 billion in lost visitor spending expected for 2020 and 2021

Bankruptcies, abatements cost mall landlords hundreds of millions of dollars in Q2

Small Businesses Are Dying by the Thousands — And No One Is Tracking the Carnage

The recession is over for the rich, but the working class is far from recovered

Cable technicians fear getting covid from customers who refuse to wear masks

‘Stay out of Tahoe’: Angry residents plan on fighting back against tourists ‘trashing’ the region

44% of workers at WI food production factory have covid 

17 year old hostess at a Chili’s in Louisiana assaulted by patrons over social distancing rules

Face masks with valves, vents banned from most US airlines – Airlines are requiring face masks, but those with valves and vents can defeat the purpose of stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Owner of 4 large US shopping malls in foreclosure

President Trump claims college football players are in too good shape to die of COVID-19

Adam Dick via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity: “Grim College COVID-19 Rules

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