Yokohama Dumping Contamination In Tokyo Bay, Rising Radiation At Other Bay Sites

These two may not be connected but they do not bode well for the health of Tokyo Bay or the safety of the water.

It was recently discovered by Assemblywoman Sakura Inoue that the city of Yokohama had stopped filtering run off water from the contaminated ash they put in the landfill. The officials that operate the landfill had no explanation for ending the filtration of the runoff water. When they were running the zeolite system it was capturing 5000 bq/kg of cesium. There is no estimate exactly how much contamination has been dumped into Tokyo Bay by the Yokohama landfill.

Images from Sakura Inoue’s blog:


Earlier it was reported that high levels of contamination had been found near the river mouth in Tokyo Bay.
As of March 2nd Fukushima Diary reports the levels continue to go up. With spring runoff soon starting in earnest things could get even worse.
(5 cm deep in the sea ground, cesium 134 and 137)

8/2011 : 308 Bq/Kg
10/2011 : 476 Bq/Kg(↑155%)
12/2011 : 511 Bq/Kg(↑107%)

The government has begun testing the region near the rivers after the public began to have concerns about the safety of the water and also fish from the bay.

With spring starting, new concerns about radiation runoff all over eastern Japan begin. Water can carry contamination out of the mountains to other areas, streams and rivers.
This may cause areas to become more contaminated or recontaminate areas that had been decontaminated. Rivers may see contamination levels go up.
Right now nobody seems totally sure how this will exactly play out so spring may be yet another big experiment.

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