All Pit Tanks May Be Leaking At Fukushima Daiichi

TEPCO had previously announced two pit tanks leaking at the plant over the weekend. Now a newer handout shows even more tanks are leaking at the plant. The graphic below shows the locations of the various pit tanks at the plant.

tanklocations These tanks have radiation detected outside the tank indicating they are likely to be leaking.

Reservoir i: Northeast monitoring hole found radiation at morning April 7th

Reservoir ii Radiation found at both monitoring holes morning April 7th. Also found to have cesium detected, this water was supposedly cleaned of cesium before being put here.

Reservoir iii Northeast monitoring hole found radiation morning of April 7th

Reservoir iv Northeast monitoring hold found radiation mid-day April 7th. This tank is holding water from the basements of units 5-6 that has been claimed by TEPCO in the past to be mostly groundwater.

Reservoir v Found leaking radiation both monitoring holes evening April 7th

Reservoir vi Found leaking radiation both monitoring holes morning April 7th

Reservoir vii Found leaking radiation both monitoring holes evening April 7th

Ponds one through three are near each other, the idea that contamination could have migrated in that area might be an explanation but TEPCO has not claimed this. Pond four is all by itself and wasn’t leaking earlier. Ponds five to seven are off by themselves and could not be impacted by the other groups of ponds. The location of all of these ponds are up on the hill and near the ball field so this could not be leeching water from the reactors. This all seems to indicate the ponds are all leaking though TEPCO has not fully come out to admit this. As mentioned before, the poor quality of the pond construction and TEPCO’s move to dump highly radioactive water in these ponds is the likely cause of the leaks.

TEPCO document on pond radiation findings


TEPCO details on pond size and dimensions



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