New Fuel Damage Found At Fukushima Unit 4

TEPCO did inspections on a damaged fuel assembly in the unit 4 spent fuel pool. The series of videos showed extensive damage. Photos and videos below. TEPCO does not indicate where within the pool this assembly was selected from.

TEPCO recently released 5 videos of the condition of fuel assemblies which were transferred to the common pool. Each of the videos examined the external latch, fuel assembly container outer surface and bottom on one side of each fuel assembly. The visual examination reveals:
• significant signs of over heating near the top area of the assemblies and at the bottom
• damage to the lifting bails most likely from falling debris during the explosive damage to the buildings
• discoloration from potential excessive heat or oxide deposits
• varying depth scratches and dents along the length of the fuel assemblies
• horizontal crack identified in one of the fuel assemblies suggesting
overheating of a spacer within the fuel assembly
damage during fuel handling in the reactor core or spent fuel pool
• debris material at the lower ends which may be
residue left over from heated debris formed on the fuel assembly
accumulated explosion material that has settled into the bottom fuel rack area

Areas of further concern
• We feel it imperative for TEPCO to perform a more thorough Post Irradiation Examination (PIE) on at least two of the most observed damaged fuel assemblies similar to those shown in the videos. PIE examination of these fuel assemblies is crucial to understanding potential damages within the fuel assembly box, the fuel rods and associated hardware. This data will be instrumental to over all understanding of damage as well as application to future fuel removal from all of the spent fuel pools.


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