Taiwan Upgrades Fukushima Food Import Regulations For Japan

Taiwan has instituted new food import regulations after a recent scandal where mislabeled foods were imported and sold. It also appears some of these food items were contaminated.

Japanese food imports must include an origin certificate and certain foods will require test results from radiation testing of that food product. Those regulations will go into effect May 15th. The only authorities that can issue such certification are:
The Japanese government
Agencies approved by the Japanese government
Or documents authorized by Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration

There is still a blanket ban on all food items from these Japanese prefectures due to fallout risks:

These food products will require proof of radiation testing:
Fruit produce from Miyagi, Iwate, Tokyo, and Ehime
Tea products from Tokyo, Shizuoka, Aichi and Osaka
Dairy products, sweets, crackers and grain products from Miyagi, Saitama, and Tokyo
Marine products from Tokyo and Miyagi, Iwate and Ehime prefectures

Taiwanese officials cited their own radiation testing of imported products over the last four years as the reason for these products to be singled out and indicated that they had found radiation on previous tests of these products.

The Japanese products that are to undergo these new regulations were chosen based on radiation residue test results issued by customs officials over the past four years. The MHW has stated that the new rules are to guarantee food safety for infants and children.”

The Taiwan oversight agency for food testing has not made any actual test results public. Taiwan’s FDA didn’t provide any actual data either.

These new restrictions in Taiwan are still considerably higher than anything in use in the US or many other western countries regarding food imports. The US FDA has made no updates since March of 2014, those cite an attempt to use Japan’s internal food restrictions as a default safety mechanism for US public safety. They also cite the US Market Basket food monitoring program, no radiation testing results for this program have been published since 2006. The FDA has tested only 20 fish total from US waters for Fukushima related contamination. Those actual results have not been published. Quotes to various media sources claimed the results were all clean but put the test results under the market basket program that has not published results in almost 10 years.


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