Big Fukushima Daiichi Update; March 18, 2014

Small bits of information have been coming out in recent weeks regarding Fukushima Daiichi. Here’s what you need to know:

A new improved version of ALPS is being installed based on research by METI. Installation began in March 2014.
The current 3 versions of ALPS have been stopped for inspections after it was discovered that one unit was no longer decontaminating water properly.

Water Tanks:
Work has been underway to install the new welded tanks the Japanese government is paying for. The work appears to be being done in a more organized manner than the tanks installed by TEPCO’s contractors. Rebar can be seen being placed in the concrete slabs and tank assembly can be seen.



Photos by journalist Sato Yamamoto. The welded tanks appear to be double walled, per METI’s instruction.

Water Issues:
TEPCO plans to concrete over the floor of the port a second time to keep down radiation levels.
Freezing of tunnels near units 2 and 3 are underway and should be completed by June 2014.
TEPCO now has a “mobile strontium 90 removal device” that they are using to remove strontium 90 from contaminated water around the plant. No details about this device are given.
TEPCO has begun work to seal the outside gaps underground between buildings to help block water flow.

TEPCO plans to reroute the south drainage canal to dump into the port rather than directly out to sea.


Unit 1:
Workers will establish new connecting points to inject water by way of the current nitrogen injection system.

Unit 2:
Holes were drilled into the roof to install periscope cameras to view inside the refueling floor. This work was completed February 1st. The roof material from drilling the holes is being analyzed in the lab.

Unit 3:
Work to cut and seal duct work in accessory buildings for the unit 3 reactor is under way.

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