Unit 1 Containment Inspection Shows Explosive Debris

TEPCO installed an inspection hole in containment penetration X-100B above the equipment hatch near the monorail. They took a brief look inside containment and found some rather unexpected large debris inside. (Photo to the left, click for large version)
TEPCO handout handouts_120927_02-e (1)

This was very unexpected as the containment inspections of unit 2’s containment showed no big debris, just bubbled paint and some small flakes of unknown origin.

These debris pieces were found in unit 1 containment above the 1st floor grate and appear to partially consist of metal that has a shiny appearance. The hydrogen explosions in the reactor buildings are assumed to have happened outside of the containment structure in the reactor buildings. TEPCO has claimed the hydrogen leaked back into the refueling floor during the venting attempt. This large debris inside the containment of unit 1 shows something explosive happened inside containment at some point.

The containment inspection work is done above the equipment hatch and monorail. It is assumed this is on the west side of the building near the garage door (needs to be confirmed). If the inspection is done on the west side of containment it matches the side of the recent torus room inspection of unit 1. Inside the torus room what appeared to be burn marks were found on surfaces that faced the reactor. The water inside the torus room has incredibly lethal high radiation levels and was full of debris. Our extensive report and photos of the torus room inspection can be found here.

Unit 1 had also had a pattern of radiation increases at the Drywell B sensor inside containment after a strong earthquake would occur.

The conditions inside the unit 2 containment and torus room and also the unit 3 torus room show a completely different set of conditions compared to unit 1. Exactly what this means is not clear at this time. As we know more or determine what may have happened at unit 1 we will release a new report.

Unit 1 video of containment inspection. Actual look inside happens after about the 18 minute mark.

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