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Vaccine Related Information:

Moderna starts clinical trial of booster shot targeting omicron Covid variant

And then there were 2: FDA gives full approval to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine

Novavax applies to the F.D.A. for authorization of its Covid vaccine.

Pfizer expected to seek EUA for its Covid-19 vaccine for children younger than 5 as soon as today

Novavax applies to the F.D.A. for authorization of its Covid vaccine.

The F.D.A. grants Moderna’s vaccine full approval.

Third dose of mRNA vaccine boosts protection from hospitalization in immunocompromised, study finds

Vaccination and booster shots almost obliterate dangerous Omicron risks, Moderna official says

CDC charts show how much 2 and 3 doses of COVID vaccine protect from hospitalization

Despite CDC directive, many pharmacies refusing to give fourth shots to immune-compromised patients

Universal coronavirus vaccines are in the works but “going to take years to develop,” Fauci says



With ‘Authorized’ Instructions — Potential gains with at-home kits if users know how to interpret negative results

Rutgers Researchers Develop COVID-19 Rapid Test that Can Detect Omicron Variant

US scientists develop cheap smartphone-based test kit for Covid Doing a test with new technique could cost a 10th of a PCR and has been as reliable in small-scale trial

How to properly store your at-home COVID-19 rapid tests – Temperature changes, moisture levels and other factors may affect results.



Scientific Research & Variants:

Omicron’s spread underscores the potential consequences of the global vaccine gap, experts say.

More than two-thirds of omicron cases are reinfections, English study suggests

CDC study finds shorter hospital stays during omicron wave, even as infections and death toll mount

Omicron variant of COVID may be the most contagious virus to ever exist, scientists say –
The only rival for omicron in terms of known contagious viruses is the measles

Where did Omicron come from? Three key theories – The highly transmissible variant emerged
with a host of unusual mutations. Now scientists are trying to work out how it evolved.

Omicron drives US deaths higher than in fall’s delta wave

The latest Covid variant is 1.5 times more contagious than omicron and already circulating in almost half of U.S. states

Vaccine-induced immunological memory is similar for Omicron and Delta SARS-CoV-2 variants

Risk for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes >30 Days After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Persons Aged <18 Years — United States, March 1, 2020–June 28, 2021

New COVID ‘stealth’ variant, BA.2, reported in 17 states

Estimating the impending endemic seasonality of SARS-CoV-2 in global population centers

“Immunologist Dr. Anthony Leonardi speaks on Long COVID and the dangers posed by SARS-CoV-2”
part 2: “Immunologist Dr. Anthony Leonardi speaks on Long COVID and the dangers posed by SARS-CoV-2”
(July 2021): “Scientists uncover ancient coronavirus epidemic in East Asia”

Three exposures to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can induce robust neutralizing
antibodies against variants 

Vaccine-induced immunological memory is similar for Omicron and Delta SARS-CoV-2 variants 

Estimating the impending endemic seasonality of SARS-CoV-2 in global population centers 

Covid-infected HIV patient developed 21 mutations, SA study shows

Long Covid study finds abnormality in lungs that could explain breathlessness Findings raise
possibility Covid may cause microscopic damage not detected by normal tests

Lung abnormalities found in long COVID patients with breathlessness

Long COVID-19: Study author explains four factors that can predict how you get it



Outbreaks & Restrictions:

An Omicron surge across Asia restricts travel during the Lunar New Year weekend.

CDC warns against travel to countries including Mexico and Brazil

Beijing seals off several neighborhood blocks near Olympics over Covid-19 concerns

24 new Covid-19 cases detected among Olympics-related personnel

Thailand reopens quarantine-free travel to people from any country

A coronavirus case in Beijing’s Olympic bubble is linked to a German team.

Latest on COVID-19 in MN: Tangled trends keep surge path clouded

COVID-19 severity changing in Minnesota hospitals – Predictions proved true: Omicron variant
was less severe, but its unprecedented spread increased hospital numbers.

Delta variant dominant as Beijing tops China’s Covid-19 tally

California appears to pass peak of omicron variant wave



All Other Covid News:

“Covid Situation Continuing to Develop Not Necessarily to the Officialdom’s Advantage”

A devil’s choice: Take an immune-suppressing drug and risk getting Covid or watch my wrist joints disintegrate?

England set to U-turn on mandatory vaccines for healthcare staff –
Health Secretary Sajid Javid no longer believes the policy is proportionate.

Newsom defends maskless photo at NFL playoff game – The California governor
faces a barrage of criticism after posing for a maskless photo with Magic Johnson.

What We Can Learn From How the 1918 Pandemic Ended

Ivermectin Shows ‘Antiviral Effect’ Against COVID, Japanese Company Says
double-blind study in COvid-19 patients with ivermectin

K pop star tests positive for covid after appendicitis surgery.

Vaccinated, boosted parents slash their kids’ COVID risk — pre-Omicron Israeli study –
As most of world’s young kids not yet eligible, research shows kids living with 2
inoculated parents during Alpha outbreak had 72% fewer infections than unvaxxed parents’ offspring

Boris Johnson faces an outcry after the release of a report on lockdown parties.

When the Dying COVID Patient Is 23 — Palliative care conversations have taken on a new meaning during the pandemic

Democratic senators urge Justice Department to ramp up efforts to prevent sale of fraudulent face masks

Pandemic creates tons of medical waste, threatening environment and human health, WHO says

“The science behind the omicron wave’s sharp peak and rapid decline – Why do Covid-19 surges seem to end as suddenly as they begin?”

Jan 31: “Two Years Since First COVID-19 Case Detected in Santa Clara County”

Newly proposed SC law would make it a crime to ask about vaccine status

Patchwork system for rationing a Covid drug sends immunocompromised patients on a ‘Hunger Games hunt’

EU regulators approve Paxlovid antiviral pill for those at risk of severe Covid-19

Kansas bill would force pharmacists to fill ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine as off-label COVID treatment

The U.S. education secretary urges schools to use federal funds to help students catch up.

Some Americans are hesitant about Covid vaccines. But they’re all-in on unproven treatments

“Sarah Palin dined at NYC restaurant two days before testing positive for Covid – The former Alaska governor is not vaccinated, a judge said Monday.”

“Sarah Palin returns to NYC restaurant two days after testing positive for Covid – But this time, the unvaccinated former Alaska governor and her party sat outside Elio’s.”

White House says 60M households have ordered free COVID-19 tests

Outrage as Paris hospitals chief raises idea of charging unvaccinated patients

Warning from Wuhan: Chinese scientists say new Covid “variant” ‘NeoCov’ has high mortality rate – Report

Close relatives of MERS-CoV in bats use ACE2 as their functional receptors

Reports of COVID-19 variant ‘NeoCov’ are spreading – Here’s what we know so far

Difficult to assess danger of newly discovered NeoCov coronavirus so far, scientist says –
According to Sergey Alkhovsky, the discovery of this variety shows that the variants of viruses
capable of binding to human receptors without any adaptation are already circulating directly in the wild

Canada truckers’ vaccine protest spirals into calls to repeal all public health rules Ahead of Saturday’s
protest in Ottawa, Trudeau dismisses the group as a ‘small fringe’ that holds ‘unacceptable views’

Trucks roll into Ottawa for protest against Canada’s vaccine mandates

Student leaders ask Minnesota State to require vaccines

Hospital refusing heart transplant for man who won’t get vaccinated

Africa may have reached the pandemic’s holy grail

Biden pressured to cover COVID-19 tests through Medicare

“Gottlieb: US should be ‘aggressive’ in lifting COVID-19 measures as conditions improve”

Northern masks, Southern indifference: How Covid precautions differ widely by region
“At this time, you would not think there is a pandemic. It’s slammed right now,”
the owner of a yoga studio outside of Atlanta said.

A Sioux Falls registered nurse says: Here is the harsh reality of ‘care rationing’ in the time of Covid

“Should you get a 4th COVID vaccine? UCSF’s Bob Wachter weighs in.”
Read Wachter’s complete thread on Twitter.

Two New York nurses charged with forging Covid vaccine cards to earn more than $1.5 million

After more than 600 days shut out, Delhi’s students just want to go back to school

Man refuses to get required covid vaccine in order to receive a kidney transplant

Hospital system near breaking point, OHA says

Many of those stricken with omicron say this supposedly “mild” variant isn’t so mild –
“Bone-crushing chills” and week-long ear infections: some experts don’t think it’s apt to call this variant “mild”

Sources: U.S. Olympic bobsled team dealing with COVID-19 ‘nightmare’

States Want to Eliminate All Childhood Vaccinations

NE Ohio hospitals see alarming number of kids with COVID Long-Haul Syndrome

N.Y.C. is offering free home delivery of Covid antiviral pills, though supply is limited.

New York State’s mask policy is back in effect after a judge grants a stay.

Pfizer Launches Clinical Trial for Omicron Booster Awfully Late….What Gives?

D.C. students walk out to protest ‘not safe’ school covid protocols

Why did everyone in my household get COVID-19 except me?

Germany to crack down on Covid protesters in yellow star badges Police told to detain
activists trivialising the Holocaust in acts to be classified as ‘secondary antisemitism’

White House sketches a future in which normal life and Covid-19 coexist

It’s “dangerous” to assume we are at the end of the pandemic, WHO director-general says

Workplaces are filling up with employees who have COVID

Feds: Florida received effective COVID treatments against omicron

Red wine could reduce chances of COVID-19 infection, U.K. study suggests

The curious tale of why 49ers and Rams coaches can circumvent California mask mandates at indoor SoFi Stadium

Covid denialist and Bolsonaro ally Olavo de Carvalho died of virus, says daughter

Climate change and mRNA researchers named as Japan Prize winners

What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Covid-19 Vaccination Card

Josh Williamson is first Team USA athlete to test positive for COVID ahead of 2022 Olympics



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