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Vaccines In Review Or Approved:

The world’s biggest vaccine producer is out of Covid-19 vaccines, as second wave accelerates

The E.U. is unlikely to order new AstraZeneca doses, a minister says, and other news from around the world.

U guidance on J&J jab coming next week, on Oxford/AstraZeneca later – To date, most EU countries have said they plan to use their J&J doses unless told otherwise by the EMA.

Mexico announces clinical trials for its Covid-19 vaccine, ‘Patria’

India approves use of Russia’s Sputnik V Covid–19 vaccine

India will fast-track emergency use authorization for Covid-19 vaccines approved in other countries

Vaccines sell out in Pakistan as private market opens

Japan aims to secure 100 million vaccine doses by the end of June


Where Are Vaccines Already Being Administered:

52% of California adults at least partially vaccinated

Three women in India get rabies shot instead of Covid-19 vaccine as cases surge, overtaking Brazil

Worries grow over GOP reluctance to take vaccines

Hong Kong expands Covid-19 vaccinations to under 30s

Beijing says more than 12 million residents have been vaccinated


Side Effects & New Vaccine Research:

People with rare blood clots after a COVID-19 jab share an uncommon immune response – Some who get AstraZeneca’s or Johnson & Johnson’s shots make antibodies that spark clots

The Johnson & Johnson Pause Shows The System Is Working

UCSF experts answer questions about Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause

Australia blood clot death linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

Study shows vaccines carry much lower risk of blood clots than COVID-19

Why would a Covid vaccine cause rare blood clots? Researchers have found clues

What you need to do before and after you get your COVID-19 vaccine

Next-generation Covid-19 vaccines are supposed to be better. Some experts worry they could be worse

Covid-19 booster shot likely needed within 12 months, Pfizer’s CEO says – People may also need annual shots to protect against the coronavirus, he said, similar to the seasonal flu.

Moderna hopes to have Covid booster shot for its vaccine ready by the fall, CEO says

Moderna Covid vaccine efficacy falls slightly to 90% in US trial

Many millions have been vaccinated against the coronavirus; 396 were later hospitalized with Covid-19

0.13% of fully vaccinated Rhode Islanders tested positive for coronavirus, data shows

CA: ‘This result is not unexpected’: 39 vaccinated Sonoma County residents test positive for COVID

More breakthrough COVID-19 cases reported among vaccinated people in Washington – State officials report 217 fully vaccinated Washingtonians have tested positive for COVID-19 as of April 3. That’s about 0.01% of fully vaccinated people.

J&J Vaxx: “3 NJ family members contract COVID-19 despite getting vaccine shot last month

Edison Man Hospitalized With COVID-19 After J&J Vaccine: – Authorities said there will be some “breakthrough” cases, but people should still trust that the vaccines prevented COVID –19 in millions.

Yes, you can be vaccinated and still get Covid-19. But don’t panic. – We’re only talking about Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough infections because the pandemic is still raging

A Mystery Under Study: How, Why And When COVID Vaccines Aren’t Fully Protective

Herpes zoster following BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 vaccination in patients with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases: a case series

UK combo vaccine trial adds Moderna, Novavax to the mix – Investigators want to examine responses from mixing different vaccine technologies.


New Covid Variants:

B.1.1.7 = aka: UK variant
CAL20.C = aka: California variant
L452R = aka: California & other US states

P.1 = aka: Brazil variant
N501Y = aka: South Africa variant
B.1.351 = aka: South Africa variant

Covid-19 variant first detected in India now in the UK

See Where Coronavirus Variants Are Spreading In NYC – Variants now account for 70 percent of COVID-19 cases in the city, according to a new report with maps showing where they’re found.


New Scientific Studies:

Indoor Air Changes and Potential Implications for SARS-CoV-2 Transmission

Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Empty middle seats on airplanes can reduce risk of Covid-19 exposure by up to 57%, CDC study says

Young Men Not Immune to Getting COVID Twice — Study in U.S. Marines stresses importance of vaccination, author says

Risk of rare blood clotting higher for COVID-19 than for vaccines

The Argument for Wearing Masks Forever – It’s the last thing most of us want to hear, but face coverings are a wildly effective public health tool

Scientists haven’t figured out long Covid. Here are 5 of their best hypotheses. – From disturbing the gut microbiome to lingering in the brain, there are many ways the coronavirus might cause lasting symptoms.

Study bolsters the case that antibody drugs can protect against Covid-19.

Diabetes drug did not help hospitalized Covid-19 patients, AstraZeneca says


Outbreaks, Lockdowns & Restrictions:

Virus cases and hospitalizations rise sharply in Pennsylvania, as dozens of other states see high caseloads.

Small Maine towns take brunt of recent rise in COVID-19 cases

Michigan’s largest health care provider sounds alarm that hospitals have hit critical capacity levels

CDC director: Answer to Michigan COVID-19 surge is “to close things down

COVID Hospitalizations Plunge 51% For Older New Yorkers: Chokshi – The city’s health commissioner shared Wednesday that more than 61 percent of New Yorkers over the age of 65 have gotten their first vaccine

Nearly half of US states reported an increase in Covid-19 cases this week. Here’s what experts say can help stop another surge

“Spring wave of coronavirus crashes across 38 states as hospitalizations increase
With 100 days till the Olympics, Japan grapples with a new wave of infections.
Turkey enters partial lockdown during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan

Brazil’s hospitals running out of sedatives as COVID-19 rages

Brazil is heading toward “unimaginable loss of lives,” researchers warn

Indian hospitals overwhelmed by COVID surge as beds, oxygen fall short

India Confirms More Than 200,000 Coronavirus Cases In A Day

Indian capital to convert banquet halls and hotels into Covid treatment facilities

Indian capital imposes weekend curfew as cases rise

Thousands gather for Hindu festival despite surging Covid-19 cases in India As many as five million religious pilgrims are expected to flock to the Ganges river as coronavirus cases soar in India.

Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to surge in Iran

Coronavirus: quarantine for about 80 residents of Hong Kong building where man suspected of carrying mutated virus strain was staying; city confirms 18 new cases First local case carrying the N501Y mutant strain involves 29-year-old man who worked in Dubai as a construction worker, health officials confirm

5 Colombian cities reimpose lockdowns and quarantines after drastic surge in cases

Germany reports more than 10,000 single-day Covid-19 cases

UK reports highest number of new COVID cases since April 1

England reopens shops and some pubs and restaurants after three months of lockdown.

Protests break out in Montreal after the city’s latest Covid curfew


Other Covid News:

Covid-19 deaths reach 3 million worldwide as cases continue to surge

Tokyo Olympics chief commits to games as infections surge, amid fresh calls to postpone or cancel
Vaccinated travelers should still avoid eating and drinking on planes, experts say Health experts feel fairly safe flying. That changes when eating and drinking are introduced.
Stanford scientists reverse engineer moderna vaccine, post it on github

MN: Albert Lea wine bar owner who resisted COVID restrictions goes on the lam

MN: Owner of Alibi Drinkery denied liquor license for Northfield bar and restaurant

MN: Man arrested after mask dispute, attacks on Hutchinson Menards employee and police officer

16 covid cases tied to MN wrestling holding tournament in Sioux Falls

Will cruise lines with vaccine mandates be blocked from sailing from Florida?

300 hotel rooms planned for Olympic athletes with minor or no COVID symptoms

High-ranking Japanese official does not rule out canceling Olympics during Covid wave

Merkel pushes for more powers to tighten COVID curbs – Chancellor urges parliament to let government impose ’emergency brakes.’

A TikTok-viral solution to prevent COVID vaccine arm soreness actually makes sense, says UCSF expert

COVID-19 to ‘become like flu’ thanks to vaccines, Pfizer CEO says – Albert Bourla also praised the EU’s vaccine rollout as ‘working like a well-oiled machine.’

US: If you get an insurance bill for your Covid-19 vaccine, it’s a mistake – Covid-19 vaccines are supposed to be free. Some people are getting bills anyway.

Fauci’s Threshold for Getting to the Light at the End of the COVID Tunnel — Return to normal will likely only happen past this case threshold, NAIAD director says

Prolonged Brain Dysfunction in COVID-19 Survivors: A Pandemic in its Own Right?

“Hospitals Need to Stockpile More Medical Supplies, Senators Told – — Their current “just in time” inventory system didn’t work well in the pandemic

Sweden has highest new Covid cases per person in Europe Figure of 625 new infections per 1m people is many times larger than Nordic neighbours

West Michigan Republicans test positive for COVID-19 after meeting in Portage

Overwhelmed by the virus, Paraguay considers ditching Taiwan for China — and its vaccines.

7 Reasons Why a Vaccine Passport (Pass, Certificate or Whatever They Want to Call It) Should Give Us Pause for Thought

Op-Ed: Are Vaccine Mandates and Passports Even Legal? — Legal expert Lawrence Gostin has some answers

“The US media is touting Israel’s Covid recovery. But occupied Palestinians are left out – Instead of vaccinating Palestinians, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to send thousands of doses around the world as rewards to countries that moved their embassies to Jerusalem

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