Unit 2 Status Update

UPDATE: TEPCO has told Japanese media that tests showed no xenon was found in tests. They do not think there is new criticality at unit 2

Temperature in unit 2 was 71c at 11am Feb 6 (JST). TEPCO took samples via the gas handling system near the filters. It is assumed to be for radionuclide detection.

Workers have confirmed concerns at unit 2 that the temp increase is likely due to the watering changes days ago and that fuel fragments may have fallen creating the heat.
They also mentioned injection of boric acid to dampen any fission.  There was also a side note that the flu is going around among the workers.

Worker tweets below via Google Translate:

A continued: Today is a substantial one I might have developed in a single day. Today I’ve been out in the morning seems to have a lot more workers to Medical Center of Village J I’ve heard other workers. It looks like a group of workers was also our … OIRA.
Environment’m A lot of people vulnerable to infection After the onset of a human worker from staying together in a group that lodgings and inns, to hotels: 2 continued. If I go home Ranked # Tokyo house even if the onset, or those who come from far Kyushu and Aomori I can not go back, I also harder … What quarantine at an inn.
I not I but the instrument of the flu, you can see in the instrument but also pollution dose … I can not even see: three followed. What we worry about this week’s OIRA invisible enemy that is so. OIRA is hand washing and disinfection did was gargle more than 20 times in one day today. I feel like a raccoon like (-. – 😉
Circumstances clearly do not know or have changed the flow of water or near the thermometer fell to fragments of fuel, but has been speculated or failure of various thermometer Unit also continued 4:2. I It is also likely to re-criticality in neutron slowing-down when a large amount of water into blindly, it seems just to be sure … put boric acid.
5 Continued: The thermometer we just have not say OIRA MI cable. I feel a bit of thick wire and clearly expressed. Has led to the bottom from the repeats in RPV. Guess we have to measure the temperature or color of their location or have expired during failure of its location but because I can do the connecting portion in one place … even in the dry well.
Priority right now I’m lowering the temperature not be considered a bug: But six more. From contaminated water and put out more filtered water problem, You should be able to irrigate the treated water perhaps. This month it’s also reside NISA, I would not have a lot of instructions from Tokyo Electric Power from entering the campus … the mass media.
115 I did not count on it does not support knowledge of severe accident can have NISA, because people do not know nuclear power itself. Leadership was not only a matter of course. OIRA is the technology was never heard of concrete measures from NISA so far. If you did not like to see people who are counting on NISA in the field.
@ Bluemonkshood workers were injected all disciples. New people came in but it still might.
Village is located in J What is a poster “Caution flu alert in progress.” Unit 2 is not. Sorry to disturbed you.

No. 4 is being dismantled and Opefuro steadily.
may have gone down and mass … Goso~tsu. By the way only a physical condition is okay?
the top floor of No. 4!

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