TEPCO Documents

Our Library of TEPCO technical documents, reports and press releases.

TEPCO earthquake tests
TEPCO safety retrofits
TEPCO 2010 report talks about extensive retrofits at another of their NPP’s but only mentions working on an interim study to do work in the future at Fukushima.
A March 2010 TEPCO report of testing phase on page 11 of the document.
A May 2010 document safety retrofits done at Fukushima by 2009
undated page om the completion of the earthquake resistant building at Fukushima but mentions the completion of no other work,
TEPCO’s most recent Tsunami safety report
TEPCO 2007 statement about Fukushima earthquake stability based on Kashiwazaki NPP
TEPCO 2007 press release about Fukushima related to the 2007 earthquake

Fukushima Daiichi
Documents of pre-quake testing, events and the history.
Translated into English
What happened to the ostriches?

On-screen equipment overhaul of Unit 4

Shroud replacement

Local politicians visit the plant

Disaster drill

Radiation monitoring at the plant

Plant overview

Tepco museum

Tepco exhaust stacks

Shroud inspection and repair

Students tour the plant

Children’s ostrich painting contest

Object found in reactor 1 spent fuel pool on inspection

Suppression chamber inspection reactor 3 – purple extension cord pictured?

Reactor 6 shroud inspection, object found in reactor

Reactor 6 aluminum tape found in reactor pressure vessel

Deformed rod assembly washer Reactor 2

Reactor 6 ball bearings found in reactor vessel

Shellfish found in intake screen of reactor 2

Reactor 5 water heater vent pipe corrosion

Reactor 6 control rod drive inspection and foreign objects found in reactor vessel

Reactor 6 radioactive water leak by control rod drives

Reactor 4 foreign objects found in supression chamber

Reactor 3 inspection and MOX fuel load

Reactor 6 turbine overhaul

Reactor 1 sea water intake and piping inspection

Reactor 6 faulty indicator in moisture separator tank between turbines

Reactor 6 radioactive water leak

Reactor 6 radioactive water found in containment

Another radioactive leak at Reactor 6

Even more radioactive water leaks at Reactor 6

Reactor 6, pen, plastic bag and paper towels found in suppression chamber

Reactor 5 radioactive water leak

Reactor 5 leak into drinking water system

Reactor 4 oil leak in reactor building

Reactor 4 spent fuel pool metal shards found in pool

Reactor 3 defects in residual heat removal system valve

Reactor 3 duct tape in the supression chamber

Reactor 3 radioactive leak in turbine building

Reactor 3 containment leak

Reactor 3 leaking transformers
Reactor 2 turbine building leak

Reactor 2 leaking condensation pump

Reactor 1 spent fuel pool leaking

Duct tape found in spent fuel pool reactor 1

Reactor 1 emergency diesel generator failed upon inspection test

Reactor 1 containment leak testing

Reactor 6 heat exchanger foreign objects on inspection

Reactor 6 cooling pump inspection

Reactor 6 cooling pump output valve inspection

Smoke in reactor 6

Reactor 6 foreign objects in supression chamber

Coolant recirculation coolant pump schematic

Reactor 6 restart after inspection

Reactor 6 restart

Reactor 6 containment testing

Reactor 5 containment testing

Reactor 4 containment testing

Reactor 4 reloading fuel

Reactor 4 debris in spent fuel pool

Reactor 4 metal cover falls into reactor well

Reactor 4 foreign objects in spent fuel pool

Reactor 4 more foreign object in spent fuel pool

Reactor 4 turbine corrosion on inspection

Reactor 3 control room damage

Reactor 3 wire brush pieces found in control rod drive after failed test

Reator 2 pressure test and tour

Reactor 2 deformed fuel assemblies

Reactor 2 problem with steam separator in RPV

Reactor 2 radioactive leak in heat removal system

Reactor 2 transformer replacement

Reactor 2 water pump overhaul

Reactor 2 removed garbage from the intakes

Reactor 1-2 exhaust stack malfunction

Reactor 1 fuel reload

Reactor 1 water level gauge recalibration

Reactor 6 reactor cap inspection

Reactor 6 valve replacement after Hamaoka had damage

Reactor 6 main generator repair
Reactor 6 water pump inspection

Reactor 6 fuel inspections

Reactor 6 emergency diesel generator inspection

Reactor 6 steam turbine inspections

Reactor 6 turbine inspections

Reactor 6 steam turbine repair

Reactor 6 main generator repair

Reactor 6 refueling

Reactor 6 disassembly

Reactor 5 refueling

Reactor 4 low pressure condensation pump inspection

Reactor 4 high pressure condensation pump inspection

Reactor 4 cracks in the shroud

Reactor 4 more shroud crack inspection

Reactor 4 borate injection system check

Reactor 4 emergency core cooling system check

Reactor 4 emergency diesel generator test

Reactor 3 control rod drive problem

Reactor 3 control rod drive problem part 2

Reactor 3 steam turbine repairs

Reactor 3 circulating water pump test

Reactor 3 turbine feed pump inspection

Reactor 3 steam safety valve inspection

Reactor 3 replace water heater

Reactor 3 intake screens

Reactor 3 water heater degrading

Reactor 3 control rod drive inspection

Reactor 3 refueling

Reactor 3 MOX install

Reactor 3 disassembly

Reactor 1 control rod drive assembly leak

Reactor 1 leak rate testing and inspection fraud

Reactor 1 nitrogen pressure test

Reactor 1 pressure test valve

Reactor 1 more on pressure testing

Reactor 1 pressure test specs and schematic

Reactor 1 pressure test post forced shut down

Overview on pressure testing and leakage

Radioactive waste removal from the plant

Security staff combat training

2005 study of leakage in water

Site inspections by local groups

Spent fuel casks shipped out

Tours of the plant by local residents

2003 nuclear emergency training

Inspection of control rod drive mechanism in reactors 1, 3, 4

cracks in shrouds and jet pumps at Fukushima

Reactor 3 control rod drive cracks and damage

Spent fuel storage situation

Reactor 4 emergency preparedness tour

Solidified radioactive waste found

Radiation monitoring posts

Reactor shroud replacements

Reactor 6 fuel loading incident

Reactor 5 smoke in turbine building

Reactor 3 control rod drive system damage

2002 emergency disaster drill

Reactor 4 intake screen inspection

Reactor 1

Reactor 3 containment removal (notice the images are labled as reactor 5)

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