The Forgotten

A year and a half since the 3-11 disasters many still live in temporary housing without compensation wondering where they will go. Even less known is a group of 200 elderly evacuees still living in a former school. No hot food, no privacy and what services they do have are improvised at the school building. Most sleep with cardboard partitions for privacy or together in old classrooms dorm style.

This group of evacuees all from Futaba have been mentioned before. The town has set up an office at the Saitama school as they try to determine what to do about the town so close to the Fukushima Daiichi plant and with considerable doubt anyone can return. Ex-SKF found a group trying to help these people and news that they are still at this school. More than 1000 people originally ended up at the school, 200 remain. Many too frail to get around well. A  group is trying to help provide hot meals to the evacuees still living there. It is not mentioned if the people want to stay together if they leave, or simply stay there for a lack of any other option. A commenter at Ex-SKF said he felt it was the Japanese government and TEPCO who should pay for this not him. Yes, they both SHOULD be helping these people. Clearly they are not. These people do need help, someone needs to do it, either by donations to this group to assist them or international outrage and shame on the Japanese government and TEPCO for leaving them like this for so long.

According to this site on housing in Japan there is a high vacancy rate among apartments. Why people have not been able to obtain somewhere to live does not make sense. Since none of the 200 have received compensation, that may be part of the cause. According to the translation at Ex-SKF many still at the school have issues with living independently. Yet no one from the government has thought about possibly renovating the school into some sort of assisted living facility for the evacuees or finding them some place that could take them. Instead they are left there forgotten.

What would be the best solution isn’t clear. Someone should ask the evacuees what they would like to do, then make it happen. For a start hot meals would help. The government & TEPCO will continue to ignore these people unless enough people make them do something. A group of 80 prisoners managed to get compensation from TEPCO yet these elderly are completely abandoned.

Update: The original plea for help with details is here.
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