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Covid can survive on skin for 9 hours.

Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody cocktail is effective in treating Covid-19. The company requested emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Flurry of coronavirus reinfections leaves scientists puzzled Though far from common, some patients developed worse symptoms the second time they became infected with Covid-19

The covid19 million club
7,564,279 US
6,835,655 India
5,000,694 Brazil
1,253,603 Russia

Tensions rise as virus cases surge in Wisconsin, Dakotas. 14 hospitals in South Dakota were diverting patients due to capacity issues.

SD: Tribe says that it had to find out-of-state hospitals for its COVID patients

North Dakota reports 24 new COVID-19 deaths, a one-day reporting record

Wisconsin activates field hospital as COVID keeps surging

NYC Orthodox community holds large protest over new coronavirus restrictions

Trump’s physician declines to provide key information on his health. His health team has continued to refuse to provide relevant medical information throughout the week. Trump required medical staff to sign non disclosure agreements, this appears to not be a normal situation for medical staff of a sitting president. A growing question has been when was the last time Trump tested negative. The White House refuses to say, adding to growing concern that Trump was not being tested at all and was depending on others around him being tested instead. He admitted in July that he was not being tested regularly. The White House informed a veterans group that they may have been exposed to covid during a September 27th meeting.

Offices being set up for Trump near medical unit at the White House earlier in the week. He insisted on returning to the oval office a day later. Remaining staff have been required to wear hospital level PPE to interact with the president. By Thursday he was declaring himself recovered, no longer infectious, in perfect health and that he had discovered a cure for covid in the Regeneron antibodies he received. Hours later Regeneron requested emergency use authorization to sell their antibody treatment even as clinical trials that would prove if the drug works or not are far from completed. Trump suggested he wanted to return to political rallies and public appearances even as he is still contagious. Trump’s advisers have continued to pursue a debunked herd immunity strategy, citing a group run by a libertarian free market think tank who is touting the idea.

Marine Corps assistant commandant tests positive for Covid-19
An Admiral in the Coast Guard who attended the Rose Garden event has tested positive
The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Pentagon are in quarantine due to covid exposures
Two WH staff that carry the nuclear football test positive

A total of 34 people connected to the White House have tested positive in the last week.

Washington DC has seen an 81% increase in requests for covid tests since the White House outbreak

Chris Christie remains hospitalized with COVID-19 in New Jersey

Famed former C.D.C. director calls on Redfield to stand up to Trump, saying ‘silence becomes complicity.’ 

New England Journal of Medicine blasts Trump officials’ response to virus, calls for new leaders

‘Rural Surge’ Propels India Toward More Covid-19 Infections Than U.S.

Covid: more than 80% of positive UK cases in study had no core symptoms. This was part of a population survey.

Doctors vs. politicians: Ireland’s coronavirus tensions spill out into the open – Health advisers wanted a return to lockdown but senior government officials didn’t agree.

Paris hospitals are feeling the strain from a new influx of patients.

Canada sees 2,364 new coronavirus cases, setting new daily record

He’s a recruiter for a Covid-19 vaccine trial. Can he overcome communities’ distrust — and his own mother’s?

Regal Theaters will close all movie houses in the US and UK temporarily due to covid

Cruise ships torn apart after coronavirus sell off

NFL COVID-19 outbreak: Can the league really get through the 2020 season? What we know about new positive coronavirus tests

Pentecostal school tied to northern California outbreak

US: Jump in Wage Growth Shows Disparate Impact of Layoffs

As more sectors reopen, L.A. County reports highest single-day count of COVID-19 cases since August

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