Fukushima Daiichi Earthquake Report 2.13.21

A 7.3 earthquake was reported in the late hours of the evening Saturday night in Japan. Throughout the following hours NHK broadcast updates to damage in the region. There were a few instances of power outages, loss of municipal water and some minor damage to buildings. A landslide covered the Joban Expressway near Soma City, north of the region where Fukushima Daiichi sits. To the south in Iwaki City a concrete hotel showed cracked concrete stairs and broken water pipes. There were warnings of aftershocks from this quake. All of NHK’s reporting can be found here.

There were no immediate reports of problems at Fukushima Daiichi, but a few problems have emerged as on site inspections took place. Inspections are ongoing. Webcams from the plant didn’t show any significant changes.

A tank of contaminated water (H3 tank)  at the F tank farm is leaking. 5 locations on the lower flange of the tank were leaking, the report appears to describe them as the size of a pencil. The tank is located within a concrete weir. TEPCO claims all of the leaked water has been contained in the weir. Workers shut off the connecting valves between this tank and others in the tank farm to isolate this tank.

Some water spilled out of the common spent fuel storage pool facility. TEPCO didn’t indicate any damage, the water is assumed to have sloshed out due to ground motion.

Similar puddles were found near the units 5 & 6 spent fuel pools.

A fire alarm went off in the large rest area facility. On site inspections didn’t find a problem.

A fire alarm went off in the seismic isolation building. On site inspections didn’t find a problem.

Systems in place to keep the remaining fuel debris and spent fuel cooled were inspected and still working as were a number of less critical facilities on site. Inspections inside the reactor buildings of units 1-4 to assure no further damage has taken place appear to not be completed yet.

This data was provided for Fukushima Daiichi from the quake:

・ Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
   Horizontal: 235.1 gal (Unit 6)
   Vertical: 116.5 gal (Unit 6)

We expect more reports from TEPCO over the next 24-48 hours and will post an update as new information comes out.


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