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Doctors telling what they are doing for Covid patients.

How to use ventilation and filtration to prevent covid indoors

“Increased Internet Search Interest for GI Symptoms May Predict COVID-19 Cases in U.S. Hotspots

US: Early mask wearing would have saved lives approximately 150,000 per the research.

The labs where monsters live. As countries around the world invest in Biosafety Level 4 laboratories to study lethal viruses and prepare against unknown pathogens, some scientists are sounding the alarm about the potential for a catastrophic accident or attack.

Pfizer and BioNTech announce plan to expand Covid-19 vaccine trial

Oxford Vaccine: “COVID-19 vaccine AZD1222 clinical trials resumed in the UK

“Excess Patient Visits for Cough and Pulmonary Disease at a Large US Health System in the Months Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Time-Series Analysis”

A Doctor Went to His Own Employer for a COVID-19 Antibody Test. It Cost $10,984

The pandemic is ruining our sleep. Experts say ‘coronasomnia’ could imperil public health

“The EU countries/Sweden had peak death rates in March/April but have mostly flattened the death curve. The US had high initial death rates in NYC metro (NY, NJ, Conn) then high death rates in big states like CA, TX, FL in June/July. But the US death is still climbing, the EU death rates are still flatish, with Spain starting to drift up again. Some of US growing covid19 infection rates and deaths. Some of the US story is USA exceptionalism-ly bad health system.” Info source

White House says Missouri needs to mandate masks, close bars. Here’s the reality

Dakotas lead US in virus growth as both reject mask rules

Michigan State, 49k students (2019): “Health Department: All MSU students should self-quarantine after major COVID-19 outbreak:

“If you caught COVID-19, you likely ate at a restaurant, CDC report finds

Senegal’s quiet COVID success: Test results in 24 hours, temperature checks at every store, no fights over masks

River cruise ship in Europe on lockdown after COVID-19 outbreak

Despite coronavirus fears, Poland goes all in on reopening schools – Poland has one of Europe’s most liberal approaches to schooling in times of COVID.

Anti-lockdown protests spring in Australia, New Zealand

“COVID-19 complicates California’s record-setting wildfire season

We Tested 42 (and counting) Actually Kind of Stylish Fabric Face Masks

Missed Vaccines, Skipped Colonoscopies: Preventive Care Plummets

Bankruptcy filings are mounting. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Wolf Richter: Unemployment Crisis Going in Wrong Direction: Week 25 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse

More chronic disease, shorter lifespans and greater risk factors for COVID-19 in neighborhoods that were redlined 80 years ago

Investment banks in NYC are starting to force their workforces to return to the offices for the sake of “face time”

The lifts in your high-rise office are a coronavirus nightmare

Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19 – The politically appointed HHS spokesperson and his team demanded and received the right to review CDC’s scientific reports to health professionals.



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