Coronavirus Live Blog 12.28.2021

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Vaccine Related Information:

Tardy COVID-19 vaccine makers under fire for trials in developing nations

Omicron extensively but incompletely escapes Pfizer BNT162b2 neutralization

Low-cost, nonprofit vaccine developed in Texas granted emergency approval in India

COVID vaccine cocktails: A guide to mixing and matching Pfizer, Moderna, J&J booster shots –
On Oct. 21, the CDC OK’d booster doses from competing companies.

AstraZeneca says its booster increases antibodies to fight omicron

Europe debates 4th coronavirus vaccine as German minister backs double booster –
‘Personally, I would expect a fourth vaccination,’ says Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

Japan: COVID-19 shots to be offered to children from March


Scientific Research & Variants:

Health expert: Surge in COVID-19 cases should no longer be ‘major metric’ of pandemic

Omicron variant will create a surge in January or April, CDC predicts –
The omicron variant’s surge could happen in January or April based on recent modeling

Dec 20: “Potential Rapid Increase of Omicron Variant Infections in the United States”

Coronavirus can last in body for nearly 8 months, study finds

Forecasting the Omicron winter: Experts envision various scenarios, from bad to worse

study link (18 page PDF): “COVID-19 Scenario Projections: The Emergence of Omicron in the US”

Between Christmas and New Year’s, doctors expect the US Omicron surge to grow

The omicron variant symptoms you could face based on your COVID vaccine status –
One medical expert shares what’s seen from the omicron surge so far

Healthy, boosted people unlikely to develop severe omicron infections, but jury’s out on older, at-risk populations
The new variant has sent U.S. infections soaring, but a smaller share than with delta are resulting in hospitalization.

COVID-19 variants identified in the UK – Latest updates on SARS-CoV-2 variants detected in the UK.

CDC: Omicron made up 59% of virus cases last week An updated federal model shows the variant’s
rise to dominance is not as steep as initial estimates showed

Omicron infection appears to protect against Covid delta variant and could displace it, South Africa study finds

Indonesia records its first locally transmitted Omicron case

FDA says antigen tests may be less sensitive to omicron

Omicron Variant: Impact on Antigen Diagnostic Tests (As of 12/28/2021)

Real-world data from U.K. suggests omicron is less likely than delta to send people to the hospital

“‘Enormous spread of omicron’ may bring 140M new COVID infections to US in the next two months, model predicts”

Coronavirus: Omicron doubles or triples the risk of infection on flights, says IATA expert

Remdesivir can help keep unvaccinated, high-risk people with covid-19 out of hospitals, study finds

First Omicron Death in U.S. Was Reinfection—A Warning to Those Who’ve Already Had COVID

Omicron causes less severe disease, studies from Scotland, England suggest –
The studies are the first in the UK to show the risk of hospitalization from Omicron versus Delta is lower.

Oh, Deer: Coronavirus Running Buck Wild in Ohio — Risk to humans seems likely though unconfirmed at this point

COVID-19 infections detected in U.S. deer, virus capable of jumping to humans

Remdesivir Cuts COVID Hospitalization Risk for Unvaccinated, But … —
Publication of trial results details benefits, although practical questions remain

Omicron up to 70% less likely to need hospital care

Researchers report loss of antibody potency against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant

Omicron escapes the majority of existing SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies

Over half of COVID-19 cases in California omicron

‘Weeks, not months:’ Scientists develop ambitious pandemic response plan –
Researchers believe that focusing on the drug cocktail strategy would reduce
the burden on healthcare systems and help prevent disease spread.



Outbreaks & Restrictions:

Japan on alert as Omicron spreads in communities

Denmark sees initial signs that dire omicron surge can be avoided

France reports daily record cases as omicron hits Europe hard

France’s daily Covid-19 cases set national record at over 90,000 as deaths rise

UK records 119,789 new Covid cases in one day, its highest total ever Daily number of new
infections is up 139% on Thursday two weeks ago, with NHS on ‘war footing’

Australian states reverse course, reintroduce mask mandates amid omicron surge

South Korea records deadliest day from covid-19

Xi’an, China, is under strict lockdown following 52 new infections

“Holiday Party In Larkspur Leads to 28 COVID Infections, Omicron Suspected”

Spain reports nearly 100,000 new Covid-19 cases in a single day

Covid-19 hospitalizations rise 25% in England in one week

South Africa’s huge omicron wave appears to be subsiding just as quickly as it grew

France tightens Covid-19 restrictions but won’t impose curfews or lockdowns

“France reports record high of 179,807 new coronavirus cases in one day”

Covid: Europe sees record virus case rise

Greece announces further restrictions to curb Omicron spread

U.S. coronavirus cases spike, pushing up hospitalizations.

Los Angeles County’s COVID-19 hospitalizations surpass 900

COVID Omicron News: Surging NYC coronavirus spread brings warnings for children

COVID Omicron News: 1 in 60 people in Manhattan tested positive for COVID-19 last week – COVID-19 Live Updates, News and Information

New York City pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations increase nearly 5-fold over 3 week period, data shows

Hospitalizations of kids at one hospital in Chicago have quadrupled, doctor says

Biden issues proclamation revoking southern Africa travel restrictions

Several US states at or near all-time peak Covid-19 hospitalization levels

US CDC adds Sweden, Malta and Moldova to high risk travel list

‘Things are different now’: Charts show how omicron is unfolding in San Francisco

New York’s COVID positivity rate rises to 19.33%; 77 new deaths reported—77-new-deaths-reported

NY state hospitalizations are in a steep climb

Los Angeles Covid Positivity Rate Soars As California Models Predict Hospitalization Surges Due To Omicron

“DC now one of the biggest COVID hot spots in the US”

Florida COVID update: New cases continue to balloon as 32,869 added to state toll

Study shows when Florida’s latest COVID-19 surge is expected to peak

NEW RECORD: 44,431 NY COVID cases in one day

LA County reports nearly 10,000 new COVID-19 cases in a day

NJ Breaks Its Daily COVID Case Record a 3rd Straight Day as Omicron Surges –
The stunning surge puts in stark relief just how quickly the omicron variant is spreading in the state and the region

Florida breaks another record for COVID-19 cases



All Other Covid News:

“As Omicron Spreads and Cases Soar, the Unvaccinated Remain Defiant”

Unvaccinated Cole Beasley reportedly racked up nearly $100,000 in fines for breaking COVID-19 rules

NFL Medical Officer: Asymptomatic People Not Spreading COVID The NFL’s chief medical officer
says asymptomatic players are not spreading COVID-19 based on his observations during this season.

‘We just do not have enough players’: More bowl games canceled as COVID cases surge

Orange Bowl in Miama FL, 2019 65k attendence: “Orange Bowl area a ‘hot spot’ for COVID-19 as Michigan and Georgia prep for playoff”

NHL postpones 10 additional games due to Covid-19 issues

Rutgers to fill Texas A&M’s spot in Gator Bowl after COVID-19 issues force Aggies to withdraw, per report –
The Aggies were scheduled to take on Wake Forest on Dec. 31 in the game

Cruise passengers on holiday trips deal with outbreaks: ‘We’re sailing on a petri dish’

CDC investigating 86 cruise ships for Covid-19 outbreaks

Mexico will allow cruise ships with Covid-19 positive passengers to disembark

Travel nightmare: Another 2,000 flights canceled Monday

United Airlines cancels more than 100 Christmas Eve flights because of Omicron

More than 3,000 flights canceled worldwide as airlines cite COVID-19 staffing issues

Over 3,500 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day flights are canceled globally as Omicron spreads.

Airlines in U.S. and Australia started mass cancellations Thursday

CDC Releases Emergency Guidance for Healthcare Facilities to Prepare for Potential Omicron Surge

Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages

CDC cuts down covid isolation to 5 days for everyone

Here’s a guide to CDC’s new Covid-19 quarantine and isolation recommendations

“Dr. Fauci: CDC reducing Covid isolation time guidelines will ‘get people back to jobs’

CDC updates isolation and quarantine guidance for healthcare workers

NYC Ballet cancels all remaining performances of “The Nutcracker” due to Covid-19 concerns

Apple makes all NYC stores pickup only as Covid-19 cases rise

Nearly a third of fully vaccinated people have received a booster dose, CDC data shows

Amid Covid surge, New York City subway forced to cut back service

Experts say COVID-19 cases don’t tell whole story

Coronavirus Australia live news: More than half caught in Sydney testing bungle test positive

German court rules disabled people must be protected in Covid triage cases Country’s
highest court calls for legally binding guidelines if hospitals are forced to choose which patients need treatment

10 lessons I’ve learned from the Covid–19 pandemic

Texas runs out of monoclonal antibody treatment effective against omicron

Fox Cancels New Year’s Eve Show Amid Omicron Surge: “Impossible” to Produce Safely –
The network’s “Toast & Roast” has been scrapped as COVID-19 surges in New York City.

N.Y.C. public hospitals limit visits after a Covid outbreak at one site.

Minnesota dials back COVID-19 antibody strategy as omicron rises to 50% of new cases –
Omicron is projected to be involved in more than half of new coronavirus infections in Minnesota,
making two types of monoclonal antibody infusions less effective.

Hundreds of COVID cases reported across central NC nursing homes

“Clyburn tests positive for COVID-19 in breakthrough case”

Dozens of Alaska doctors receive packages, at work and at home, from group promoting unproven COVID-19 treatments

Supreme Court to hear challenges to vaccine mandates in early January

T-Mobile, TikTok, AT&T and more scrap CES 2022 plans due to COVID-19 – The list of
companies canceling their physical presence at the Las Vegas show is growing.

CES 2022 loses Microsoft in Las Vegas over COVID fears

Amazon among key tech firms to drop CES plans on Covid-19 concern

In highly vaccinated New England, hospitals are under unprecedented strain as coronavirus surges

Beneath a Covid Vaccine Debacle, 30 Years of Government Culpability
Washington has rejected plans to revamp vaccine preparedness for decades
and repeatedly paid a price. The Biden administration is at a similar crossroads.

BMJ has a covid risk calculation tool

“Maybe No Omicron Boosters?”

The FDA has authorized Merck’s COVID pill for home use — the second in two days

“FDA authorizes Merck’s Covid-19 pill, but stresses its use should be limited”

“FDA panel narrowly recommends authorization of first antiviral pill to treat Covid-19”

How Long Do I Need to Isolate After My Positive COVID Test? — As Omicron surges, the answer could soon be ‘for fewer days’

Trump pushes back on Candace Owens: ‘People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine’

Why Do NYC’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods Have the Highest Cases of COVID Right Now?

I Got COVID Three Times – Don’t worry, you (probably) won’t become me. But yes, you can get COVID twice, and even more.

U.S. military did not conduct COVID-19 tests for personnel ahead of departure to Japan

How Long Do I Need to Isolate After My Positive COVID Test? — As Omicron surges, the answer could soon be ‘for fewer days’

Fringe factions of MAGA world are imploding after Trump publicly advocated for the COVID-19 jab

How The Koch Network Hijacked The War On COVID As Omicron surges, a shadowy institute filled with fringe
doctors appears to be part of big business’ two-year strategy to legitimize attacks on pandemic interventions.

U.S. pauses allocation of Regeneron, Lilly COVID-19 antibodies

Long Covid patients are ‘terrified’ of omicron – While emerging research suggests the new variant
may be less likely to lead to severe disease, those who have long Covid say they desperately want to avoid reinfection.

South Africa ends quarantines and contact tracing, and authorizes booster shots.

Omicron and children: Pediatric hospitals in parts of U.S. filling fast About 800 kids have been
admitted nearly every day this week, with those in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York hit
particularly hard by the juggernaut variant.

“The Coronavirus Is Part of Our Lives Now. We’ve Finally Accepted That. –
Nearly two years in, and who knows how many years to go, we’re living a little differently.”

“Uncounted: Inaccurate death certificates across the country hide the true toll of COVID-19 – In some counties,
just half of the spike in deaths during the pandemic is attributed to COVID-19. Researchers say that points to a massive undercount.”

Our whole family got breakthrough COVID at Thanksgiving. This is what we learned

New York eases quarantine rules for essential workers as omicron hits key industries

Coronavirus outbreak sidelines ship whose crew is fully immunized, Navy says

Daily Covid-19 case rates have now surpassed Delta’s surge. Hospitalizations so far have yet to match

Coronavirus: Two more members of K-pop sensation BTS test positive

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