; Ukraine War Nuclear Crisis Updates 3.7.22

Today’s updates from Ukraine:


Workers and civilians continue to be held hostage at the plant site. Workers are unable to properly do their jobs and critical monitoring equipment at the plant has been knocked out. The Ukrainian nuclear authority describes the problem as this:

“The operation of individual sensors for monitoring of neutron flux, gamma radiation dose rate, and radioactive contamination has not been restored. The inoperability of this instrumentation makes it difficult to fully control the criticality and a number of radiological parameters in one of the Shelter rooms. Since there is a lack of sufficient maintenance personnel and special equipment because of the occupation, the damaged equipment of systems important to nuclear and radiation safety cannot be repaired.

Available information on safety parameters indicates that there is a trend toward steady deterioration of numerous indicators, in particular, the concentration of long-lived radionuclides in the atmosphere. The occupier continues to grossly violate the requirements of radiation safety and strict access control procedures at the Chornobyl NPP and in the exclusion zone, which worsens the radiological situation at the Chornobyl NPP and in the exclusion zone and contributes to the spread of radioactive contamination beyond the exclusion zone.”

The nuclear authority also confirmed yesterday’s report by workers that the Russian occupiers attempted to stage a phony humanitarian food handout photo op.



The 750 kV high-voltage line was damaged due to fighting in the area. We are working to confirm if the plant has offsite power and if this has impacted the ability of the plant to deliver electricity. The plant site still has radiation monitoring capability but the website for the plant has been forced offline meaning that information is not available to the public. Ukraine’s nuclear regulator stated that local radiation levels remain normal but the plant staff is operating under duress due to the occupation and loss of services to the city.

Occupation of Zaporizhzhia by Russian military spikes evacuation from the city.


Photos of the damage to the nuclear accelerator in Kharkiv were posted online today by the Ukraine nuclear authority. Holes in the building walls, damage to electrical and cooling pipes can be seen. No additional damage is found but they listed this damage:

The bombing caused the following damage:

– RU-0.4 kV substation is destroyed (photo 1);

– cables of air conditioning systems of the linear electron accelerator gallery are damaged (photo 2);

– in some places there is surface damage of the main building of the neutron source (photo 3);

– heating line leading to the buildings and structures of the neutron source is damaged (photo 4);

– windows in the building of the pump station and cooling towers and in the laboratory of isotopes are broken (photo 5).



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