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Vaccines In Review Or Approved:

Thai princess approves Chinese vaccine imports as coronavirus cases, anger mount


Where Are Vaccines Already Being Administered:

US: 70 Percent Covid Vaccination Rate May Be in Reach, New Poll Suggests

117 employees sue Houston Methodist hospital for requiring COVID-19 vaccine – So far, 99% of the hospital’s 26,000 employees have been vaccinated.

Companies can make employees take COVID-19 vaccine, EEOC says

Woman arrested for allegedly driving through vaccination site in protest, nearly hitting workers: ‘No vaccine!’

Anti-vaccine movements shift their target to the vaccinated – Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists are blaming vaccinated people for “shedding” virus in their presence

Canadian soldier faces mutiny charges for trying to block vaccine distribution Ladislas Kenderesi urged soldiers not to distribute vaccine Officer cadet took part in anti-lockdown rally in December

“One week, 100 vaccines, and a wildfire of conspiracy theories. Can a person-to-person campaign get these farmworkers vaccinated?”

How to win $1.5 million in California’s new vaccine lottery

Wisconsin: ground zero of America’s battle against vaccine hesitancy

Mexico’s doctors protest as vaccines denied to frontline health workers

US taking ‘very close look’ at vaccine passports for international travel Homeland security chief Alejandro Mayorkas says ‘any passport that we provide for vaccinations … [must be] accessible to all’

Russians reject Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine despite Vladimir Putin’s pleas


Side Effects & New Vaccine Research:

“The unseen covid-19 risk for unvaccinated people

Chinese drug firm Sinopharm finally publishes Covid-19 vaccine trial data

Coronavirus: Taiwan working on ‘room temperature’ DNA vaccine to combat Covid-19

COVID SCIENCE-Post vaccination infection rare but possibly contagious; study refutes another anti-vax pregnancy claim

German scientists say they can help improve vaccines to prevent blood clots AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson jabs have caused rare blood clots but scientists say they can be redesigned to avoid problem

Less than 0.01% of fully vaccinated experience ‘breakthrough’ infections, CDC says


New Covid Variants:

B.1.1.7 = aka: UK variant
CAL20.C = aka: California variant
L452R = aka: California & other US states

P.1 = aka: Brazil variant
N501Y = aka: South Africa variant
B.1.351 = aka: South Africa variant
B.1.617 = aka: India variant

“Vietnam identifies new, highly transmissible variant of coronavirus


New Scientific Studies:

Why Deadly ‘Black Fungus’ Is Ravaging COVID Patients in India – Standard treatments such as steroids, as well as illnesses such as diabetes, make the fungal infection worse

Assessment of the Frequency and Variety of Persistent Symptoms Among Patients With COVID-19 – A Systematic Review

Study finds majority of severe Covid-19 cases had longterm symptoms, as officials race to vaccinate

“Scientists zero in on long-sought marker of COVID-vaccine efficacy – Data from seven vaccination trials help to identify a blood marker for protection against the disease.”

SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans

Had COVID? You’ll probably make antibodies for a lifetime – People who recover from mild COVID-19 have bone-marrow cells that can churn out antibodies for decades, though viral variants could dampen some of the protection they offer.

FDA Allows New Antibody in Less-Severe COVID-19 — Sotrovimab prevented severe outcomes, promising against variants, agency said


Outbreaks, Lockdowns & Restrictions:

Okinawa breaks record for COVID-19 cases for 2nd day

The worst Covid hot spot in North America now is Manitoba, Canada.

India’s Covid-19 cases surpass 27 million

“Black fungus” cases rise to 10,000 in India, minister says

Top Thai meat producer shuts factory over coronavirus outbreak – Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy is battling a new wave of COVID infections that have spread into prisons, lower socioeconomic status regions and factories.

France will introduce mandatory quarantine for travelers coming from the UK

Australia ABC: “Will Victoria’s coronavirus lockdown be only seven days?”

US ABC: “Melbourne, Australia, set for 4th lockdown as cluster grows – Australia’s second-largest city is set to enter its fourth lockdown at midnight as concern grows over the rapid spread of infections from a coronavirus variant

Coronavirus: Hong Kong confirms zero new cases for first time in 7 months; expert calls recent trend ‘encouraging

South Korea to ease some Covid-19 restrictions for vaccinated people

With Idaho’s governor out of state, the lieutenant governor bans mask mandates.


Other Covid News:

WHO reports 14% drop in global Covid-19 cases

Olympic athletes asked to sign COVID death waiver

“Influencers say they were offered money to discredit the Pfizer vaccine. In France, some suspect Russia is behind it.”

What Do I Do Next?’: Orphaned by Covid, Two Teens Find Their Way The virus took their mother. Now, as the city reopens, a brother and a sister are rebuilding their lives.

Hit by pandemic, struggling shops end ‘protection pay’ to yakuza

A Glut of Chinese Masks Is Driving U.S. Companies Out of Business Remember when N95s were in short supply? American companies stepped in to manufacture them. Now, they can’t compete.

Florida man accused of stealing ventilators intended for Covid-19 patients

“As Covid dissipates in the U.S., cold and flu viruses may return with a vengeance

WHO coronavirus investigators pinpoint overlooked Chinese data for further study, source says

Wuhan lab staff sought hospital care before COVID-19 outbreak disclosed – WSJ

Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is being taken seriously

“Theory That COVID Came From A Chinese Lab Takes On New Life In Wake Of WHO Report

2017 video: “Scientists at Wuhan lab in COVID probe admitted being bitten by bats: reports

U.S. Is Said to Have Unexamined Intelligence to Pore Over on Virus Origins Intelligence officials have told the White House that computer analysis may shed light on the mystery. “One allied nation passed on information that three workers in the Wuhan virological laboratory were hospitalized with serious flulike symptoms in the autumn of 2019. The information about the sickened workers is considered important, but officials cautioned that it did not constitute evidence that they caught the virus at the laboratory — they may have brought it there.”

Joe Biden orders US intelligence to intensify efforts to study Covid’s origins

Task Force Leaders Push for Stronger Probe Into COVID’s Origin — “We need to get to the bottom of this,” says White House advisor Slavitt

Jan 15 2021: “Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Op-Ed: Questioning the ‘Natural’ Origins of COVID — Our future depends on the reliability of doctors willing to tell the truth

Dominic Cummings delivers devastating critique of UK coronavirus ‘failures’ – ‘When the public needed us most, the government failed,’ the former top aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

Cummings lambasts Johnson in damning account of Covid crisis Ousted aide says failure to grasp situation meant ‘tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die

UK PM Johnson considered having COVID injection in early 2020, ex-adviser says

From lying claims to Spider-Man: Dominic Cummings in quotes

Mendocino cafe owner says he’ll add an extra $5 fee for mask-wearing patrons

Amid a Pandemic, a Health Care Algorithm Shows Promise and Peril

Shuttered hospitals, soaring Covid-19 deaths: Rural Black communities lose a lifeline in the century’s worst health crisis

Some child-care workers at Google live up to 50 miles away. The company is calling them back with no transportation plans. – Google announced that its child-care centers would be reopening at the end of May

Cleaning indoor air may prevent COVID-19’s spread. But it’s harder than it looks – Ventilation, filtration and few other tricks help, but no solution works for all

Virus alert apps powered by Apple and Google have had limited success.

“Global Spread of the Highly Pathogenic H5N8 Avian Influenza Virus Is a Serious Public Health Concern

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