Update On Situation At Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima worker Happy11311 posted some updates about what is going on at the plant.

The work at Unit 2 to replace the thermometer was likely under way today. TEPCO recently reported on their plan for doing the work.
Machine translation of Happy’s tweet:
Unit 2 in the building work is being done every day. I wonder if I was successful alternative thermometer Unit 2 today had come to think of it …? I’m late to the process can not be (full-scale test using contaminated water) in the hot exam of approval of the country does not fold like I’ve been also Dekiaga~tsu Alps.

Happy mentions work at unit 3, apparently work to remove debris from the top has begun. Translated references to “opefuro” is the spent fuel pool.
Machine translation of Happy’s tweet:
“Unit 3 had been hanging in a large crane bucket like UFO catcher in debris removal work. It was a strange feeling something. Why did you feel the cable wonder I’m not even a single Tsuite’m opening and closing the bucket and had a good look at UFO catcher Paka~tsu. I wonder if I would not fault or are you doing on the radio remote control. I was thinking I was not … I wonder if properly grasp rubble. I wonder if by sheer force of numbers will not open open grab rubble: Was very high because the dose was so Opefuro rubble of Unit 3. Felt to watch today debris removal work Unit 3 that I’ll take considerable time absorbing it. Yara was mind-boggling to Opefuro and round trip a thousand times on the ground in feeling … also grabbed even grab a bucket.”

This reference is not clear if he means just unit 4 or units 2-4. It appears to be a reference to the foundation work needed for unit 4’s building cover having started.
Machine translation of Happy’s tweet:
Digging a deep hole, under building of Unit 2:4 Continued Mr. Architecture Group was doing or covering ground improvement of concrete shed.”



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