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Today’s updates from Ukraine



Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology Linear Accelerator nuclear facility was hit by Russian shelling. Ukraine’s nuclear regulator called it an act of nuclear terrorism. The accelerator uses 37 uranium fuel assemblies. The facility is damaged but it appears that staff was able to secure the accelerator and prevent further problems. Damage to the facility is as follows:

– the substation RU-0.4 kV was completely destroyed;

– cables of air conditioner cooling systems of the linear accelerator cluster gallery have been damaged;

– in some places there are surface damages of the main building of the installation;

– heating line of the complex of buildings and structures of the NSA “Neutron Source” has been damaged;

– windows in the pumping building and cooling towers, and in the isotope laboratory have been broken.

Further inspections of the damage are ongoing. The facility is on the edge of Kharkiv.



IAEA reports that the plant staff is having all of their operations dictated by the Russian occupiers at the plant. Workers are able to come and go in shifts but lack access to sufficient food and sleep. All of the technical operations of the reactors must now be approved by the Russian commander at the plant. The Russian occupiers have also turned off mobile phone and internet access to the plant. Ukraine’s nuclear regulator has had some sporadic mobile phone communications from the plant staff but otherwise, the plant and any safety oversight data have been completely cut off. All of the public websites for Ukraine’s nuclear power plants are currently offline. IAEA describes this situation as unsafe and unacceptable as it violates international standards for the operation of a nuclear power plant.

500 Russian troops are said to be staying on the grounds of Zaporizhzhia in an apparent attempt to use it as a nuclear shield against attack by the Ukrainian military.

Damage to the administration offices at the plant was published by the Ukraine State Special Communications office via Telegram.


IAEA issued an update about Chernobyl. The only communication they have with the plant is via email. All other modes of communication remain cut off. The same plant crew plus a group of civilians remain hostage at the plant.

Clean Futures Fund reported that the Russian occupiers at Chernobyl attempted to stage a PR stunt in the presence of Russian media. They requested plant staff participate in a photo op of them “receiving humanitarian aid” from the Russian soldiers. When plant staff refused, Russian soldiers found plant uniforms and staged it themselves. Staff at the plant provided photos of the stunt.

The Ukrainian nuclear authority reports that all of the automated monitoring at Chernobyl is down. Staff at the plant consider the situation to still be within normal parameters but the nuclear authority cited this problem:

“information available in the SNRIU, several neutron flux sensors, and sensors to monitor gamma radiation dose rate and radiation contamination in the air at the Shelter, are out of order, which made it impossible to monitor the criticality and a number of radiation parameters in one of the Shelter premises. Due to the lack of sufficient number of the repair personnel and special equipment due to the occupation, the repair of damaged equipment of the systems important to nuclear and radiation safety is not performed.

Safety parameters data indicate a deteriorating trend in a number of indicators, in particular, it is concentration of long-lived radionuclides in the atmosphere. The occupier seriously violates the radiation safety requirements and strict access control procedure at the enterprise and in the Exclusion Zone. In particular, the aggressor neglects the requirements for the mandatory use of air locks, changing of clothing and footwear when visiting “dirty” areas of the enterprise, decontamination, undertakes uncontrolled movement of military personnel and military equipment at the enterprise, in the Exclusion Zone and beyond its boundaries. This, in turn, leads to deterioration of the radiation situation at the facility and in the Exclusion Zone, as well as contributes to the spread of radioactive contamination outside the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.”

This is eventually going to lead to larger problems and there appears to be no interest by the Russian occupiers to resolve the situation.





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