Fukushima Unit 3 Floor Drain Leaking Contaminated Reactor Water

TEPCO has completed work to address the leakage of contaminated reactor water into the main building for unit 3. Raised cooling water levels in containment were found to have caused new leaks into the MSIV room outside of containment. A floor drain nearby had been directing this contaminated water into a corner area in the torus room basement. When the floor drain clogged this highly radioactive water leaked further across the first floor of the building.



A hole was drilled into the floor to force the contaminated water to directly flow into the torus room where it can be collected and pumped out along with other contaminated water that flows into the basement. Water that had flowed into other parts of the basement was then pumped out.


The high radiation levels in this water along with notable amounts of alpha radiation and TEPCO’s admission that the alpha radiation is in fine particulate. is indicative of fine fuel particles leaking out along with the water. TEPCO’s efforts to manage this water shows they considered it a serious problem.


Some of the contaminated water flowed down the stairs in the southeast corner of the building.

The hole should help better contain the problem and prevent the contaminated water from finding more direct routes out of the building. TEPCO currently has no plan for blocking the containment leak in the MSIV room, mainly due to the radiation levels in the vicinity.

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One thought on “Fukushima Unit 3 Floor Drain Leaking Contaminated Reactor Water

  • August 17, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    This is very interesting complicated problem which could become routine as the corium continues to come in contact with coolant water in all 3 tractor buildings with damaged reactors which are breeched. This is a typical daily issue that is found in homogeneous reactor types such as the Molten Salt Reactor when they develop system leaks and leak irradiated nuclear fuel and fission products onto building floors and into floor drainage systems.


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