5 MILLION bq/liter Strontium 90 Found In Well At Fukushima Daiichi

groundwaterwelsTEPCO released readings for two seafront wells that have not been published before. Wells 1-2 and 1-3 were not on any older reports from before January.These are the first strontium 90 readings for these wells. The strontium 90  reading for well 1-2 was 5,000,000 bq/liter dated July 5, 2013. The “all beta” reading for the same date was actually lower than the strontium 90 alone at 900,000 bq/liter. TEPCO gives no explanation for how they came to this measurement. This well also had detection of a variety of other isotopes at levels higher than seen in most other wells. Buried in the historical readings page for this well shows that on July 9, 2013 there was 11,000 bq/liter of cesium 134 found and 22,000 bq/liter of cesium 137. These appear to be significantly higher than any other cesium findings for sea front wells.

TEPCO had previously been told by NRA to revise how they do strontium 90 testing. This doesn’t explain why TEPCO withheld any and all strontium 90 readings for these two wells for about 6 months.

Well 1-3 had unusually high readings with strontium 90 of 130,000 bq/liter found on August 8, 2013. This well is very near well 1-16 that has had consistently high radiation readings. Well 1-16 has been reported consistently for months. This well had a record high strontium 90 reading of 3,100,000 bq/liter on January 30, 2014.

The highs for well 1-2 put together look like this. (all readings within July-September 2013)

Strontium 90: 5,000,000 bq/liter
Tritium:             430,000 bq/liter
All beta:            900,000 bq/liter
Cesium 134:      11,000 bq/liter
Cesium 137:      22,000 bq/liter
Ru106:                    106 bq/liter
MN64:                       62 bq/liter
Co60:                          3.1 bq/liter
Sb125:                    250 bq/liter

Impermeable wall has been partially installed around this area in recent months. No newer readings have been released by TEPCO to show if this well location has changed since the installation of the wall.

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