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Vaccines In Review Or Approved: 

EU to speed approval of variant-modified coronavirus vaccines: paper

AstraZeneca, Oxford race to update COVID-19 vaccine as study flags weak action against variant

Fauci: Vaccines for Kids as Young as First Graders Could Be Authorized by September

Japan approves Pfizer covid vaccine

Japan lacks enough dead head syringes to get sixth dose out of Pfizer vaccines

AstraZeneca expects COVID-19 vaccine capacity of 200 million a month by April


Where Are Vaccines Already Being Administered:

California to expand vaccine eligibility to millions with pre-existing conditions

“Can you cross state lines to get a COVID vaccine? These are the rules in New England – New England’s unique geographic proximity and a patchwork of distribution plans could lead to ‘vaccine tourism.’

People rush to buy real estate in Brazil town slated to vaccinate entire city.

1 million covid vaccinations sent to US retail pharmacies

Vaccine updates: Dodger Stadium vaccine site temporarily closes due to lack of supply

NFL stadium: “Levi’s Stadium COVID-19 vaccination site opens Tuesday

US: Covid-19 vaccination rates follow the money in states with the biggest wealth gaps, analysis shows

US: Electronic Health Records May Be Delaying COVID-19 Vaccinations


Side Effects & New Vaccine Research:

A lymph node–targeted Amphiphile vaccine induces potent cellular and humoral immunity to SARS-CoV-2

Could a Single Vaccine Work Against All Coronaviruses? Scientists are working on a shot that could protect against Covid-19, its variants, certain seasonal colds — and the next coronavirus pandemic.

4 Oregonians were fully vaccinated against COVID but still tested positive — representing some of the first true ‘breakthrough cases’ in nation

Why you shouldn’t get a covid antibody test after your vaccine

France: Only 1 coronavirus vaccine dose needed for previously infected people – The latest immunological research suggests that people have natural protection after COVID-19 for almost up to six months.

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker

‘COVID arm’ rash seen after Moderna vaccine annoying but harmless, doctors say

“My experience with the Moderna vaccine: What you can expect

Moderna Fact Sheet

Second COVID Shot Packs the Big Punch — First dose also worse for those with previous COVID, but “small price to pay” for protection

Why Your 2nd Dose of COVID Vaccine Is Likely to Feel Worse

Why mucosal immunity may be required to end the pandemic

Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says

J&J CEO says people may need annual Covid vaccine shots for the next several years

“Primary vaccine failure to routine vaccines: Why and what to do?”

OC Man Tests Positive For COVID-19 Weeks After Getting Second Vaccine Dose

“If you’ve had Covid-19, here’s what you should know about vaccines, variants and more

Vaccinated people less likely to transmit coronavirus, Israeli study suggests – Nation’s largest testing lab publishes research showing older group’s viral load fell compared to younger cohort once most Israelis 60+ had received Pfizer-BioNTech shot


New Covid Variants:

B.1.1.7 = aka: UK variant
CAL20.C = aka: California variant
P.1 = aka: Brazil variant
N501Y = aka: South Africa variant
B.1.351 = aka: South Africa variant

It’s not the ‘British variant.’ It’s B.1.1.7

U.K. Virus Variant Is Probably Deadlier, Scientists Say New research finds that the British variant is “likely” to be linked to a higher risk of hospitalization and death, laying bare the danger facing countries that ease restrictions.

UK report on the findings

Emergence of a Novel SARS-CoV-2 Variant in Southern California

CAL20.C “Coronavirus variant first seen in Los Angeles has spread around the world

Recovered Covid patients have been reinfected with new virus strains, WHO says

More contagious South African coronavirus strain found in Santa Clara and Alameda counties – Vaccines work, but not as well, against South African strain, experts say

New South African COVID-19 variant found in Santa Clara County

Covid-19 cases are falling in the U.S. It could be a calm before a variant-driven storm

Immunocompromised covid cases could be the cause of new mutations

Fauci says we risk creating more powerful COVID-19 variants if we delay 2nd shots of the vaccine

Oxford vaccine 10% effective against South Africa strain

AstraZeneca COVID Vax Effective Against U.K. Variant — First clinical efficacy data comparing variant to non-variant cases promising

South Africa halts rollout of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine after shot falters against variant

Why COVID-19 Variants Are Spreading Around the World – The COVID-19 variants may overwhelm countries and underscore how humanity is in a race against viral evolution.

The Coronavirus Is Evolving Before Our Eyes – The virus is mutating as expected. We can still stop it.


New Scientific Studies:

CNN Exclusive: WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019
*multiple variants and thousands of cases discovered from before the Wuhan outbreak.

Explainer: The WHO’s theories about the origins of COVID-19 after Wuhan probe

COVID may have taken ‘convoluted path’ to Wuhan, WHO team leader says

Researchers propose that humidity from masks may lessen severity of COVID-19 – NIH study compares how different face masks affect humidity inside the mask.

COVID Clot Prevention: Hit It Early — Observational study supports guidelines

Predicting COVID-19 Outcomes in Emergency Department Patients

Why the U.S. Is Underestimating COVID Reinfection

Arthritis drug cuts deaths in hospitalized Covid-19 patients, major study shows

Common asthma drug cuts COVID-19 hospitalization risk, recovery time – Oxford study

‘These numbers are incredibly important’: Doctors and lawmakers call on FDA to address racial disparities in pulse oximeters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday granted emergency use authorization to a Covid-19 therapy that combines two monoclonal antibody drugs.

In Physics of Fluids, researchers report using advanced simulation methods to capture the complex flows that occur when the cold airflow from air conditioners interacts with the hot plume from a dining table and the transport of virus-loading particles within such flows. Schematic of the flow and particle transport, highlighting the two transport pathways, within the entire restaurant. Mannequins show where customers were seated. Credit: Han Liu

Advanced simulations reveal how air conditioning spreads COVID-19 aerosols

What If We Never Reach Herd Immunity? – Hitting the threshold might actually be impossible. But vaccines can still help end the pandemic.

Dementia Patients Have Twice the Risk of COVID-19 — African Americans with dementia have even higher risks, especially for hospitalization

Has Israel just found the cure for Covid? – Experimental Covid drug cures 30 out of 30 moderate to severe cases in Phase I clinical trial at Israeli hospital. Second new drug also shows promise.


Outbreaks, Lockdowns & Restrictions:

French hospitals to move into crisis mode from Thursday: newspaper

New Zealand reports three new COVID-19 local cases, first since January

UK r-factor below 1 for first time since July

U.K. residents may not be allowed to travel abroad until all adults are vaccinated.

Melbourne has an 11 case covid outbreak cluster

Victoria, Aus locked down for 5 days due to new covid outbreak

Germany shuts border with Czech Republic, Austria

German nursing home sees outbreak after vaccines – Fourteen residents at a German nursing home have tested positive despite receiving two vaccine doses. Markus Söder has warned against lifting Germany’s lockdown too soon.

Italy to reopen ski resorts

For the first time in 100 days, the US is averaging fewer than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases per day

At least 109 employees at a Colorado ski resort have tested positive for Covid-19

Police in dorms, outdoor exercise ban: UC Berkeley extends dorm lockdown with stricter mandates 

Negative coronavirus test required at U.S.-Canada border starting Feb. 15

The U.S. mulls requiring domestic air travelers to show a negative virus test


Other Covid News:

Can’t Find an N95 Mask? This Company Has 30 Million That It Can’t Sell. Health workers are still being forced to ration protective masks, but small U.S. manufacturers can’t find buyers, and some are in a danger of going under.

40 hospitals across Washington state may have received counterfeit N95 masks, officials say

My wife and I got covid-19. Our doctor prescribed a medication used to treat parasites in livestock.

A California church postpones a conference that was expected to draw thousands.

San Francisco Catholic church closes after three priests test positive for COVID-19

Ohio Begins Adding In 4,000 Overlooked Covid Deaths

Half of 465,000 Deaths From Coronavirus in U.S. Came in a 99-Day Stretch

U.S. still falling short on basic tools to fight the virus – A year into the pandemic, the nation faces new challenges and new variants but could fall into an old replay.

Lancet report faults Trump for ‘avoidable’ coronavirus deaths

Trump’s condition during hospitalization was worse than acknowledged: NYT

We wiped out the flu this year. Could we do it again? – The promise and peril of this year’s missing flu season.

Robert Kennedy Jr. banned from Instagram over false COVID vaccine claims

Target joins other retailers in offering paid time off for COVID-19 vaccine The Minneapolis retailer will offer up to four hours of pay and free transportation for employees who wish to receive the vaccine.

Japan has the most beds per capita in the developed world. So why is its health system crashing?

Vaccines Alone Are Not Enough to Beat COVID – It could take years to immunize everyone, so we need to work on discovering new treatments as well—and fast

UK: New ‘do not resuscitate’ orders imposed on Covid-19 patients with learning difficulties Watchdog speaks out over the ‘shocking discrimination’ that has caused potentially avoidable deaths during the pandemic

An in depth report from one of Los Angeles’s hardest hit hospitals. *warning very graphic images*

CDC issues new school guidelines, they say little about ventilation


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