; Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 Spent Fuel Removal Progress

TEPCO has been progressing with the preparation work for the eventual removal of the spent fuel from unit 2 at Fukushima Daiichi. New details of the fuel removal process have also been released.

Spent fuel removal is scheduled to begin in 2024 and be completed by 2026. Further decontamination work inside is underway as is work outside the building to remove debris and prepare the ground for the spent fuel removal building. The control room on the refueling floor is slated for removal to make way for the opening between the refueling floor and the new spent fuel removal building to be constructed.

fukushima daiichi unit 2 spent fuel removal timeline


Decontamination work on the refueling floor is underway. Starting in January 2022 shielding materials will be installed on the refueling floor.

fukushima daichi unit 2 refueling floor decontamination 2021


Shielding appears to be slated to go along certain walls and over the reactor well area. The existing spent fuel crane will be moved over the reactor well to make room for the new fuel handling crane.

fukushima daiichi unit 2 shielding refueling floor


Spent fuel removal building progress as of December 2021
fukushima daiichi spent fuel removal building 2021


The floorplan (below) shows a tall shielding system to be installed around the spent fuel pool area, isolating it from the reactor well.  This will act as a shielded access hallway for workers to enter the area. The floorplan also shows the spent fuel removal building where it will be installed adjacent to the spent fuel pool.

fukushima daiichi unit 2 spent fuel removal building


The shielding locations are shown in green in the diagram (below).

fukushima daiichi unit 2 refueling floor shielding

Ground foundation work is underway near unit 2 for the spent fuel removal building. This work is being done with remote equipment due to the radiation levels between units 2 and 3. The levels are still considered too hazardous for human workers a decade after the initial disaster.

fukushima unit 2 spent fuel removal building foundation 2021


A machine-translated version of the TEPCO report in English can be found here.

The original TEPCO report in Japanese can be found here.

All original images credit, TEPCO.



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