Unit 3 Debris Accident & Pool Damage

TEPCO began removing debris using remote control cranes last week. Reports from worker Happy11311 indicated that they didn’t have a detailed plan for removing the debris but were going to determine as they go what appeared to be safe to remove next. After the steel beam fell into the pool he reported in more detail how difficult the work at unit 3 really is. They work in a remote booth while in full radiation protection gear and respirators, he commented that the crane and camera shake adding to the difficulty. He compared it to a big game of Jenga.

The Denki Shimbun reported that the twisted steel and debris on top of unit 3 are bent inward making the removal much more difficult than at unit 4 where most of the debris was bent outward.

The newest TEPCO handout shows two pieces of steel that fell into the pool.

TEPCO also released a series of videos of both the steel beam dropping into the pool and the pool inspections (videos below)

In the videos of the pool a couple of things of interest show up. One bent piece of steel may be a fuel assembly storage box. It is not fully confirmed since it is only partially visible in the video but it bears the same general shape and size to the other assembly boxes around it. The separation boxes that form the storage racks contain boron plates to prevent nuclear reactions in the pool. NHK is reporting damage to some fuel assemblies in the pool but did not provide specifics.


Other portions of the videos show either red paint that is wearing off or some sort of red rust or algae buildup. The steel pool wall is also covered is some sort of corrosion or buildup.


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