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Vaccine Related Information:

Pfizer CEO hopes Covid-19 vaccine will become yearly shot, rather than frequent boosters

WHO Europe director: Omicron offers hope of “stabilization and normalization”

As vaccine shipments finally surge into poorer countries, the world is in danger of trading in one
form of vaccine inequality for another, with disparities in access replaced by disparities in the ability
to distribute them on the ground.

Fourth COVID Vaccine Unlikely for Most People, Israeli Health Minister Says – Israel started
administering a fourth COVID dose to most vulnerable groups as omicron surged

Health Ministry: 4th dose triples protection from serious illness for over-60s –
Ministry says 2nd booster also doubles protection against infection during current
wave; officials mull scrapping Green Pass restrictions

Israel’s Covid advisory group recommends fourth vaccine dose for all adults

Pfizer and BioNTech begin clinical trial for Omicron-specific vaccine

As Pfizer and BioNTech begin clinical trial of Omicron-based vaccine, timeline to authorization is unclear

“Health Ministry experts back 4th COVID vaccine dose for over-18s – Advisory panel recommends second
booster when five months have passed since third shot or recovery; move pending approval by Health Ministry chief”

CORBEVAX, a New Patent-Free COVID-19 Vaccine, Could Be a Pandemic Game Changer Globally

French vaccine success will leave mark on UK

Sputnik V shows higher Omicron-antibody levels than Pfizer in preliminary study




Why Medicare Doesn’t Pay for Rapid At-Home Covid Tests

Throat Swab on Rapid Testing Chokes in Omicron-Era Study —
Alternate methods of testing don’t hold up as well, pre-print finds

False Negatives Still Common With COVID PCR Testing —
Pathologist says one in five people get negative result even if they have COVID

Senior citizens are fuming that Medicare won’t pay for Covid-19 tests at retailers 

UnitedHealthcare partners with Walmart on free at-home COVID tests
Insurer says the cost of federally mandated testing might be offset by lower health care use with pandemic surges.



Scientific Research & Variants:

Cerebrospinal Fluid Offers Clues to Post-COVID ‘Brain Fog’ – Over-Stimulated
Immune System May Be Impetus to Cognitive Symptoms, UCSF-Led Study Shows

this also showed up when I did a search, from Feb 2021: “Researchers Connect
Spinal Fluid Autoantibodies to Neurological Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients”

COVID May Affect Spinal Fluid, Causing ‘Brain Fog,’ Study Says

Memory problems seen months after mild COVID-19 infections, researchers say

Rapid vigilance and episodic memory decrements in COVID-19 survivors

Vaccinated With Prior Infection Most Protected During Delta Wave —
Data showed prior infection alone similarly protective, though CDC notes caveats

Lab study shows omicron-blocking antibodies persist four months after a Pfizer-
BioNTech booster A major question about boosters has been how quickly protection will fade

Post-Vax Myocarditis Most Pervasive in High-School Boys — Reports of myocarditis remained rare in passive surveillance

The kids are not alright: Data suggests 10% of children with COVID-19 become “long-haulers” –
Doctors around the world estimate one in ten children with COVID-19 have long-term side effects

Half of children hospitalized with COVID develop headaches, altered mental state

Study highlights the neurologic manifestations linked with COVID-19 in hospitalized children

“Omicron BA.2 Variant May Be Extra Transmissible — “Only having a transmissibility
advantage at this stage of the game isn’t a total showstopper”

Omicron survives much longer on plastic and skin than earlier COVID variants, new study finds

Differences in environmental stability among SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern: Omicron has higher stability

Omicron infections lead to a smaller share of hospitalizations than Delta, a C.D.C. report finds.

Are Omicron Infections Leading to a False Sense of Security? —
There are many variables when it comes to COVID reinfections

Omicron Covid strain evolved in mice – Chinese study – Researchers’ findings have
backed the theory that “Omicron may have evolved in a non-human animal species”

Origin and evolutionary analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant

Researchers discover that the Omicron variant may have originated in mice

Booster Shots 90% Effective at Preventing Omicron Hospitalizations: CDC Data

COVID in Kids Under 5 May Look Like Croup, Pediatricians Warn —
Barking cough may be specific to Omicron

“Vaccinated With Prior Infection Most Protected During Delta Wave – —
Data showed prior infection alone similarly protective, though CDC notes caveats”

Omicron was probably in N.Y.C. well before the first U.S. case was detected, wastewater data suggest.

A South African study of infected zoo lions spurs worries about the virus spreading in the wild.

‘Stealth Omicron’: Is subvariant BA.2 a more transmissible strain of COVID and should we be worried?”

What We Know About the Omicron BA.2 Subtype As U.K. Labels It Under Investigation

What is ‘stealth Omicron’? The rise of the subvariant is alarming some scientists who say it needs its own Greek letter

“When the Delta variant dominated, vaccination and prior infection protected against Covid-19, but vaccination was safest, study finds”

Prior COVID infection more protective than vaccination during Delta surge -U.S. study

New data show those who recovered from Covid-19 were less likely than vaccinated to get infected during Delta wave



Outbreaks & Restrictions:

Russia reports 4 days of record Covid-19 infections

Six new Covid-19 cases connected to Beijing Olympics

Covid-19 detected in recent Beijing Winter Olympic arrivals

72 Covid-19 cases reported among personnel related to Beijing Olympics

Beijing orders people who purchased fever and cough medicine to get Covid-19 tested

72 Covid-19 cases reported among personnel related to Beijing Olympics

CDC adds 5 more Caribbean island destinations to its highest level of travel risk

Hong Kong reports 93 local Covid-19 cases as cluster in housing estate grows

Japan expands quasi-state of emergency measures

15 new Covid-19 cases reported connected to Beijing Olympics

With omicron fading fast in San Francisco, city suggests policy pivot

L.A. County is seeing more fatalities from omicron variant as COVID death toll rises

Europe considers new COVID-19 strategy: accepting the virus

France to lift COVID-19 restrictions in February – Vaccinated French people
will soon be allowed to go to football stadiums and nightclubs.

Florida COVID: Weekly cases drop for 1st time since November – State reporting
fewer infections week to week, which hasn’t happened since Thanksgiving

Japan faces putting majority of 47 prefectures under COVID-19 quasi-emergency

Japan’s daily COVID cases top 50,000, new record for 5th straight day

Tokyo logs 7,377 COVID-19 cases, a new record high

Twin Cities wastewater data suggests omicron peak may be past

Japan will put Tokyo and 12 prefectures under quasi-state of emergency due to Covid-19 surge

The omicron surge in San Francisco may be peaking

New York and other north-eastern US states see a rapid fall in Covid cases



All Other Covid News:

Minnesota COVID-19 patient at center of ventilator fight dies in Texas

Covid: “The Narrative Is Crumbling”

‘Unvaccinated’ Sarah Palin tests positive for Covid right before New York Times defamation trial begins, judge says 

March 2021: “Sarah Palin Reveals COVID Diagnosis and ‘Bizarre’ Symptoms, Urges Others to Continue Wearing Masks –
“My case is perhaps one of those that proves anyone can catch this,” Palin tells PEOPLE”

US pharmacies, health centers begin rollout of free N95 masks

Nearly 90% of US restaurants saw a drop in business due to Omicron, new survey reveals

7 Virginia school boards sue over Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s order banning mask mandates

LAUSD requiring non-cloth face coverings for students and staff starting today

Rising Covid cases in US nursing homes prompt hospital warnings Omicron wave has led to staff shortages,
meaning hospitals that would normally release patients into care homes are backed up

Aaron Rodgers Rips Joe Biden And ‘Fake White House’ In Anti-Vax Rant –
The Green Bay Packers quarterback also seemed to question the 2020 election.

Exclusive: FL Surgeon General responds to feds on monoclonals, as state closes sites

Covid-19 outbreak on Australian ship complicates Tonga relief effort

UK PM will cooperate with police investigation into parties held in his office during Covid-19 lockdown

New York judge strikes down state mask mandate

It’s too early to tell whether CBD helps against Covid-19 — but researchers worry that won’t stop CBD makers

Partygate latest: Boris Johnson reportedly had indoor birthday party during lockdown –
Downing Street says UK leader was ‘there for less than 10 minutes.’

‘Sudden and reckless’: DeSantis furious after FDA pulls authorization of antibody drugs

Accuracy of Federal Stats on Most-Unvaxxed Hospitals in Question —
Information crucial in light of high court’s decision upholding health worker vaccine mandate

DeSantis opens new battle with Biden over Covid treatments -The U.S. Food
and Drug Administration on Monday cut Florida’s weekly allotment of monoclonal antibody cocktails.

Imports Take “Dramatically Longer” To Reach US As Bottlenecks Bite

An American Airlines flight turns back over the Atlantic because of a passenger mask dispute.

A son’s plea, after the death of a mother who celebrated catching Covid.

NBC won’t send sports announcing teams to 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing due to COVID-19

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who fought vaccine mandates, tests positive for coronavirus

St. Paul students demand switch to distance learning for 2 weeks

17 hospitals had no room for this COVID patient. He later died waiting for dialysis

Indiana bill proposal seeks ivermectin as COVID treatment. Why pharmacists are up in arms

After the Omicron wave, here’s what experts say could come next in 2022

Judge in Texas blocks enforcement of federal employee vaccine mandate nationwide

COVID has been found in New Jersey deer. Scientists have no idea how they got it

Two-thirds of passengers on first flight to Covid-free Kiribati diagnosed with virus
Island nation set to impose lockdown next week after virus escaped from quarantine centre

FDA authorizes antiviral drug remdesivir as an outpatient therapy for people with covid-19

“Video Shows Irate Mom Threatening School Board With Guns Over Mask Mandates”

Tonga turns back aid flight from Australia after positive Covid case discovered Morrison
government promised Tongans Covid-safe humanitarian relief after volcanic eruption and tsunami

Unvaccinated seniors 49 times more likely to be hospitalized than those with boosters –
CDC Figures show benefit of Covid vaccines and boosters to reduce hospital risk as agency says:
‘Get vaccinated as soon as possible’

Number of patients hospitalized ‘with COVID’ vs. ‘for COVID’ is shifting –
But health experts say hospitals are still under strain and the virus remains serious business.

Sports identified as cause of most school COVID-19 outbreaks, analysis shows –
Data from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department reveals most COVID outbreaks in schools are happening outside of classrooms.

The Biden administration suspends 44 flights in tit-for-tat with China over passengers with coronavirus.

Patient, Beware: Some States Still Pushing Ineffective Covid Antibody Treatments

Remdesivir Now Approved for COVID Outpatients, Too — FDA expands
indication of Veklury to bolster supply of treatment during Omicron surge

I’m Over COVID Symptoms, but Still Testing Positive. Am I Infectious? —
Infectiousness may linger beyond the 5-day isolation period recommended by the CDC

After the Omicron wave, here’s what experts say could come next in 2022

For Small Towns With Small Work Forces, Omicron Means Small Margins for Error In large cities
and rural towns, the Omicron variant has workers calling in sick with Covid-19. But in the small towns, it is often hard to find a Plan B.

Biden administration to distribute 400 million free N95 masks to the public

Growth in global Covid-19 cases slows compared with previous week, WHO says

Many Brazilian parents want their kids vaccinated against Covid. Bolsonaro has tried to stop it

When My Mom Got Covid, I Went Searching for Pfizer’s Pills The experience
showed how hard it is for many people to get potentially lifesaving treatments.

I Had Breakthrough Covid. Can I Start Living Like It’s 2019? As Omicron cases skyrocket,
more vaccinated people may get “hybrid” immunity after a breakthrough infection. But experts still encourage precautions.

After Omicron, we could use a break. We may just get it

Boris Johnson says England’s virus rules will ease next week.

Theaters and museums open as salons and gyms for a day in protest over a Dutch lockdown.

How Omicron Upended What We Thought We Knew About Natural Immunity

New data show those who recovered from Covid-19 were less likely
than vaccinated to get infected during Delta wave

Vaccination, Religion, and Science: An Astonishing 300-Year-Old Story —
It’s time for a history lesson in the roots of vaccine advocacy and resistance

“Djokovic has 80% stake in biotech firm developing Covid drug – QuantBioRes
is working on a treatment not a vaccine, but CEO says tennis star is ‘not anti-vax’

Czech folk singer dies after deliberately contracting Covid

‘It’s a war zone’: healthcare workers show signs of stress similar to combat veterans
After nearly two years of caring for Covid patients, many providers are leaving the field amid hospital staffing shortages

More than 1,200 Oakland students pledge to stay home unless schools improve Covid safety

Pop-up companies falsified covid test results, Minnesota AG alleges in new lawsuit

DeSantis administration puts Florida health director on leave for encouraging vaccinations for his staff

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings: ‘It is my fervent hope that Dr. Pino returns to work … soon.’

SD: Unvaccinated are driving COVID-19 numbers, DOH data shows

Starbucks throws out vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling

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